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You probably were aware that life sucks for Palestinians, but maybe you didn’t know it was getting worse. Occupied Palestine (AKA artificial land of Israel) denies or delays medical care , even children die just because Israel won’t let them in for treatment, they also have significantly cut down on food exported to Gaza, fuel, children are dying of treatable diseases like chickenpox and failure to thrive syndrome. Read these stories, it will piss you off when you think of how Americans are supposed to let everyone in and provide for them, crappy borders, beaners dropping kids at every red light- but our “friend” Israel, well, she will have none of that “give us your poor, your weak , huddled masses” crap, that’s for us dumb goyim.


According to PHR, Israel delays the access of 40 patients every month, thus causing death or deterioration of health condition in many cases.

Human rights section-

In September, Israel declared Gaza a “hostile entity,” stepping up attacks on the coastal strip and cutting large quantities of fuel supplies to the 1.4-million-strong population which is dependant on Israel for many basic needs, from water to medication.

Israel cites security reasons for all its actions against the Gaza Strip, namely preventing Palestinian resistance factions from firing homemade rockets onto nearby Israeli towns.

However, in the words of Weingarten, “It is not a matter of security, it’s rather a matter of revenge.”


podcasts and interviews- Walt & Mearsheimer, Norm Finklestein, among others


Palestinian mother of seven dies due to lack of medication in besieged Gaza

The 31-year-old mother Aida Abdul Al has died of cancer after doctors could not provide necessary chemotherapy for her condition and she could not travel abroad due to the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, medical sources said on Sunday.


Only 41 percent of Gaza’s food import needs being met

Every three months, Naheda said, the family receives from UNRWA amounts of rice, flour, oil and sugar that can last for four to six weeks. The family rarely eats meat anymore, relying mostly on vegetables.

“When the agency food runs out, we buy the food we need on credit from the grocer. When my husband works, most of his daily earnings go to settling the debt,” she told IRIN.
Since the Hamas takeover of Gaza in June, the commercial crossing points with Israel have been all but shut, except for the import of basic humanitarian goods. Israel said it could not operate the crossings with Hamas, which it deems a terrorist organization….


Supplies of 91 out of 416 essential drugs have run out, as have about a third of essential medical supplies, according to the Gaza ministry of health and the WHO. For example, most children’s antibiotics have run out.

Also, some 3,600 chronic psychiatric patients have had their treatment stopped, as over half of the needed medicines are no longer available, according to the UN Children’s Fund and WHO statistics published by the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

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