She went away for the holidays
Said she’s going to L.A.
But she never got there
She never got there
She never got there, they say

[Chorus: x2]
The KKK took my baby away
They took her away
Away from me
                                   The KKK Took My Baby Away- The Ramones

Whatever, I like the song. Ramones

Marilyn Manson has a version too, but it’s kind of slow.

Klan to hold annual meeting in Arkansas.                        

Full article here:

Other groups continue to monitor white supremacist groups and their use of the internet. Founded in 1913, the Anti-Defamation League is one of the US’s largest and most well funded civil rights agencies. It was created after the Klan lynching of Leo Frank, a Jew convicted of the murder of a 13-year-old girl in Atlanta, Georgia, an event that revitalised the KKK in the South. Alongside dealing specifically with cases of anti-Semitism, the ADL continues to “track the activities” of numerous hate groups throughout the US and co-ordinate with law enforcement to eliminate hate crimes. The ADL’s director of investigative research, Mark Pitcavage, said: “In some ways, Robb has emerged as the public face of the Ku Klux Klan.”

The reason for this, Pitcavage says, is quite simple – the internet. “His website is accessed much more than other white supremacists,” Pitcavage said. Robb’s national leadership of the KKK is notable, as he is not as extreme as other lesser-known, more powerful Klan leaders. “Robb is definitely not one of the `gun in one hand, grenade in the other’ white supremacists that do exist … “Thom Robb was very quick to jump on new technology.” It is not, however, only Robb’s KKK chapter who are using the internet.

One thought on “KKK Kongregate in ArKansas for Konference

  1. Lurker says:

    Honestly, anyone would think white people had created the internet the way they use it like this. Good job the ADL are around to put them in their place.

    Marilyn Manson is a pygmy compared to the Ramones btw.

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