Here all is salt water
Iron becomes rust
Fire burns hot
blood runs thick

I stood by the rails, the sea to soothe me
The sky full of light of stars, the moon
cast shadows
rain in my eyelashes
I knew then who had captured me
Electricity surrounded me
My hair bound back
like a horses tail..
bristled, and
gulls wailed

Out on the water I heard the death knell
of my old life in multi culti hell
and wondered
Now where will I go
When I become an outcast here?
I held the metal in the storm
Yet had no fear

I can’t explain how it came to me,
(not just this ,but many things)
then I stopped fighting
what I knew would be.
I give myself in totality..

oh what I thought was “good works”
the stupidity, the danger
Polish my “halo”
help another stranger

These days I find myself
only half here,
no I believe myself still sane
the other half works on other planes
There’s much magic in our souls

Soldiers, Dragons, comrades all
I bleed but feel no pain
I will not fall
though I am daily raked across the coals.

For you I do not “tolerate”
but rather hold in a tight embrace
Now I am tired from so much flight
I bid you all a sweet goodnight..

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