Ok so there’s some chick in LA, last name of Hahn who implemented some program where they pay gang-bangers to umm, stop being gang-bangers- the whole let-me-bribe-you-into-being-a-normal-person-get-good-grades-use-birth-control-stop-doing/selling-drugs , usual uppity crap from these visualize-whirled-peas, my-other-car-is-a-broom, coexist-bumpster-sticker, U2canmakeadifference when we know nothing works-

I have to include the creator’s webcached version as some jigglypuff-flavored rainbow douche at sfgate encouraged 4chan types to attack the site because he thinks it’s raaaacithst- totally blowing off 1) the point of the video, which is, hey peeps, you want your money paying gang-bangers for anything, let alone some lame-ass program (ugh not another one)? … 2) the gangsta rap thing is totally relevant to the message- the sfgate dude makes it all about black, and oh, it’s soooo damaging to interracial blah blah…. when that isn’t the point, nerd- and by the way, if you watched the video, you would have noticed there are plenty of white and white-ish photos of various criminals portrayed as well. The gangstah rap thing is obviously aimed at this Hahn’s lousy ideas.
Oh, and word, nerd- there are black gangsta dudes whom very well may be beneficiaries Hahn’s lame-o ideas. 3) the video is illustrative of the way many look at stupid white liberal ideas, which is ‘ If they’re offering it, take it’, ‘get paid’ and that kind of crap. which leads to 4) – the how shall we say it- pandering aspect of the video- Ehlinger is just calling it as he sees it, and if the 41 flavahs sfgate dude whines that this all came about because of mexicans , fine, then the pandering glove fits even mo’ bettah (therefore you can’t acquit, bro) right?

There’s more of them- mexicans- than there are of you -black- correct? Think these I’m-so-high-minded,charity-attending, jamba-juice swilling types give a crap about that, rainbow nerd? That they are moving you down a rung on the totem pole? No, they only care about numbers. What do the politicans care about giving any color gangstas money? It ‘s not their money they are passing out-The politicans are at once the pimp and da ho, pandering to the population it thinks will become old enough to vote any second now- mexicans- and selling themselves out in the process. This gang program crap, everyone knows those don’t do shit, it is all about votes, getting and staying in power.

You actually think this video is about black, rainbow nerd? You don’t actually think that, do you? You have some newspaper gig, you’re supposed to be smart! uhhhh.can’t.hold.back.the.lol.

The video is a correct portrayal of what is happening and totally does what it is supposed to do. Anyway, there it is. Go Ladd- http://filmladd.com/

Click on small picture for screenshot of post-


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