Two of Canada’s leaders on opposite sides of the Internet hate debate — Ottawa anti-racism lawyer Richard Warman and controversial Toronto teacher Paul Fromm — plan to go toe to toe in a hearing room in Toronto.

The twist: Warman just won a $30,000 libel suit against Fromm. Besides owing Warman, Fromm also owes about $50,000 in legal costs.

Fromm is scheduled to cross-examine Warman at the Canadian Human Rights Commission hearing.

“I think it is more of a problem for him than it is for me,” Warman said.

“It will get even more interesting,” Fromm said. “I have a job to do as best as I can.”

Fromm is the leader of several groups, based in Toronto, opposed to immigration from Third World countries and multiculturalism.!

Canadians who do not like their hate-speech policy, it turns out, are not free to call censors unflattering things.

Let me rephrase. Canadians are not free to call censors “enemies of free speech.” Even if, by the clear meaning of the English language (as well as by American standards) that’s what hate-speech censors are, just because they’re censors: Enemies of free speech.

Yes, in Canada you may not speak the truth about free speech to its official enemies. In Canada, the reason why we must defend even the most vile speech and writing becomes clear: because suppression of it eventually leads to the inability to criticize government.

You know you’ve lost your freedom when you cannot call a censor a censor.

But here in the United States, we can. Well, at least for now.

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