Identifying Issues:  WN Inferno

Been reading Dante again, I am certain there will be more to come  on this theme- for the audiophile   Text online

Problem I : The Over-Usage/Constant Focus on Daily Crime Stories- That stuff is never going to end as  long as we must share space with the Others. There will never be a dearth of NW crime stories, of things we can find that  illustrate the work of our Enemy, against our quality of life-our biological life, and life itself period. Those stories may have a place, but continually dwelling on them and looking for them I do not believe is productive. I don’t see that there is much of a new angle in telling people stuff they already know. What it may look like to outsiders is that we are obsessed with NW crime, or finding NW crime.They know it’s there, everyone knows it’s there. Bringing attention to a particular heinous crime , the media who  try their best to non-report non-PC crimes that don’t fit the Rainbow Feelgood Coalition’s agenda of trying to make it appear that   poor (especially)  blacks  as a rule, don’t  tend to dislike , resent, envy, and yes, even  hate White people. We all know that is bullsh*t of the highest order.

 Correcting those who try and warp statistics to fit their  agenda, and write about the victims using lullabye-like terms like “just happened” and “isolated incident” and “wrong place at the wrong time”  as if  we were Little Red  Riding Hood in a forest on the way to grandma’s, and the Big Bad Wolf appeared!…that  is  a good thing. 

 The thing that is not helping us is the  obsessive and continual chronicling of the daily , never-ending NW crime.  At any given time, one can put a word into  a news search engine and come up with I don’t  know that doing this ad infinitum is getting us anywhere. It may provide some  bizarre  kind of therapuetic “venting” , but to the outsider? It makes us appear “unhealthy”, mypoic- A problem is concentrating only on the negative, regardless of whether it is true- without a counterbalancing effect of  examples of victories, advancement, things We do every day that are good. We cannot afford to  winnow all of what we are down to either being angry or victimized.  

 I know  some people may not appreciate my speaking against  constantly citing these stories, but  doing so attracts people with an axe to grind against life in general , makes us look one-dimensional , and I believe may keep away new people who most likely already are well acquainted with these crimes.

We have to ask ourselves, what good things do we have to offer people? What benefit is it  to them to join us? We know the answers to these things and think they are obvious to them, but they are not. They are still thinking small , and probably only interested in protecting whatever they have. They  are not going to want to be around us , or be associated with us if ALL we  seem to do is  harp on the obvious.  We have to give them more than that. We owe them more than that. We owe what we claim to hold sacred, our future, our children’s future , more than  an endless chronicle of victimization.

Problem II : Lunatic Fringe ?

Those who are in it for the racism rather than our goals. 
I know people may not get what I mean by
‘in it for the racism’

Even the made-up word ‘racism’ does not even mean what it used to.

   ‘racism’  AKA anger, frustration, resentment, betrayal by govt, etc) as something completely reasonable and justifiable, not as fringe or extremist or against ‘social justice’ , etc. Not so long ago, people did not see the need to dress up or  feel the need to overuse epithets, because these beliefs were  a given.
. It is part of  the ‘reactionary racism’, ( term suggested  by “son of liberty”  on SF) and I think it is limiting us.
This is not about going soft. On the contrary , it is about not being a joke, stereotype, or  having people  think we hold the beliefs we do just for the ‘fun’ of it or because we can. 


We  don’t believe  as we do  for  “the Hell of it”.   We believe  these things because of the Hell of it- Hell   being   the liberal ,multi cult, enforced political oxymoronic correctness, the TV telling us who the bad guys are, and what groups are untouchable and protected above all, what we are forced to live with, what is done to us.


         There are some people who do both, make a lot of noise and believe in our people and our future,  the  ‘noise’ mostly because they probably don’t know what else to do, or lack the resources to come up with something different.. Like a kid who is desperate for attention, they will get it by acting out if they can’t get it any other way. Should this be rewarded?  No.
The whole argument of ‘this person or that person isn’t doing anything “. I am afraid just doing ‘anything’ isn’t going to cut it with what we are up against. 50-60 years ago, we would never have dreamed we would be in the position we are in now- the miscegenation, the endless banging-head-against-the-wall programs that never work, the looking-the-other-way re illegals, the disgusting television . Well ,the television we might have predicted to go down the road it has, but perhaps not to this extreme,  the lies of what came to be known as “feminism” but did everything but celebrate woman as she is, the glorification of the androgynous, castrated White male, the encouragement of  generation upon generation of delaying children , the result  being one will almost certainly never have any real recollection of one’s grandparents. 

Problem III :Lost Generation(s) ?

It bothers me to think about it that way, that many will be basically lost to us, having forgotten who they are, having parents who did not even instill the basic stuff of our people into them. It is beyond the race-mixing, the wigger clothes, the rap music. As just *people* , they are throwaways. They have no purpose, no depth, they are made up of an amalgamation of myspace, rothstein tv, the mall, junk food, daycare- everything in them comes from outside. It is all made-up, fairy tales that instead of teaching people about good and evil, teach that neither matters. Kind of likethe  body snatchers. There might be the rare few who will sense the hollowness of that empty , at once selfish and self-loathing existence and defect, but most won’t. They will be even worse than the lemmings my age.

On Getting “Better People” 

Someone used this term to me , I believe as a compliment in reference to the type we are looking for. Well, ‘better’ is as ‘better’ does. Let’s face it, not everyone is going to be able to do everything, but they are able to do something to contribte. Will they be happy with that? I don’t know, but I plan on being straight with people re this. Sometimes it isn’t even the actual person themselves that helps, but rather their connections. I have been the recipient of this before, and have been impressed with the friend of a friend.

When  one says ‘better’ , it has to mean all the way through, not *only* what  tasks they can perform and particularly not, say, their social class, whether they have  a PhD-  This is kind of like equal opportunity employment but for white people.

Was thinking about this kind of thing today, about how people are considered for various jobs and what people look for as I was shopping for a   decent mic, and heard the tech store person talking  about applicants.
Some only look for what turns out to be quite small stuff in the the big picture., or what can help them today, and not see further down the road , not just that they can do such and such for me.

I am not the Army, and  I’m not looking for people to use for whatever immediate  purpose and ‘throw away’, I am looking for ones I can keep.

If what I am saying makes sense to you, please  see more here :

One thought on “WN: Do Not Abandon all Hope, Ye Who Enter Here.

  1. Lurker says:

    Maybe but its worth mentioning from time to time.

    Regularly online liberal warriors will tell me that ‘really’ whites are always victimising non-whites. They just never get reported.

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