Try this for logic : If  Cup of  Formula 1 is a pretty great product, not perfect but reliably good , even borderline batches of formula 1 do their job and don’t cause major problems-  2, 3 and 4 are either questionable and/or unknown entities or might even be poisonous- does it actually improve formulas 2, 3 and 4 to dump formula 1 into them? Not so much. Maybe it waters down the poisonous one enough that it won’t kill you, but will make you very ill. Maybe it might improve one that smells or tastes bad, or make it look more appealing, but it’s still not formula 1.  Does it improve formula 1 to dump 2,3, and 4 into them? One could reason, if any of 2,3, or 4 are unknown , thye might not be innately lousy- well, it may or it may not improve formula 1- but….one thing for sure, it own’t be formula 1 anymore- it is a risk- a risk of screwing up something that was already really good.  Formula 1 would not be the same, and it might very well be worse. Meanwhile, when we dump formula 1 into 2,3, and 4, ( programs that don’t work, the whole mixing ‘middle-class’ code for white kids into ghetto schools or the reverse, or creating mixed welfare apartments with market rate,etc) does it really improve or essentially change 2,3 nd 4, or is there just less formula 1?  Try it sometime with various drinks in your fridge. Haven’t we all done similar as kid? Try mixing Coke with Orange Crush and 7-UP  and root beer and mineral water. The result is usually  pretty gross and then your mom gets mad for ruining all of them. Same principle apples. If formula 1 disappears- there won’t be a fridge.

Lormarie, who left a comment: “And yes, blacks do generally make lame excuses for crimes commited by blacks (black male crime specifically). That’s the case whether it’s black on white or black on black crime.”

 “black male crime”.  Wow , when a white says that,  it is called ‘racist’- as if simply stating a fact makes one ‘hateful’.  Other phrases that also not happy news are not considered ‘hate’  ‘smog-filled San Jose”  ‘thoughtless campers’  . We have descriptors in phrase one hears repeated, as if one thing logicially follows another- and it does.    Simple  adjectives and nouns,  but none of those things are called ‘hate’

 Lormarie says      “lame excuses” – Lormarie , ‘lame excuses’ are for 4th graders, why one didn’t do homework, not for extreme and continual violence. The language of PC discourse either blames society at large or acts as if these things happen for no reason, or the reason is our fault. Once one starts to examine the language, the structure of liberal-speak, one does not have to answer within the framework of their CONSTRUCT. Because political correctness IS a construct. It makes the assumption that the rule of violence, gangs, dependence on government, child  abuse and neglect, drug-dealing/using,  and so on are the exceptions, not the rule- that we are just ‘picking on people’ and  ‘stereotyping’ when in fact these things are not true. That is a lie.

When they can’t actually try to lie to us, theyuse the exception as an example AS IF it were the rule, holding  up the one family here or there who is actually trying to not be part of the ‘stereotype’ AKA  reality- they simply dimiss the law, dismiss criminal behavior, dimiss reality and fall back on society-blaming – AKA , the ubiquitous ‘We’ who have to ‘fix it’.  We don’t have to fix it, we have to simply STOP those things in their tracks, or take steps  to prevent and keep them away from us.  Instead , we are forced into paying for faking that we are fixing things. Why should we HAVE to put up with it? Who are these creeps who say we do? Who are these creeps who say we have to have compassion for everyone, when they are , for real, not pretend, not stereotyping, a criminal underclass- underclass not because of money, but because of criminality. It seems no amount of ‘fix it’ programs actually help do anything but they sure create a lot of well-paid jobs for program directors, case managers, volunteer coordinators, program analysts,  resource managers and other positions that really don’t get a hell of a lot done- but for the people that pretend to have a job that ‘makes a difference’, it does generate at least a paycheck.  Problem is, it doesn’t make a difference. In fact, things steadily keep getting worse despite all the get-in-free-even-if-someone-else-deserves-it-only-1000-times-more-than-you-ever-will programs.

One never will truly be able to manufacture equality. People are so UNalike it in’t even funny.  Yeah, even White people(s).  The deal isn’t that we aren’t ‘diverse’, we are plenty diverse- if you think nationalists think all whites are alike, ha, think again. You think whites never get on each other’s nerves, misunderstand each other, piss each other off? You think all whites are alike? Ha again. But lots of people do think that, only no one calls it ‘racism’ or ‘hate’. Lots of groups that are white don’t get along , and by groups I am not talking about big or little groups or ‘movement infighting’ BS.  Though it is growing because of how crappy everything has gotten, and people are getting unhappier and angrier- we are still in ‘Horton Hears a Who’ land. Horton is starting to hear us, sure- but we are still a dust speck, though a louder dust speck than we were.

Poverty is real, lousy education is real, fatherless families are real but 1) does that justify victimizing society? Is the disproportionate numbers because Whitey is busy ‘oppressin’ or is it because yes, they really ARE committing all those crimes….disproportionately?  2) Do poverty and despair automatically equal acts of violence against others? I can see stealing to eat, sure it isn’t right, but in this case- no one is stealing to feed themselves or their kids- why are people ‘overrepresented’ as far as violent crime when it is NOT about simply trying to survive? 
3) it seems in the case of many of the “young, black male criminal” it is society that is blamed, and never – well, maybe mom shouldn’t have been a crackhead, or had 6 kids and either abused them, neglected them , had the state or granny take them, or had a kid when they were 14, and so on. There is almost zero responsibility and free will/choice invoked. 4) That whole you-‘hate’-me/them/us-because-of skin-color crapula- Look at the behaviors- look at the actions- are we supposed to ignore or see as coincidence the huge and real fact of violence, thieving, child abuse- among these ‘communities’ ? As IF it were about color. If people were contributing more than destroying, maybe this fact of ‘discrimination’ and ‘hate’ would not be so. As I have posted before, when a child sticks his hand in the fire and gets burned, and it is repeatable with the same results every time- he is going to learn not to get close to fire. If fire is a certain color, does that mean he hates that color? Or does it mean he ‘hates’ the pain and injury that results from contact with it?  Knowing something is dangerous, being able to recognize danger, learn from that and avoid it is a good thing. It in’t hate. It’s simple logic. It is illogical to play with matches, and keep doing so even after doing so has not only burned your own barn down, but acres and acres are laid to waste . Acres of this country.  It is wrong and even evil to allow this.

When it is a white, there is all kinds of personal blame to be passed around like mashed potatoes at thanksgiving- mom was evil or the guy was simply batshit insane and of course because he’s white, he’s evil by default- it is just a matter of degree- meaning all whites are guilty/responsible for conquest of nations>hence evil oppressors>hence ‘racism’>hence all should have White Guilt- or the endless media fascination with the far end of the continuum of crazy whites- the serial killer. But that guy is disproportionately underrepresented because , well- MOST whites are NOT Jeff Dahmer or Ted Bundy. Point being- when it is a white, it is never society’s fault- we’re just evil or crazy, hateful, mom sucked etc. It’s always a personal reason. It’s always personal blame, never society.

   If Nicole had been the one to kill OJ, how would that have gone down? Of course the celebrity factor plays into it- but would she have walked? Would she have been looked at sympathetically, that it was self-defense? They couldn’t very well call it a ‘hate crime’- but one could certainly call what he did to her a hate crime.  I’ve said this before, here and elsewhere- how does someone murder people so viciously and not in self defense and it not be hate?

 OK, one can say, aside from the races of the perpetrator and victims, the Christian/Newsom case and OJ are apples and oranges. Or are they? Like I mentioned in one of these posts, I believe the knoxville 5 hated Channon and Chris, but it wasn’t personal- they hated them because they saw them as having a life they never did and never would have. Some have tried to make this a class thing, but it isn’t. Those kids are not from rich, privileged backgrounds. Their ‘privilege’ lay in who they were, and the love and upbringing and sense of family their parents gave them. We’re not talking about money here, so it isn’t about social class. The parents seem to be solid, average good people- however- no one will mistake them for high-rolling millionaires. Aside from what happened to their families- they are probably pretty average White Americans. Oh, there is resentment there, and I do believe there is resentment- maybe not in all, because I have met a couple blacks that did not seem to be envious, resentful etc., of whites- but I don’t know if I would include this ghetto crew in their ranks.

It is  hate, but  this kind of hate, is as much about self-hate as it is about hating Whitey, what Whitey has, what Whitey IS.  It is like the kid who destroys another kid’s favorite toy, one would think simply because it isn’t his- but in that kind of viciousness, he is destroying not only that particular thing, but wanting to destroy part of the other kid- and hating oneself for not BEING that other kid. It is one thing when one knows one can also get/be what the other kid has-or knows that one has and is things = or better in other ways. But..what if nothing you had or were would ever be = to that kid?  When one destroys the thing that is a reminder of one’s own self-hate, it is a sort of primitive purging of that self-hate.  Raping and killing become a kind of cannibalism- a sense of trying to possess, become one with and destroy that which is unreachable, untouchable, un-be-able. Hence the self-hate creating ‘object’ is destroyed. This may sound very foreign- or like the power struggles one sees in the animal kingdom- the struggle for alpha-ness.

One cannot be disingenuous and say that a propensity for impulsiveness instead of  contemplation, of over-the-top imitation rather than subtleness and originality- of  favoring loudness instead of quiet, of violence instead of negotiation,  of valuing what one can gain in the moment over the long-term, of numbers as a means of force instead of  legitimate and orderly conquest and contest, of chaos as normal instead of chaos existing only in disasterous situations- is totally and completely separate from race. I am sure you can make your own list of comparisons. 

                     Cosby had it right when years ago he ragged on blacks and basically told them to get their act together, stop having all these kids without a dad, gangs, drugs, getting in trouble with the law, not doing the schoolwork, and blaming Whitey for everything. Right on, Bill. Black nationalist leaders like Malcom X and Farrakhan would say the same thing, whether or not they blame Whitey for their ills, they advocate separatism and self-sufficiency,staying with their own, not chasing after White women- as well as staying away from drugs and trouble with the law. Pretty much the mirror image of what White nationalists do. Of course they get crap too, but they largely get ignored rather than vilified, because no one can call them Nazi’s, no matter how much either one of the aforementioned black nationalists being up the jewish question and how it relates to them. They are probably just considered such a small group they don’t matter-as long as they don’t get any political power or reach a high enough level in society to infiltrate institutions, government- they don’t count. It has been tossed about that the Obamas are nationalists , probably because of some essay his wife wrote. People are shocked over this?  Why do you think they want to keep moving the trials?  Ok,it is not political nationalism on its face -to give a lighter sentence, maybe they are not members of any activist group-but it is racial nationalism, ethnic loyalty nonetheless.Of course they are going to favor their own, just like probably 99% of blacks voted for Obama, coming out in droves for this last election, where in others may not have bothered, thinking it didn’t really matter which white guy won -many whites think like this too, also thinking neither one represents our interests.

                           Why were white people so shocked to find out about the nationalist essay Mrs. Obama wrote in college? They’re black and they have a history of being in political stuff- they only denounced Mr. “Gawd Damn America” when it came to seeming more prius-driving white-people friendly. Now White people are getting as pissed off  as Wright- coming out of our world of saving the whales and and into town halls, fired up and not so worried about appearing ‘nice’  24-7.   White people who advocate for it being OK to be White, and OK to prefer one’s own, who want free association are not opposed to most of the  ideas we have heard come down the pike from NOI or Malcom X.  They don’t want their people raping and killing Whitey,  let alone play the Whitey imitation game, the lie of ‘we’re all the same’- they have their own gig, in some cases their own religion and they don’t want to  ‘become us’- they recognize there are differences and rather than be upset or envious , they reject the premise that they have to  see everything from our worldview- that is natural, that is a reflection of their own racial collective unconscious.

Maybe they are so in tune with themselves they recognize who they are inside as some kind of other choice besides that which is put out by MTV  OR Cosby- the false premise they can be EITHER 1) ‘acting White’  Sell-out, uncle tom, house n*gga, and so on OR 2) Ghetto thug or 3) maybe if one is really lucky, a rap star , Oprah, or president –  but what are the chances of that last ? Hell, what are the chances of the white equivalent of that last ? Being a rock star lost a little bit of its lustre after people stopped buying records, the country is teetering on becoming the newest incarnation of whatever it thinks we are this era- and at least out here, there’s no mo’ money left to pay even the illegal aliens to put  a new roof on, let alone pay for his latet kid or schooling . Most of us aren’t going to be astronauts or rock stars, but  hey, if you stop killing us,and contributing to the cost and chaos of regular life, maybe we might be able to save this place.  You see, you can’t just wave a wand and say “this is going to be one awesome melting pot, because…well, I say it is!” without anything to back it up. You can’t ramble about how great ‘diversity’ is, when it really isn’t that great in practice. You can’t pretend all peoples have the same things to contribute or don’t have other specific..’challenges’..

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