which faiths make what $

gender  % by religion

Very interesting and detailed profiles of various religious traditions, outlining everything from how many kids one has, education levels , location, race, gender %’s, income levels.
Much of this wasn’t terribly surprising, but a few things were-the blog cut off the tables for these categories but if you go to the site you can see the whole thing, which includes size of sample.

Taken From: http://religions.pewforum.org/

Full report in PDF format : http://religions.pewforum.org/pdf/report-religious-landscape-study-full.pdf


icon for the affiliations pageView the religious composition of the United States as well as the size of the different religious groups in the country.
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icon for the maps pageExplore the religious geography of the United States and see the percentage of each state’s population that is affiliated with various religions.
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icon for the portraits pageChoose a religious group and examine its demographic characteristics, such as age, ethnicity, educational level and income level.
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4 thoughts on “The Religious Landscape of “America”

  1. incogman says:

    Note how many of the Jews make over $100,000. 46%. That’s the ones who probably have connections to the Kosher Racket on America. The Neocon Jews are under the Atheist section and are off the chart. Oh yeah, I forgot. Many of the Neocons are Chabadist-Lubivitchers and are NON-equally “religious” being so close to the God-head as they are.

  2. Hello Incog,
    I think if you peruse that site a bit you will find interesting stats on other groups besides just “the Chosen” . But speaking about them, I was creeped out to find that 72% of them don’t have kids. That seemed very high. They say having kids is a sign of faith in the future. They also say that this particular group has all kinds of “inside connections”. Without sounding tin-foil-hatty, what does it say to you that a group that supposedly has political/money and other connections is not having kids to that high of a %? And that is not in comparison to other groups, that is a stat only within those who I suppose “self-identified ” for that survey.

    One must look at other factors of course, such as where was the survey conducted, was it in in a mostly retirement community , etc.if it was, than that group not having many children doesn’t mean that much, a tiny sample does not mean as much as a large one, etc.- one has to look at the sample background factors before one can look at stats and make the determination “Hmm that is meaningful” or “Meh, not so meaningful”. Those gifted with math can do this much better than I with the #s themselves-
    In any case, when you look at religion, you are (contrary to whatever the TV says) also looking at culture, race, money, politics, etc. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  3. incogman says:

    Actually, I think many Jews are too selfish and cheap to have kids. 72%? Seems way out of line. And no, it’s not tin-foil hatty — that’s the new thing to describe people if the Nazi slander is a bit too much. I myself qualify since I’m a professed white American patriot who has seen thru the Zionist’s lies and obfuscations. What better target for such a phrase?
    I will spend time going over that link. Oh, I added you to my blog roll but will delete should you wish. I enjoyed your photography.

  4. Well it could also be that they have all these rare genetic diseases too. I don’t think the cheap thing applies to the kids, they seem to spend serious bank on those bar mitzvahs , schools, music lessons,clothes, etc. I mean when was the last time you saw a down-and-out , slovenly-dressed, up-for-days-on-meth , loser jew kid with a cardboard “please help ” sign ? Like never.
    You can add my link to your site if you wish. (I thought you were in the UK, though)-
    This insomnia sucks. In a rather boring, redundant way. Well you know what they say, “No rest for….”

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