I come back from hours of digging dirt with shovels, directing a  team of 5-12 year olds to do same on a volunteer gardening project , I’m tired, hungry and sore, and then I see this BS story.

  Makes me sick to think good people will be keeping this crew alive on their hard earned tax money. Death penalty really needs to be overhauled.  Forced labor might be a good idea as well for DR inmates , rather than just existing being useless eaters.

Well, here goes- The latest debacle is the defense, prompted by one of the killers and the accomplice , are now trying to  drag said killer’s ex down with them.

Notice words they use like suspect, blame, etc., in reference to this ex-girlfriend, when THEY are the REAL , ACTUAL KILLERS.




  From last link, prob the most accurate – Jennings and Stone counter in their response that the only people pointing fingers of blame at Sutton are Davidson and Coleman. All evidence in the case tends to exonerate her, the pair wrote.

Boyd, charged only as an accessory to the fatal carjacking for helping hide out Davidson following the kidnapping, rape, torture and slaying of Christian, 21, and Newsom, 23, is set to stand trial before U.S. District Judge Tom Varlan on Monday. Lomonaco is asking Varlan to toss out the case, arguing Sutton also helped Davidson avoid arrest and may even have played a role equal to that of Coleman in the slayings.

Other than the  word of a killer and accomplice, there’s no hard evidence to suggest , or Sutton was there, lived there at the time, or even knew about it.  This  Lomonaco is a real piece of work, trying to get his  client to pull down Sutton with him as he drowns, and as it says above,  Davidson and Coleman are the only ones trying to drag her into this. Her ex, and a black woman, both  who  may certainly have their own agendas for going after Sutton. One is that she is an EX-girlfriend AND White, the other  for almost the same reasons- that she is White and dates  black men, and we all know, all BS aside , how black women don’t care for that. 
    After all, the Knoxville 5 , Davidson and Coleman in particular since they are the ones bring this against Sutton, have previously proved they both have no love for Whites, Davidson raping , torturing and killing not one , but  2 White young people, and Coleman, who was the accomplice in whatever way- not going for help,protecting them, helping them .We already have established this entire crew has no love for Whites so why, Lomonaco, would they feel any qualms whatsoever about throwing Sutton under the proverbial albeit legal  bus after they just KILLED  a couple other White people? Huh? Tell me that! Renew Rx of Ambien much, Phil?
You aren’t really going to try the old , ‘well,  good ol Lemaricus dates Whites, that must mean the whole deal wasn’t racist’  thing, are you? Uh uh.  That dog won’t hunt. Men kill women all the time, whether or not they sleep with them.  Blacks  have resentments for Whites. Both facts. As I said, this group just got done raping, torturing and killing a couple White kids, Sutton is  just more of the same, why not take yet another White person down by any means necessary? Itz really empowering! Expeshially when you ax your Evil White lawyer helps you out, Dawg.
Sutton is not GUILTY, Sutton is   L U C K Y. Not lucky because her uncle is  a cop,  lucky they didn’t do the same to her as they did to Channon Christian and Chris Newsom.
The White Herring
Grasping at straws diversionary tactic , typical OJ defense maneuver. Make a lot of noise about something else to distract from the rape, torture, setting on fire, drinking Drano, etc, etc. Create a new sh&tstorm, literally this is what defense attorneys are paid to do when the crime is so horrible, the attorneys have to become fiction writers. Stuck with a murder mystery where there is no mystery subplot or whodunit , even if said other angle does not take away one bit from defendants guilt, the defense creates one out of thin air- . Something else to think about rather than only thinking about all the horrific things these kids went through in their last hours/days. That is certainly what the defense does NOT want continually running through the jury’s minds. They want jurors with the attention span of goldfish. If I were the prosecution I would make sure to get every last bit of forensic evidence about what happened to them that I could. To jury , ” See these pictures? This mark right here? What do you think would have to happen to make such a mark on a person? See this charred mess? what do you think that is a picture of? This horrible picture once was a a boy . A boy named Chris Newsom. A girl named Channon Christian. What kind of animal would do this? Well, I’m going to tell you…”

Typical Diversionary OJ Defense BS
Blame Whitey, Whitey planted evidence, one of the killers dated Whitey, Whitey has an uncle that’s a cop, Whitey is getting out of being a suspect even-though-there-is-no-evidence-Whitey-was-there-or-knew-anything-or was-even-officially-dating-killer-at-the-time, Killer can’t be racist because he sleeps with Whitey, Whitey must have known things, even if Whitey wasn’t around and had dumped killer months ago, Whitey’s name is on a lease, Whitey has secrets, Whitey’s entire life and any sordid fact about Whitey will be dragged through the mud just to distract, O My Gawd, itz soo sexxy! We’ve got interracial, Eureka! We can use this!

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