He has summoned me agian
never fails,he likes routine.
Shall I sing a song I ask..
Shall we dance?
I do nothing,
still he is entertained.

Tap. Tap. Tap.
go his boots-
then his cigarette.
He tells me things, though I never ask.
He says “why not? people know we are together anyway”..
What part of our time should I forget?
My heart cracks as he says,
“All of it”..

He says he will send me someplace
where I will always be safe.
Each time I kiss him
my eyes change color, tears blur.
He takes my hands
upon them slides gloves of fur.
I say,”I’m not that cold”..

It’s then I know, begin to surmise
looking up into cerulean or is it cornflower eyes?
The gloves weren’t for where I am,or where I’ve been
but for where I’m going

But that night, I go back to my rooms
in pursuit of the ever elusive Morpheus
I’m dreaming of places
things are just as they seem-
no codes, signs, or mystery.
Will it be easier this way?
Alone in unfamiliarity?
Make it easier now I pray..

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