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  White people farming in the ghetto amidst drive-bys…   “urban farms” on ‘squatted land’ on Oakland. But what about the crime?  “yeah.. there’s like drug dealers and hookers here…we might be sitting there eating from my farm, and there’s a drive by shooting.. people are malnourished  so people think they’re crazy…we just have to acknowledge there’s problems and be positive…the multicultural aspect of Oakland is such a jewel” …a crazy white lady who has an ‘urban farm’ in the worst part of Oakland. ” people come and eat off my farm, and at first it bothered me, but then I felt..wow I’m a real farmer!”    http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/kqedforum/~5/59J1I1X9Lfk/2009-08-07b-forum.mp3

KQED –  http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/kqedforum/~5/SthoK_PFbDk/2009-07-31a-forum.mp3

Gates incident spawns  more White  race neurosis- you know about that thing that isn’t real, just something we made-up. Yeah. So- the other day, when the  black guys (no way! )  were running after shooting someone at a college, cops are supposed to have this filter that says- well, maybe it’s not the same guys, we wouldn’t  want to ‘profile’ anyone… Host  takes callers  on“this difficult and tricky topic of race”    – host feels he must  translate/explain everyone’s point or mindwarp it into agreeing with the show’s spin-  Caller:  ” As a  Indo-European-I think it’s time we started to discuss race in a more sophisticated manner…uh oh “you’re breaking up caller…call is lost ”   Caller from NY: “racism is a disease..”  Caller from Berkeley: ” Americans have this believe that police demands respect…when they may not deserve it-just because they have this uniform..I’m from a country where police are not respected…israel.. there the police are trained to behave in such a way so as not to annoy the public. ”     WTF?

 I hate this kind of crap so much I think I might maybe the people that harp on me and send me ‘hate mail’ ragging me are right, maybe I am a fascist after all.  I have come to favor the hard approach, but only because I see it as a means to an end.

art by Bruno Amadio, 1941
art by Bruno Amadio AKA Giovanni Bragolin, 1941

  Some would think that  is totally against the concept of freedom and hate me for saying such-but- maybe it might take a little of that to get on the road  back to freedom and sanity. I don’t hold anything against my BANA brothers/sisters on the other site-there’s a link to their site somewhere here– and by the way, my offer still stands to drive over the donated stuff if you want to distribute it or do whatever with it. I want to make it clear I am not against them – in fact- their idealism is inspiring, admirable and refreshing- I just don’t know if I trust people to come out of the way they are now on their own  and worse, maybe still believing the old stuff and/or not being able to deal with having no initial system to control the inevitable insanity. The way things are right now is fairly insane, letting all these illegals in, prisoners out, sanctuary cities with 12-year-old Honduran drug dealers, crazy White people still thinking they can and should save the world and going on missions to Africa, adopting kids from China, putting holes in their face and tongues, White Christians who drink the Zionist Kool-Aid- there’s plenty of craziness already- yet people go along with it-   Hence my interest in an initial tougher approach that the ‘do as thou wilt and harm none’  which I always believed was similar to the credo of the anarchist- to operate outside the system and pretty much do what one wants.

I don’t have a problem with Andrew and his tribe doing whatever the hell they want- they already know what is going on.  It’s the people who haven’t woken up that need the hard stuff. I envision the lemmings to be like in one of those nightmares that a) either you are so tired you don’t wake up from it or b) your brain thinks you  can ‘manage’ in the nightmare and keeps you asleep- they don’t even know they are dreaming, they think they have to play along with the nightmare-but what if someone in the nightmare brought stuff to order and stopped the chaos-  then you wouldn’t have to stay in that awful limbo nightmare. 

It would be kind of like a racial/cultural trauma center. OK, the bleeding has stopped, we have brought him back, send him to ICU for a few days- once the patient gets used to things making sense again and he doesn’t accept nightmare as reality that he has to stay in and ‘fix’- then he is fit to go to Andrew’s anarchy-land and , after he has been de-loused and de-indoctrinated- if he doesn’t let go of the nightmare first, he’ll go there with all the same post-liberal-traumatic-stress and not be able to handle it.  That’s what I mean by some of the hard stuff  at first might not be such a bad thing. Just to regain a sense of order. Would it affect those who want to do their own thing, yet believe as we do? Not being a big believer in bullshitting , backpedaling or waffling, I can only say yes. Would it be forever? Well, if the problems get taken care of, there would be no need for it.  

There is no need for martial law when there is no raping, looting , killing and mayhem- you know- like Oakland, or Detroit. Just like I said in some earlier post- civil rights are for the civilized. If things were a lot harder-core, espcecially for those who have proven themselves uncivilized- maybe Channon Christian and Chris Newsom would still be alive. Kate Puzey would not have been allowed to go on some wacked out mission to Africa, nor would she have been taught to want that.  I can’t remember their names, but the faces of all these raped and murdered girls that I have seen on various sites come ot mind. If there were laws and curfews and harsh and immediate consequences for violating such, how many more of these beautiful young people would still be alive? I don’t believe any kind of distillation/sifting process or even radical separation could occur without first the process of restoring order.  

I just don’t trust these uber-liberal-lemmings with anarchy straight off, national or any other kind- because the ‘lemmings’ aren’t yet on our side. We could make things better for them, yet they could turn against us- most are at least outwardly- against us now because they can’t see any other way. They’re in the nightmare and they think that is their reality, and they have to live, be, and believe a certain way- they are convinced any other way is evil and terrible, even as evil and terrible things are being done to them- to us. We’re being invaded by illegals, kids are shooting each other at schools,  old people are under the threat of being denied life-saving procedures because of this  health-care reform scam, young people are being kidnapped and tortured, raped and killed, the economy has turned to crap, we’re being constantly told “tolerate, tolerate, accept, accept..”  and they believe it, no matter how bad things are.

Yet, as I  write that laundry list of chaotic and illogical things that are allowed/condoned/blown off by our government- and saw helicopters buzzing over my parent’s house the day of the college shooting- I wondered if anarchy isn’t already on its way in short order. I’m not worried about BANA not ‘following the rules’. I feel bad for them they are not old enough to remember how it was before everything stopped gradually declining and instead became an avalanche of chaos. I’m more worried that things will be allowed to continue to decay Roman Empire style, and probably worse- and the lemmings WILL continue to follow the rules in the face of that chaos, and in doing such, allow themselves to be killed off. Being that ‘they’ are essentially Us, that worries me. Yes, I would rather force them, drag them kicking and screaming into it until they regained their ability to reason than leave them helpless, which I think most are. I hope I’m wrong, but from the general duhhh passivity/apathy/fear in the eyes that I see, I think they have a better chance of surviving having things be made compulsory for a while.  I hate to say this, but most lemmings aren’t built like us, white or not. I think they would go along with it, like they are ‘going along with it’ now. They wouldn’t have a choice.


Part II _ Podcasts from the Left – lots of the stuff in these would make great sound bytes.

I remember my older son telling me the whole “yes we can” O-campaign slogan sounded like the Bob the Builder theme song :


Yeah, Whitey can do ANYTHING, whee!  It’s just like that ‘collaborative learning’ BS in schools these days where they force you to work in groups- that way, the people who never show or do any of their own work can simply mooch off the smarter or even more hard-working kids who actually showed up, studied, did the work and the presentations and the slackers can still get good grades. Yeah, that’s awesome. We can’t have Whitey working independently anymore, now can we? No sirree Bob. Don’t think you can just sit next to your friends or people who look like they aren’t flakes and you will be all right. They will move you. They do not want you self-selecting. If you are in school, find out ahead of time if your instructor does this groups/teams BS. I had a professor who actually said to another student:

“Don’t condensate to me!” 

 The scary thing was, not everyone picked up on it. This was someone with degrees, license to practice (whatever)-I cannot believe this instructor even passed the GRE. You do not want to have to go back and re-take prerequistes down the line- you think people can’t spell, misuse words, and are functionally illiterate now? If you have to go back after 20 years- you will see just how far down the evolutionary ladder the educational system has fallen.


                  Ok, now to  the sucky liberal podcasts- who likes listening to anti’s, right? What is that expression? Know Thy Enemy?   I’m still looking for a good sound recorder that will work with vista to make sound bytes to make some more podcasts like I used to and tear into this garbage. It’s not about liking to hear it- what I can’t believe is that they believe it. Something tells me they don’t. It’s just a gig. It reminds me of various periods in school, and how I doubted them, even though I was young- and they were in a position I was supposed to trust them- I didn’t doubt them because I understood about the world then- I had my own ideas about who I wanted to be around and not whatever they said- it was the feeling that even they didn’t seem to believe it. People still self-segregated, and if you go to most campuses, you will see this- people WANT to be around their own. That local school shooting did a lot for ‘race-relations’ and White Flight. When crime used to come to one’s area, it was usually minor , like breaking into cars when people foolishly leave their laptops lying in plain view, or people leaving their garage door open – careless stuff. I grew up in the area where the college shooting was, I know a fair amount of people there. One person I spoke to was going to move anyway, but wait(ha) until the market improved- but they are now putting their place up for sale, it isn’t that much of a loss for them as many people who live in the area have been there 20, 30 years or more. The other is going to rent out their place and move to an area near relatives that isn’t ruined yet. People aren’t used to ghetto shootings coming to suburbia, and I think they are waking up.

When you have helicopters hovering overhead, and armed cops stalking the hillsides of suburbia looking for ghetto shooters, you know the S4 is beginning to hit the fan. Arm thyself! 


The We-Have-To-Fix-The-Unfixable Crowd: Podcasts that Illustrate the White-People-Have-to-Fix-Everything – in a way, it is pretty arrogant that we think we actually can. We think we can ‘fix’ Africa, we think we can fix all kinds of stuff . Just because we can fix some stuff, and invent a whole bunch of neat-o or useful stuff- doesn’t mean we can fix PEOPLE. This is promoted constantly- I’ve said it in previous posts, the theme/meme put out there is that while we’re never good enough (make-overs, jenny craig, hour long informercials on makeup and jeans, miracle this or that)..while we’re busy not being good enough , we should still always be trying to save the world. Why? Why US? And why can’t we get it that it never works? It doesn’t work when we go to these other places, or try to set things up for them, it doesn’t work when they export them (or they steal their way over) here- it just doesn’t work, period-and we get destroyed in the process- and oh yeah, don’t forget the White Guilt Card- don’t leave home without it! This is right back to the other post I put up long ago about the 80’s ‘recovery movement’. Remember the whole co-dependent/women who love too much stuff? How about  The Race That Cared Too Much. Or The Race That was Guilt-Tripped into Extinction.

I like to be in America!
O.K. by me in America!
Ev’rything free in America
For a small fee in America!

Yeah we have to protect those poor, innocent illegal Honduran drug dealer ‘children’….

http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/kqedforum/~5/ASEblrYE-W8/2009-08-20a-forum.mp3   “San Francisco supervisor David Campos is proposing a law that would allow the city to shield undocumented juveniles who are accused of crimes from federal immigration authorities. Under the law, a juvenile would have to be convicted of a felony before being handed over to immigration officials. Critics say the policy change would result in dangerous criminals being coddled.

Oakland:  it’s ‘bad schools’, it’s the drug ecstacy’s fault, it’s the fault of juvie halls that look like prisons… “I don’t understand how you go from poppin a pill or rollin’ to killin’ somebody..”   answer: “the kids are getting bad ecstacy with too much meth…you end up with a brain that’s not functional…these kids have post-traumatic stress….the killings used to be strictly gang-related- now they are more random…” “oakland doesn’t care about black and latino kids if they live or die, because if they did care, this wouldn’t be happening.” “someone has to care about fixing things, the state and local government…”  “more money for schools, college scholarships, get mentors..” sounds like mo’ money. Mo’ of your money. “we need to wake them up and shake them up, whether it means Beverley Hills being flooded with trash..” Yeah, that’s great.

http://feeds.feedburner.com/~r/TruthdigPodcast/~5/154949198/Truthdig_Avni.mp3    “Truthdig regulars Sheerly Avni, James Harris and Josh Scheer put their heads together to try to figure out why the big problems that plague our communities never get solved.” Well, they got that last right “never get solved”.

The ‘Achievement Gap’

 http://public.npr.org/anon.npr-mp3/npr/totn/2009/07/20090728_totn_01.mp3?sc=16&orgId=1&forsearch=0&topicId=1030&aggId=101864009           ”  Many inner-city kids are born into poverty, perform poorly in school, and drop out or do time. In the second “What Works,” Harlem Children’s Zone CEO Geoffrey Canada shares his solution.” but……nothing works, remember?


Heath Care Nightmares : In this one, we hear ” pay for illegals now, so they won’t cost you more later”. Is that kind of a threat? Also personal sob stories about how they are having problems getting into colleges. Cry me a river.

Story: Latino USA’s Maria Hinojosa speaks with Dr. Kevin Minder, Executive Director of the Center for Immigrant Blah blah blah, on what the health care debate means for legal and undocumented Latino immigrants. Latino USA’s Maria Martin shares a commentary about her health care experiences in the U.S. and Guatemala. Latino USA contributor Lygia Navarro reports from North Carolina on how undocumented immigrant students are affected by repealed state policy that had allowed them to attend community colleges. http://podcastdownload.npr.org/anon.npr-podcasts/podcast/510016/112174750/npr_112174750.mp3 and

http://podcastdownload.npr.org/anon.npr-podcasts/podcast/510016/111982315/npr_111982315.mp3   (more of the health care whining about illegals wanting into the health care program “the three amigos” summit. This suggests the North American Union ideology that people said was all conspiracy theory.

Now, after you ‘ve heard the whining about illegals, we hear about how we should  shelve the old people and make them sit in the back of the health care bus while we pay for the younger generation, who numerically are largely illegals or anchor babies. This will make you sick.

I can’t stand this  next guy on this NPR podcast. Probably anyone say over the age of ..well- feeling immortal or at least being attached to one’s parents or grandparents might also be pissed off by this. We keep hearing “Oh no, that’s all misinformation” about the ‘new plan’, but when one hears stuff in the link below, that people who have paid into the system their whole lives, people who have fought in wars, people who have paid their dues- won’t be totally screwed over – that the ‘new plan’ isn’t set to ‘pull the plug’ on them, or tell them they simply aren’t worth saving?


a great example of the “end of life propaganda”  being put about- that  prolonging life, that operations and treatments that save lives are “cruel” – that doctors are all doing  extra surgeries to get paid more,  “heroic measures you do not want” or  “Let’s just give the money to kids health care and the over 50’s can get whatever is left over..” The guest is pushing advance directives, DNR, and promoting the fact that the ‘end of life’ is so terrible, if “people really knew” blah blah blah. You know what, creep? My grandmother , who is now 90 and of sound mind , who is not in a nursing home or even a wheelchair- had a heart attack 5 years ago. I’m glad they saved her. Besides the fact that I love her, my younger son is now old enough to be able to have memories of her. She likes when I visit with the kids and bring her desserts I make for her, she enjoys a glass of red wine, reads the paper, still can quickly finish the crossword puzzles and learned Suduku ( some number puzzle thing I can’t figure out) and  grows herbs in her kitchen. She doesn’t go out much, but probably only because her neighborhood has turned to crap. In any case, I am so grateful the doctors saved her. Screw you and your rationing!


Here’s another one, not a podcast- picking on the Duggar’s. (the site I reference isn’t, they are talking about other places who slam them, one in particular)

Crime: Having too many White kids-

What is wrong with people? Their show is one of the few things left on TV that doesn’t leave one either depressed or just feeling gross- quite the contrary- watching them is inspiring. I love watching their show and wish it was longer-they recently helped another big family they know expand their house. I watch this with my own kids, one of the few things on TV I don’t have to be the UN-PC version of Alastair Cooke “see kids, what they’re trying to get you to believe/want/like/hate/think is normal…”. I don’t have to do that with the Duggar’s. People should be thankful there still are people like this around- it gives one hope the future isn’t totally lost. People don’t seem to appreciate how much work goes into raising an army of that size and do it well- and these snivellers have the nerve to say it is bad that the older kids are repsonsible,care about their siblings and family unit, and help out ? Then they cry when they have to send their own kids to 80K a year rehabs out in the sticks for drugs, self injury, anorexia or instead-of-juvie work-camps in South America.


When the story was published on the website of the left-leaning Huffington Post, commenters did not hesitate to express their hostility to the Duggar’s openness to life. 1081 commenters responded with nearly uniform outrage that the Duggars, who have no financial problems, live in a large house they built themselves and are not in debt, have the audacity to be happy with their large family.   “Nothing but pure selfishness,” said one. “How about adopting a klan of white children who actually NEED homes?” followed another.     Commenters focused on the “threat” the Duggar children posed to the environment and accused the Duggar parents of using their older children as “unpaid servants and de facto parents” calling them blahblah blah liberal whiny bull&^%    “You should pity these poor children with no childhood and no future, who pay everyday for their parents’ desire to collect children the way the crazy lady down the street collects cats.”

What a crock, these commenters! Of course no one says jack sprat about the teeming hordes of illegals and their kids bringing swine flu or multi drug resistant TB or other diseases into our schools that we pay for-  or children that are left in the care of children hardly older than themselves- like these horror stories about what happens when  a 7 year old  is left home to watch a 5 year old and a one year old while their mom is out at the club, are they? Oh no- they can’t say that, that would be ‘racist!’ – but picking on the Duggar family is safe. They’re just jealous. It’s easy to hate happy White people who aren’t in debt and do their own thing. Lucky for them they aren’t FLDS or the gubbmint would have tried to take their kids a long time ago.





Criticize zionists, defend Palestinians or even support those who do- get email threats:


 At first zionist students leave UC Irvine because of ‘anti-semitism’.  They call Palestinian Awareness Week   “anti-israel week'”- Apparently there was some incident of name-calling , and students complained- the administration responded, or didn’t respond enough in the view of the complainer-  the admins wondered why these particular non-jewish students were so worried about it, much to the irritation of Ms. Cohen, a girl interviewed on the podcast who has become a  zio-crusader. Narrator asks “Is there anything inherently racist in criticizing israel?” – the narrator frames the question using the ‘answer’ to the question in the question- which  lets Cohen not have to provide a real answer and gives her a way to imply any izzy-crit is ‘racist’ -Cohen says yes, one cannot criticize , claiming that izzy was legitimately established, blah blah”- her defense doesn’t really illustrate anything inherently ‘racist’ – she just uses the made-up ‘racism’ card as a word tht means basically nothing in order to immediately shut down criticism/debate. She claims her problem is not with the Muslim groups but with the administration at UC Irvine and others , saying  ” there’s an issue of admins being hesitant to speak out against racism …that has consequences..blah blah blah”…” Yeah -consequences like the supporters of the anti-zionists/Palestinians getting threat emails-

Follow up:  it seems the little wench got her way, note the implied threat in the emails that supporting the Palestinian/anti-zionist groups would somehow have deleterious effects upon their own group-  : http://newuniversity.org/main/article?slug=freedom_of_speech_not193

AFI (jew group) claims that MSU’s  (muslim group)   events and speakers are anti-Semitic and spew hate speech even though MSU clearly distinguishes between the religion of Judaism and the political ideology of Zionism. The speakers never criticize the Jewish religion or Jewish people, only Zionism and Zionists.

So how did criticism of any country’s political system or ideology become hate speech? Since when did speaking out about injustice, oppression and the suffering of others become hate speech? Doesn’t having the right to freedom of speech mean the right to express your opinions about the political system of any country, the decisions made by political leaders, and even the political leaders themselves?

All of the clubs who agreed to co-sponsor Palestine Awareness Week received an e-mail from various students on campus asking them to rescind their co-sponsorships.

The e-mail included the following: “We kindly ask you to reconsider this decision, in part because your affiliation with such an event will mire [you] into a highly controversial political situation and may very well harm your organization’s image, reputation, and credibility on campus and beyond.”

And beyond? Like Buzz Lightyear “to infinity..and beyond! ” ZOG will take your soul forever if you criticize izzy!!   “Michael, we’re bigger than U.S. Steel.” Hyman Roth to Michael Corleone, Godfather II http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0000811/quotes  Oy.

Ten clubs decided to stand against injustice, providing more campus support for Palestine Awareness Week than ever before. Other articles  that describe how the izzy-mafia pressured people into rescinding sponsorship for  the Palestinian Awareness Week.

  (had to use cached copy, current link unavailable)



3 thoughts on “WN and Fascism, Anarchism and the Wonderful Wussy World of lefty, ‘do-gooder’ radio/podcasts

  1. TowardWewelsburg says:

    I hope you are well, Mia. It’s been some time since we’ve spoken.

    I don’t understand your comments about BANA; could you clarify it a bit for me?

    – Robert/TowardWewelsburg

    1. R/TW,
      I hope this finds you and yours in good health- thank you for the kind words. Yes, it has been a while. I know I can sometimes be hard to follow. That is not a covert slam on you, but an obvious one towards myself- but I thought I was clear- which part in particular did you not get? The short version is- from looking at their blog- they are an interesting, brave bunch that has a lot of irons in the fire in various projects- their lead is obviously bright and driven-though I could correct some spelling/grammatical errors in their earlier stuff- not like I don’t make any myself. They have their ideas about how they want to do things- great. I’m not worried about them. I’m worried about lemmings. I don’t know if most whites can handle anarchism- although I think things are going in that direction as is- but in a bad way- not in a way where we don’t need Big Brother because we’re all one big happy Euro-tribe. Like they say on the X-files “I want to believe.” Operating out of the system sounds great in a perfect Whitelandia, but we’re not in one- what if the system once more represented Us? Represented Order rather than Insanity? Civilization rather than Law of the Jungle. This used to the case. Now the jungle is the default. Every time there is any “get tough on crime” there are screams of ‘racism!’ Why is that, and what does that say for their POV? That just argues the nationalist case. It’s kind of dumb to scream “that’s unfair!” , the implication/conclusion being.. because we’re all thieves, rapists and murderers- therefore the law is racist. I agree THIS system sucks, but I don’t think it is going to be one big SHTF scenario and then a glowing sunrise appears (cue up the choral music) and over the hill come the WN warriors, Red Dawn-style and all the lemmings come out from under their beds and from hiding in their metal storage pods.
      Lemmings like to be told “this is how it is, this is how it should be, and this is how it’s gonna be”, then they go “umm OK”. I don’t know that lemmings are up to the task of barter and trade and growing stuff and be able to resist ZOG entertainment in exchange for their souls, by either debt, enlistment, feeling safe by doing and believing what everyone else does- they resist resisting now, they go along with how bad things are now. Not only that, but I worry if lemmings are hard enough to deal with taking things out of the state’s hands and into their own- as they are right now. If they first let go of their long-held and deleterious belief systems, kind of an unzogging/self-sufficiency/letting-go process- they might be able to , they might be able to do what they need to do and not look back, not backslide and hold onto the “oh, just give this one a chance, oh, but we feel sorry for…” and that crap starts right back up again. I will listen again to BANA’s interview and see if I missed anything. I don’t think it is a case of what they want/I want- we both want the same things in the end- the getting there? I’m not opposed to having it forced if it would hasten things along, and solve huge problems quickly. If we want the same things, I don’ think they would be opposed to such measures as a) it might not affect them much b) it might get the job done in the interim, despite some loss of freedom temporarily
      the dreaded ‘hope that helps!’


  2. Oi / Marten says:

    Your site still looks awesome, its been awhile since I checked it out.
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

    Yours always,

    Oi / Marten

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