funny stuff, I like it.

I have no idea what the angle is of the blog-owner, but I find it entertaining, even though I don’t always like everything that other “white people” like.  I put white in quotes because I identify more as “European”, not for  snob factor BS, not because I’ve ever been there- had my chance, afraid to fly- but more because of the fact that compared to many “white people” , my own family are somewhat recent(Euro)  immigrants, one set of my grandparents were not born here, and we have many of the ideas , practices, whatever you want to call it- we identify with our ‘ethnicity’ culture more than with the “American White” construct (which is not really a construct if you actually *are* an American White.  I identify as Greek, German-Italian 50/25/25- I believe “white” is really a catch-all term for the real thing , which is European- which all Whites are. The  Italians say ” Americano ” (said like “med-ih-gann”) – the deal is this,  all water, is pretty much liquid, but not all liquid is water. American Whites are Europeans, of course, but not all Europeans are American Whites (like been here hundreds of years, settlers, pilgrims, founding fathers, etc).

Can you dig it? I knew that you could.

4 thoughts on “Stuff White People Like?

  1. hugh says:

    You sound exactly like the kind of person that site lampoons. Congratulations on completely missing the joke.

    Also, anyone who uses the word “construct” as a noun should be shot.

  2. You don’t know “construct” can be a noun as well as verb? As in the PC, lefty “Race is a social construct”. As in CON-struct , not con-STRUCT.
    Wow, you could wear a shirt that says ” This is what illiterate looks like”.

    My friends don’t like people who say I should be shot. I should report you to wordpress.

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  3. Matt says:

    Hugh sounds like a typical self-hating liberal White. What kind of ball-less coward threatens (or even hints at) violence towards a woman? Pathetic.

  4. I discovered last week SWPL has banned me! Another case of my being ‘Actually Correct’ vs ‘politically correct’ . The irony being I don’t come across as hostile/hateful, but in the last few weeks have been banned from 2 sites. One for just asking what the rules are-what can and cannot be discussed and one for simply telling it like it is.

    Not sure if any of my posts on SWPL are there, but I remember posting months ago that many White people are Fake PC- Polite PC as it were, and then armed with this self-evident but newly learned fact to some, the same types went after others after I had confirmed their suspicions. Is it my fault that they don’t see what is in front of them- Whites camping out for good positions in school lotteries, paying huge mortgage/rent to avoid ‘bad neighborhoods’ whilst attending do-gooder social justice dinners, then it’s straight back to the gated community or the fake diverse neighborhood (meaning White/Asian couples).
    I suppose saying that Whites are for the most part fake PC is offensive to bloggers like SWPL, who spoofs Whites in a spirit of humorous, affectionate self-deprecation- no real discourse allowed, discouraging cross-talk between commenter’s – pulling the avatars which more personally identified posters and linked back to their sites, and numbers off the posts, as people were addressing each other “#33 I disagree…” and attention was being diverted away from the original post and into a discussion.
    That is too bad, because that was the best part of the site, and it seemed like it was opening up discussion about race, not on an overtly political site, the lightness of the site’s approach could declaw some of the vitriol seen on other sites and provide a relaxed atmosphere. But only to a point, then the yard duty teacher comes out, even if no one is fighting and no bad language was used.

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