How long must we suffer? How long must we renounce who we are – and curtsy and bow to those who destroy what we have built , what we believe in, what we love-

Welcome to the new dark ages, those who would uttereth unpopular speech- “Illegal aliens are a drain on US money, culture, social programs to help citizens, they don’t pay taxes yet reap the benefits of being so..”   “why the hell do we have to keep send ing our children to die attacking middle eastern countries? Why do we have to keep defending Israel, and how come they can have a wall to keep out Palestinians (from their own land) but we can’t do the same and keep out Mexicans? (oh I forgot, we need them as slaves)”  “How come if you don’t like watching man-on-man public displays of affection ,and books in your kid’s  school like “Daddy’s Roommate” (Blahhh, gag) it automatically makes you a a homophobic, possibly repressed f*g yourself?”

Why are you trying to make us forget who we are? Or teach us lies?  Why are you throwing away classic books at the library?  I find them stamped “withdrawn”-  especially childrens books- why throw away these books about Daniel Boone, Caesar, Columbus? Is it because the people in the books are all White?
Why must you try and make the children believe Cleopatra was black, when we know very well she was not. Cleopatra of Macedon, not of South Central Los Angeles or Ethiopia.

It takes “Whiteness” to create/maintain/preserve a civilization, (a play on that “it takes a village to raise a child” Hillary quote) – to have and do a certain level of excellence, of order, of beauty, of worth, of almost anything that one would desire or aspire to, there is some if not total and complete European influence.

They call us “supremacists” yet the world acknowledges this itself by its own actions , preferences, what people themselves hold up as the ideal in almost any category. Is it our fault that these things are TRUE?
Now one has to ask, is the race part of it only coincidental? Incidental to all these things throughout history? Can we face facts for a minute, get away from “PC” and admit it is the reason, and that reason is
not something to be ashamed of, or treated as if it were coincidental or incidental.
We ARE evolution.   Who has created and spun everything that moves this world today, from the written word to the wheel, to technology?

And it is not only because some of our parents were better off, or we happened to be born into a certain culture… no, that dog won’t hunt.  American whites, and Euro Whites alike, we are the inventors, the discoverers. It  saddens me to think of what things will not be invented, what things will not happen as a result because of all the energy, money and time being diverted into other countries , and allowing other countries inhabitants here, where we must  “parent them” forever.  Some of these countries are terminally at the infant stage, some are more like teenagers, but none are adults.

It is not coincidence, it is not incidental that preserving us, preserves civilization. If they get rid of Whites, it won’t be like in the long-on-colorful and short on story (books) where all the tan people are eternally skipping, beating pinatas, singing and cooking. Oh no , no it won’t, multi-culti people. Perhaps it will not be as bad as those late night send-money-to-starving-kids-in-Africa-who-are-half-dead-already-with-flies-on-them, no, perhaps it won’t be as bad as all that, but it won’t be like in the storybooks.  One imagines not only “gated communities”, but gated cities, probably complete with armed guards to protect anyone who isn’t  dwelling in some  glorified live/work complex (trendy urban ghetto)- except it isn’t as “trendy” as when this idea first came to the fore, no, now it is for everyone (see  It sounds all neat-o and enviro-hippie’d out, right?

How do you think they are going to implement all these issues that they couch so artfully in these new age terms?

Bottom line, if they get their way, you will be living in some enforced “global village” crap, with people not of your choosing, and all this other stuff about poverty and consumption of resources won’t be a choice about  whether to recycle or not, or whether to use a shower you can turn off when you soap up, no, no, this is way beyond that.

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