Why can’t the US leave well enough alone? Dropping bombs on these countries, unholy alliances- We occupy Iraq, Israel (with our help to the tune of BILLIONS per year) occupies Palestine. Most mid-east countries hate us -as well they should! People flooding the streets carrying burning flags and pictures of their dead, and coffins continue- our kids dying every day there. Then McCain says he wants to be in Iraq (prob whole middle east) for 100 years or more. Thus we became “The Great Satan” , and we really are. In another posting a few pages back, I posted the video and screen captures where Hezbollah leader says that animosity is rooted in US interference, US with it’s death-embrace of Israel . She’s really been a friend to us, right? Or is it kind of a one-way-street with her? We give, she takes.

In myspace wigger/net lingo : “Hey Israel, Thanks for the “add”  ”
Sa-Dammit, the US is a Sa-Distic nation all right. We go over there under little catchy ad-man phrases like “Operation Iraqi Freedom” . Did they ask for our “freedom”? NO! Because it’s not “freedom”, it occupation, it’s f*cking WAR It’s DEATH! It’s their children dismembered and disfigured. Woo-Hoo, let’s watch it in green night-scope vision like in Desert Storm, get the microwave popcorn rollin, it’s gonna be scrumdiddlyumtious! You can lie to your kids and tell them Daddy is a hero, (you don’t tell them Daddy might DIE , and for WHAT?, oh that’s right “freedom ain’t free” and all that BS- tell you what, we would be a lot more “FREE” if we got the hell out of the middle east, and yes, that means Israel too. What’s gonna happen when Big Brother doesn’t want to kick your bully’s asses any more? AHA – Enter F*Cked up electoral candidates. In a panic, most will vote McCain, thus ensuring 7th grader older brother will continue to kick kindergarten bully ass for a hundred friggin years . Maybe we can even kill all the bullies by that time, no?

Hey kidz, got  NeWz , This place is already shot to hell, what difference does it make? It’s too late anyway, this place is expendable, and pretty soon, all the white people will be our slaves. Those loser American White People, they’re deep in credit card debt, as the value of the dollar goes down, their property values go down, their children’s education goes to hell, their jobs are outsourced, the ghetto is imported into their neighborhoods, they’re obsessed with materialism, bad food and MTV (and pay for the privilege!) ….Mexicans make better slaves than either whites or blacks, both of them are too much trouble in their own ways.

We DO suck.. We didn’t used to, but that has changed. We deserve their anger, their “hate” (real hate, as opposed to the lightly-breaded variety served up with a side of Endangered Dead White Male, available at your organic illegal alien prepared yuppie-foods department) . We go over there , destroy their cities, their culture, and our kids are dying for this ?! Do we protect and insulate America with walls and guards who shoot illegals? NO! So why does Israel get to do it? Oh that’s right, I forgot, they can do whatever they want. Not because we let them, it’s because they MAKE us.

Do we protect out borders like ISrael does?

“hey, come on in, we’ll house you , free health care and some food stamps, all ya gotta do is mow a few lawns per week, no problemo!  Drunk driving? Car accident? No insurance?  NO PROBLEMO !   We just  let ya go, it’s too expensive and too much trouble to deport you- just getouttahere and find another host city. Middle and working class suckers will pay for it! People you hire you getting worried they’re going to get busted? No problemo! ITINS (fake SSNs) ! We gotcha covered, Jose Ernesto Osvaldo Luis Umberto Consuelo Rodriguez. No green-card, no money, no preparation,no planning, no playing by all those stupid rules White people play by, those LOSERS ! 6 kids and another about to drop anchor, No Problemo!   Familia is important !  Not like  those awful Mormons, we sure hate feeding all their kids, you know, that grow up to go to school,  run businesses , non-violent, co-operative folk( and we especially hate that trait about them, that they help each other White people that stick together, they must be PURGED!  cause  we sure don’t want the country being over-run by those types! And just think, if they took over,NO MORE STARBUCKS.  (moment of silence)..


Who benefits?

Pictures of funeral/rally for high ranking Hezbollah commander-

(in his baseball cap and camo shirt, he could have prob infiltrated a WN event and not be noticed!)


Imad Mughniyeh


Funeral Hez commander

taken from this slide show(some good shots of at least one Mossad agent in there as well):


Funeral Hezbollah Comander



A different perspective , here-

It is interesting to read these blogs, this one by an Arabic woman, who sees the middle east situation differently than probably we do. She doesn’t see Hezbollah as a friend against the Great Satan of the USA/Israel, she sees Hezbollah and Iran as “divisive” (?) forces, what she wants is what she calls a “Pan _Arab” nation- rather than all these small factions- In any case, it is interesting to see this not dissected by pundits here, but through ‘regular people’, regardless of whether I agree- if anything it only makes me realize I have so much more to learn, but I’m trying. It appears she seems to think stuff is falling apart without a leader (of course he fals into what US would call the “Evil Dictator Hall of Fame”) why does it appear when the “Evil Dictator(s)” goes away , then all hell breaks loose. South Africa, anyone?

Check out Saddam, all he needs is a smoking jacket, he doesn’t look that evil.


Layla Anwar : Blog

“OK, enough playing the naive or maybe not so naive ostrichs. Make no mistake about it — There are two regional powers right now, who have every vested interest to see a conflagration in the Arab world. ISRAEL and IRAN.

These two seemingly opposites have much more in common than you can imagine.
For starters they share a deep hatred of anything Arab. Secondly they both follow machiavellian, manichean tactics of divide, conquer and rule. Thirdly and sorry to break it so bluntly to my Palestinian friends, these two don’t give a fig about you guys…Quite the opposite, they will grab every given opportunity to use you even if that means finishing you off one by one…

Nothing new here. The writing was on the wall since 2003, since the Iranian puppet government in the Green Zone rolled in with American tanks, since the Iranian Quds Brigades, Badr Brigades and Jaysh Al-Mahdi faithfully followed the Zionist plan of ethnic and sectarian cleansing (including the Palestinians in Iraq) for the ultimate partition of a sovereign country…

Make no mistake about it, Israel and Iran want to see another Iraq all over the Arab World…Iraq into statelets, Palestine into statelets and Lebanon into statelets…

And my guess is — Nasrallah and his Hezb will oblige.

And that is why, today more so than ever, the idea of Pan-Arabism is urgently needed.
We need another Gamal AbdelNasser (despite my reservations), another Arafat (despite my reservations) another George Habash, and above all another Saddam Hussein. “Stomping flag

3 thoughts on “Sa-Dammit!: Rant

  1. Matt says:

    Good rant (you were really on a roll there), but I disagree that a successful Pan-Arabist movement would be good for us White folk. Muslims already want to bring Sharia law to Europe and the States. Politically united Islam would have a strong possibility of steamrolling over western Europe, considering the impotent Euro response to the Islamic invasion so far. Next would come forced conversions and dhimmitude.

    I understand that they have a good reason to hate the U.S. government. Our interference in the middle east on behalf of the Israelis has been reprehensible, and if I were a young Muslim man I’d hate the U.S. too. I get it. But that doesn’t mean that the Arabs are any less dangerous to us than the Israelis, nor does it make them our allies just because they understand the true nature of Jewry. Complete separation and isolation from the “Others” is the only solution, I think. The West needs to get the hell out of the Middle East, and stay out.

  2. Hello Matt: I wasn’t advocating it, that was the opinion of the blog-holder in the link- (I think you are complimenting her if you are talking about the stuff at the bottom of the page-she is the one advocating the Pan_Arabic) I was just sharing a different perspective just for “food for thought” because we usually only see things as “this or that” , both (or however many choices) all defined by TV/media/govt/talk shows etc..Just trying to see things from yet another angle. I certainly don’t know enough about world politics to advocate or go against whatever this blogger’s opinions are- I’m still learning a lot of things myself, I didn’t come to WN from “regular left or right politics”, I just didn’t care about that stuff until Iraq (I have sons), then I learned about foreign policy, that led to Pierce, 2+2… because of being good at researching stuff online for years and college research I must have got from Iraq to foreign policy to Pierce in less than an hour back in 2004, then I started to read and was in disbelief for a while, until I fact-checked for myself. Thanks for stopping by again , Matt.

  3. Matt says:

    Hello SC, I have sons as well, and the idea of them going off to fight in a senseless war is scary. They’re getting close to that age, too, my oldest at least. Fortunately a draft still looks pretty remote, but who knows if McCain ends up in office, champing at the bit to invade Iran. For now using mercenaries (Blackwater, Dyncorp, et al.), even foreign mercenaries, seems to be the focus. Interestingly, the use of foreign mercs was one of the final imperial grasps at power in the latter days of both the Roman and Byzantine empires. So perhaps we’re living in the latter days of this empire. I have mixed feelings about the possibility of that.

    Keep up the good work on your blog- I like the genuine feel of the writing, especially.

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