Achilles Briseis, back to war in the morning

Digtal Art: Achilles and Briseis

Taken from stuff from 24th and previous , (some I have said on various audio/radio)but was posted in a private area- thought I would add it here and expand on it (it is mine, I did not paste what the others said-therefore I do not violate anyone’s “private area” terms)

White Suprivilegacy

“The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.” Noel Ignatiev

No , Noel. Even non-committed White Supremacists along with regular garden-variety white people think that is a sucky idea. Go back to the black section of Harvard where you hang out and worry about trying to get the blacks to think you have their best interests at heart. (



A Real future doesn’t exist with White kids living a nightmare with other White people who don’t know or remember anything about us. As I said before White = Civilization and Civilization = White. If we become uncivilized, through whatever means, TV, war, corruption- we then lose what is a huge part of being White. We then lose our Whiteness by default, even if we are White by biology , we *can* lose it- we will have lost what it means. I am afraid we might be of the last generations that are living that do remember this, as opposed to kids who will only read (and less and less of this) in books of our history, of what we have achieved, of what we have yet to achieve. People also talk about “losing their ‘Whiteness’ ” or “abolishing Whiteness”. They say they are talking about ‘privilege’, but we know they are not. “Privilege” is yet another one of those code words, as if skill and creativity, ability- all the things we can do were simply granted to us through an Whiteness Express “rewards” program.

“hey you spent 500 bucks this month, would you like some extra creativity? or would you rather some higher math skills ? ”

“Cliff Notes” version : Being Uncivilized Really Blows. Keep Whiteness.

Multi-Cult: Witnesses for their own Prosecution

When you hear someone say ” well I know this black (or whatever) and they are ok, they arent like the stereotype” but they don’t think it through as far as the whole- just like when the antis go on forever about white serial killers “well so and so serial killer was white”.. and they also dont look at the bigger picture. they have to point out the tiny # of the worst to prove our worst, and they also have to pick out the tiny % of “OK” minorities to prove their best, missing the point that the rest of the pie means that Most whites are Ok and not serial killers, but a LOT of minorities are trouble of one kind or another. When a WN or an anti places a minority in that “look here is a special case” scenario, or a white in the serial killer scenario- that only serves to prove our point. We don’t want to be abolished, outsourced , continually mocked and derided on TV, encouraged to imitate celebrity mating patterns, guilt-tripped for not adopting a rainbow family. encouraging our teenagers to dress like retro insane asylum patients emulate MTV/ghetto patois/fashion.

The Velveteen Rabbit

The closer and more into WN you get, the narrower the focus of the lens becomes as you “close in” – one discovers what one truly seeks and believes- it either becomes more Real or more unreal. One starts to be able to discern where there is style over substance. After a few years , this narrowing of the focus can lead to needing to pull back, change perspective (not ideologically) but simply take a break-and/or make sure you have other things that bring you happiness, however simple or small.

Government Excuses/Betrayal/Society

It almost seems as if that word “society” exists in the past tense- this is no “society” . When our president weakly says “can’t do anything about it, there’s too many” , yet can spend billions on war, do we trust this? Do we believe him that we cannot do anything? I don’t. He means : “I will not do anything, all energy and resources are going to the war, and besides, the illegals make money for big business, (stuff i have stock in) while you (the taxpayer) foot the bill. Why should I change anything?”

The White outsourced software guy, the White outsourced construction worker, these are like the forgotten children of a first marriage- and they are resentful, no matter how “tolerant” they claim to be, all they see is Dad doesn’t care. You hear Kanye (whatever his name is, whatever he is famous for) say about the Katrina victims: “George Bush don’t care about black people”.Well guess what Kanye? He “don’t care” about White people either! Neo-Con, Zionism, look it up my man, check it ooout!

We may not see it in our lifetime, we may not see the end of whatever this is but we are certainly seeing the decline. In the case of what has happened to us, White people we have started to lose sight of who we are, and in some cases, become a mockery of ourselves.
Do you think anyone who would seek to conquer us now would keep much of what we have become? In this way, our’decline” is not like that of the Empire. We were conquered by other Europeans. This produced a much different result than what will happen here. Hence a greater need for investment in preservation, the passing down of traditions, culture, our own education.

Fighting WN Stagnation/Apathy

Because anything that has the focus of “white” has now become verboten, some of this will be underground, say if I were to start a school or the like -but regardless of the scale, it can be done on some level- some can certainly be above ground, since the focus will not always be on what the others (NW’s) are doing or not doing.
There are new people coming to WN all the time, some , like myself, were probably always nationalists at heart- will hear Pierce or read stuff here and say “Well, yeah ,of course! This philosophy is considered ‘bad”? Everyone I know feels this way, perhaps not publically, but it is there nonetheless”..Because it makes SENSE. Others maybe came from the other side, having lost faith in the liberal propaganda/programs that yield zero results.

Why people don’t care, why our own don’t want to do anything– it is harder and harder to just deal with normal life- or they choose the “normal life” over caring about bigger things. The whole “if it doesn’t affect me, why should I care?” Apathy: “I can’t do anything and neither can you”. The nay-sayer doomsday advisory committee: “I know more than you about this, you dont know enough” “you’re too old/young” “you arent doing it the right way, here is the right way” “you’re a woman, so you dont really count”…”we’ve tried something like that, and it didn’t work with so an so doing it, so you too will fail”
and so on. So you listen and nod, and keep going anyway. If your goal is to help your people, and the reward is in the work itself, you have not failed. The failure is in the things decribed above.


More and more people are becoming more afraid of what the world around them is turning into than of villification/social ostracization. When I marched on the capital in Sac last Nov. a woman perhaps close to my mothers age came up to me , she was sympathetic to the illegal problem, yet started in criticizing about the skinhead clothes/boots/dress etc.. I told her, “look , these are the people who care, you may not care for their look, but your belief is not so far from theirs. I don’t see the average type person out here willing to protest. You see this perception of them, but they are normal American boys, and they care about what is happening, as you do , as I do”. She was at a loss for words for a moment and then of course started in about Nazis .
I then told her “there really isn’t any other cultural expression currently available that says, ‘hey, Im White, proud, and unafraid to show it.’ This is their expression of that. They aren’t here hurting anyone, they are here protesting a real problem. Now, is it these skinhead kids that are a huge problem that really affects your life, your kids lives-or the swarms of illegals”…She just kind of nodded and repeated the same stuff about how she agrees, just doesnt like the style, but it was clear I had made my point.

White Rehab

We are above the animals, ( I would like to think at least some of us are) , and above the Evil of our Enemies – Now if we take on these ways- what I quoted from Nietzsche in the forum:

And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

This can happen, like staring into the sun-one becomes blinded-if one takes too much medicine, one becomes poisoned. Back to the Problem of Evil.

We know what the (Code word) “societal ills” are, we know where they come from.

What would the “White corollary” to that be? something not based on primitive or animalistic nature. It would have to be something more sinister. Of course one can say that is also inherent or “natural” in the Enemy – “naturally ” pre-disposed to commit usury,money schemes, deception, hypocrisy, self-hate and hate of others not of themselves, degradation of the good. That is not pathology in their case, that is “doing what comes naturally”. As I said, people can be forgiven for what they do, less likely so for what they are. Yes, good people make mistakes. Bad people make mistakes too, but often less unintentionally.
It is what one does with motivation and opportunity.

Cliff Notes Version: The Enemy has a special talent for taking the good, destroying and debasing it.

In reply to a poster talking about sacrifice:

When I said before, about something not being a sacrifice- when you have a personal investment, and that investment is not borne out of some kind of low agenda, or manipulation, deception, personal gain or avoidance of work for its own sake- it is not a sacrifice. Working for something worth saving, the past, the present and the future is a true privilege. It is an honor and reward.

4 thoughts on “Heresy: Re-Establishing Whiteness

  1. Mark "Panzer" Faust says:

    Excellent Article.

  2. Subrosa says:

    Diversity is our weakness. Liberalism is ignorance. Weakness+ignorance=death.

  3. silentconsort says:

    Thank you for reading my stuff, appreciate the encouragement. There will be more to come and maybe in other places as well.

  4. Fresh C says:

    Wow… I think you’ve made some assumptions that are just not true. The abolishion of “Whiteness” if such a thing exists, is not very prevalent in society as a whole. No one is trying to get rid of white people, and for the most part no one is really trying to change the way that white people behave.

    As a black person, personally I could care less what you do with your life, so long as you cause no harm to anyone else (be they white black or whatever). I think most Americans feel the same way. That’s freedom, isn’t it?

    however I just wanted voice my opinion that “whiteness” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) isn’t what causes people to be good or bad. It’s simply a mater of environment and personal choices. No race is inherently good or bad. It’s just a matter of how a person is raised and educated from their youth, and then ultimately what they decide to do with what they’ve learned.

    whiteness != Civility. Civility = Civility

    People who are raised by other civil people generally turn out to be civil, and people who are raised by non-civil people generally turn out to be un-civil. If you want to make any sort of connection between civility and morals then perhaps you should look at the effects of poverty. Poverty is at the root of most crimes.

    In any case, all I’m saying is that I disagree with you and I think you should rethink your thought process. Your thinking is somewhat racist, but it sounds like your heart might be in the right place. Nothing wrong with being a pro-active person. Just think about the stance you’re taking.

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