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The Archdiocese of New York has apparently just released new coloring book for kids, all about how to be safe in an age of fear and predation.






Fear of  this is why my oldest son never got baptized.  The Roman Catholic  priest  wouldn’t do it when he was an infant because I wasn’t married to his father , and the same  guy wouldn’t do it at the same time he agreed to baptize his brother ten yrs later , it didn’t matter I was  married, and to a Roman Catholic (this whole baptism thing was not my idea. The priest did not remember me, but I felt bad for my older son at the time, as he knew he was not baptized and here he was watching the family thrill to the site of his baby brother (peeing I hope) in the font. . This priest said my ten yr old was  now “too old” for  regular ‘unconditional” baptism and would have to enroll in some 2 year study program in order to get baptized . By then everyone had heard about the pervert priest problem, and this guy was old  but like 6’5 or so- Fuhggetaboudit.

         Of course, I said no to the 2 year school to get the baptism , I would take my chances with his soul rather than throw him to the lions now-  Yes, I was  miffed  he/parents weren’t perceived as good enough’ to baptize ten years before – but mostly my rejection of this 2 year deal was because I was more afraid of putting my son in the possible the pervy hands than for my son’s soul – this molestation problem many priests seem to have  with young boys. Molestation of young boys- almost synonomous with Catholic priests… because we all know it is a haven for latent/repressed- whoknowswhat. ..which isn’t quite the same thing, although one could say that if one is  a homosexual and raised in a religious environment, they are not going to be Officially Accepted  by most Christian-based faiths, and certainly not Orthodox, but they can just invent their own little  fagostery, so to speak. When they get sick of each other, they go after the young boys. They can’t pick up in society, it could threaten their position and make the church look bad- so they either have to do it in secret, with male hustlers, or if they are afraid to catch something or go to jail, they  prey upon (pray upon?) the young  males in their programs, like altar boys and such.  Keep in mind you almost NEVER  hear of FEMALE victims of Catholic priests, do you? They also likely use  their position as a Priest or ‘Father’ and authority figure  in molesting these boys with  threats of God  punishing them or telling them what they should do, they will get in trouble, humiliation,  Hell, etc.. .It’s f&^king evil, no question. My sons are not going to the Catholic Neverland Ranch, no way in Hell.

               I’m not anti-Christian per se, but I am anti pervy priests, and priests that deny infants baptism based on their parents marital status, then go ahead and baptize their sibling and accept a hefty donation from the Roman Catholic  grandparents..and try to sucker the 10 year old into a 2 year program just to egt baptized.  16 years ago, did I not look like I could write you that same  check that you got for secondo figlio?   Wonder  if he would have pulled that if we had been unmarried  illegal alien parents? So yeah, there’s kind of a personal grudge, but that in no way negates the reality of the pervert worry. Still, it is bad faith to baptize one kid and not his brother, to refuse him a second time -when I thought anybody could be baptized without all these conditions-. That’s just not right.  More and more hypocrisy- makes me also wonder how much of your whole deal is a lie- This Bud’s  for you , Caligari.


I thought this  story was a sick joke, but its not. See, this is as good as the church is going to get in acknowledging their problem. Let’s name it.  The latent or not-so-latent Homo-Molestation Problem. I don’t like the “third person” point of view of the angel-and the direct address to the kid-to “make sure OTHERS KNOW”.. the onus should be on the ADULT, not the child, and normal adults don’t need cartoons to tell them not to perv out on kids.  They shouldn’t be spending time and energy making coloring books warning children about “how to be safe” – they should get the hell away from the children,  and if not, their parents certainly should wake up and smell the incense.

So it  follows that.. should your kid even BE THERE at all? Whatever benefit he could derive from the religious teaching  would be eroded by the manipulation and abuse. Common , logical sense. Not Rocket Science. Come on, if there is this serious of a danger, a higher than “normal” chance of having someone be a sicko, I mean, people are so worried about the soccer coach, but say the odds are way more in the soccer coach’s favor that he ok, versus the priesthood-  I mean, at least the soccer coach has a chance to have relationships with other grown ups, whatever his ..ummm, ‘orientation’ may be. Anyway, there it is, below-

addendum: and Bernie, another  former priest turned popular bay area radio host-Bernie Ward-  you suck too. I used to listen to your blatherings when I would drive home late at night from my crap job at Tower Records,  like 20 years ago or more. I thought you were an OK guy then, even if I wasn’t very political.  You make me glad I have moved closer to the right…and no one is going to believe your little “research story” excuse. sicksicksicksicksick

What is WRONG with YOU PEOPLE? 



2 thoughts on “Archdiocese of NY: Children, Protect Thy Self (from the Priests)

  1. Matt says:

    Do you think allowing priests to marry would make a difference? Episcopalians don’t seem to have as much trouble with pedophile priests, but they probably attract a different sort to begin with. The RCC has more of a reputation for attracting conflicted homosexuals, I guess.

    Oh yeah, what’s with that freaky comic? Gah! What’s the kid doing under the blanket? What’s with the leering fruit of a priest? Even the angel looks weird- What’s with drawing her as a hot chick? I know it’s produced by the Church itself, but it really looks like a parody.

  2. I know, it’s awful- and it seems to me like an acknowledgement of the problem, what bothers me is that it is aimed at the KIDS, when they should be creating rules and consequences for their own, instead of sweeping it under the rug, simply paying off the families/victims (a la Michael Jackson)- they need to either somehow stop the behavior by not granting access to kids period in ANY kind of capacity (even group activities could somehow lend themselves to isolating a kid given a determined enough pedo wanting to get close to a particular kid, who then might try to win over hte parents, garner time alone with said kid, etc) , or let women teach the children’s programs, being that 99.9% of women are not going to be pedo’s- and yes, it does look like a parody- like something you would see in a low-end men’s magazine.

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