This is kind of like that TV channel, where it’s “All Nazi, All the Time”-  

   Here in California, when we think of “workshop” we think of  pilates, yoga, or  make-your-own-diesel fuel, or learn about solar power,  or go to the hot springs or fake monastic retreats to  learn something, or commune with nature, eat organic  foods and stare at the waves,  gently contemplating our navels, while the  illegal alien watches our kids and cuts our grass…

but in Austria, when one wants to  go take a workshop.. ……..(cue evil Omen music up)…

The mayor of Silbertal, Austria, one  Willi Saly, has taken it upon himself to” find out why a simple farmer became a notorious mass murderer ” So Saly goes and digs up  documents, then has these “Nazi Workshops” (no kidding , he’s got  7 other residents involved in doing what amounts to “Holo-Workshops” , in case a person wasn’t getting their holo-fix from the TV, I guess. Bizarre) – In any case, this  guy  Vallaster is already long  dead, killed by a jew they say . He was probably on their list of geriatric “Nazi’s” to hunt down, until they discovered he was already dead, but they had to justify the expenditure somehow, hence “educating” the town- obviously not all want to hear about it or believe it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Austrian village faces down its Nazi past

Article here:

In Vienna, the Rev. Leo Kuchar, a Czech-born Roman Catholic priest, who almost died in a concentration camp and whose Jewish mother was killed by Vallaster, said Saly “deserves great admiration, but not all villagers support them and a cold wind is blowing in their faces.”

Indeed, an elderly Silbertal resident working on a tractor who refused to give his name said many villagers believe the mayor “shouldn’t be stirring up things from the past. He should let bygones be bygones.”

Elizabeth Stemer, 80, Vallaster’s sister, was even more irate. “A lot of filthy lies are being spread about Josef. … I knew Josef as a very decent man who just did his duty as a soldier and died for his country.”

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