Postcard book so incorrect and unpopular that both amazon and are out of stock

You Mean A Woman Can Open It?: The Woman’s Place In The Classic Age Of Advertising

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4 thoughts on “Book Celebrates “incorrect” Retro Advertisements

  1. Matt says:

    I actually laughed out loud at these. They’re so over the top that they’re kind of charming.

  2. I think they were over-the-top even then, but hey, life was more fun when men and women could still razz each other a little ,no? When life was a little “less correct”. We have to look at these in context too- it wasn’t considered an awful thing for a woman to want to make a man happy, even if it was something as simple as coffee or the husband (looks to be in jest that he doesn’t get it , but it is obviously a male ‘in joke’, amusing to the reader of the publication the ad appeared in) not figuring it out about the vitamins and thinking the hard work makes her look better. He could afford then to look doofy in a small way because he wasn’t emasculated and constantly mocked in a serious way, like today’s White man. She wasn’t villified as a doormat or a loser with no ambition for wanting his happiness. He could be in an over the top advertisement obviously “abusing his authority” as head of household because back then, he still had some authority, and that wasn’t considered a horrible, oppressive or “sexist” thing. Notice also in the second ad, they are both dressed “for work” and neither seems miserable about it. She is smiling, he is not resentful that she stays home or that he makes the money- but there was money to be made then- he wasn’t outsourced, she doesn’t have a mexican cleaning her house– See what I mean about the entire context was different? We tend to overlook that-we just look at the ad itself, and not the whole of what it represents.

  3. Nick says:

    Points duly noted Ms Consort, but you seem to have missed the point of the ad: the reason the housewife looks so happy is that she’s out of her gourd on Kellogg’s patented uppers.

  4. Bonquesha says:

    i do not like these advertisements. They are sexist.

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