(this will probably be added to and revised as I am able to post and look over the video coverage of the trial. I see that WBIR has censored one of the videos- that is cowardly- they have covered almost everything, they shouldn’t be cowards about that)

The crime “cries out for justice and the maximum punishment this state can impose,” Assistant District Attorney Leland Price.  However, the jury in Nashville (trial had been moved) decided it was ‘fair’ or ‘just’ to sentence him to life without parole.

http://www.examiner.com/x-18956-Knoxville-Crime-History-Examiner~y2009m8d27-Jury-denies-death-penalty-for-Cobbins-role-in-murder-of-Channon-Christian  On Wednesday, letalvis cobbins   name-is-no-longer-relevant was spared death by lethal injection by the same jury that had the day before pronounced him guilty of 33 counts including first degree murder.     Unbelievable, yet true. Video chronicles the statements from family, reaction to verdict. http://www.wbir.com/video/default.aspx?aid=83344

You know who gets the sentence of death?  The families do. They must simultaneously serve a life sentence  of grief and rage AND get a death penalty- that of losing their precious children, while the family of the defendant gets up there and cries about NotWorthaName’s (aka ******w/0 a name) underprivileged childhood. He is nameless in conversation, he is only named as a word tag so people can find the blog, articles about the case – his name no longer means anything- he is defendant #2- as a blog tag word his name might as well be the same as defendant #1, or #3, or #4- for all it means. The Italian/Roman way is to say “you are dead to me”, which is the name or the person is not spoken of past that fact, they are for all intents and purposes, dead. I don’t want to hear this crap about dehumanizing such vile fiends. That is their speciality, not mine.

 Mr. Defense Attorney Scott Green whines about getting threats and how “hard it has been on my family…no one is a winner here, blah blah..” how that guy sleeps at night knowing that moving the trial to an area that would no doubt have a higher incidence of the ‘go easy on the brutha cuz he a oppressed  black like me’  got this scum saved from the gallows, thus exponentially increasing the Christian and Newsom’s suffering. From studying extensively about grief and suffering- there is this word  ‘closure’- this Oprah-ish  TV/ZOG-psych word invented to make people feel better- but like many words, it is made-up. There is no ‘closure’ , there truly is no end to the suffering, suffering that is compounded by the sense there is sympathy enough to spare defendant #2’s life, but not enough to dispense real justice, and eye for an eye, even if compared to what those kids went through, even death would only be 1/4 of an eye. 

 Teddy bears and balloons stuck to fences, and candlelight vigils- I have a hard time with that kind of thing, as I prefer ‘closure’ that is swift and bloody. Perhaps it is simply my own racial memories of ancient times, but I much prefer the immediacy of throwing them to the lions than simply watching them gloomily traipse away to stares of consternation.  For all the black imitation and fascination with mafia, defendant #2  is lucky his punishment is not coming down that way, because it wouldn’t only be HIS life. D2 didn’t kill the parents, although he sentenced them and other family to a lifetime of grief-but if D2 were to  be punished mafia style- it would be D2’s family they would go after- so he could not only feel the suffering of the loss,  but feel the guilt it was HIS actions that caused the family member to lose their life.   We’re too civilized for our own good. Civilization for the civilized. Tearing and rending for the savages- or at the leaat- lethal injection- if that is the most we can legally do. How can I help but think of how things would have been handled in the Old Days? How can that thought not go through the many heads of those who have followed this case? How can the image of this

 NOT enter our heads when the official justice system is so lacking? 

If this were the Old Days, perhaps this crime would never have happened to begin with, because they would not so casually approach Christian and Newsom as they did “Hey, some White people to victimize just fell into our laps! Cool!” .  The ‘politically correct’ corollary to the above picture of the klansman on horseback is one most of us are familiar with- that of the man hanging from a tree while a crowd stands beneath it, as if gathered for the occasion, for the picture. I tried and could not find this old picture, but I am certain we all know the one I am referring to.  It is the one entrenched into the White Guilt collective unconscious yet when one applies that template over the defendants in this case, somehow all that media imposed ‘slavery guilt’ magically washes away, like ring around the collar. I don’t know the story behind that picture, but I plan to try and find that picture and ask some questions about it- because that photo is the quintessential burned-into-our-retinas Klan/Deliverance/Redneck Horror Movie image.

We are not so worried here about LaQueesha wanting her gangsta brother around, so he can be a role model for her own daddy-less brood. Would the world be a better place without the defendants in this case ? Would we be better off if we didn’t have to pay for their support for ? these defendants are young- if they don’t get killed in prison, we could end up supportng them until…well until the prison determines we can’t afford them anymore and lets them out- like out here in CA. In any case, we shouldn’t have to support them, while on TV on c-span, elderly are worried about their medi-care. This just isn’t right. The damage these defendants and their ilk have caused is epic. Aren’t we tired of it?  Here’s a really radical thought- Instead of screwing the old people out of their treatments, why don’t we have Civil Rights reform? That means you get civil rights if you can PROVE you can BE CIVILIZED.  Then,and follow me here, this is really logical- you develop a criminal record, you start racking up felonies- POOF, you start losing civil rights. I mean, it is called CIVIL, right?  One would think blacks would be all for this, because instantly their neighborhoods would become a lot safer, although the ‘economy’ of drugs and gangs would end, because those who had forfeited their rights would place themselves at risk of  law enforcement should they violate their constraints. Wouldn’t it be nice if your kids could play outside again? If there even was a grocery you could walk to?  The defendants in this case would have benefitted from some kind of curfew or partial house arrest? None of this might have happened. There might even be a brave volunteer force who would police the streets , or the state could even pay for this force. If there were to be a real ‘Channon’s Law’ or ‘Christopher’s Law’, it would truly have to encompass taking those who are dangerous OFF the streets, not some technically removed and not real-time invention, like after-the-fact alerts for missing kids. Let’s address the CAUSE, and be pro-active. Harsher punishments, stricter controls over PEOPLE.  Ankle bracelets- whatever it takes-this anger-management stuff is a joke. It doesn’t work on the defendants, and Gary Christian shouldn’t be talked out of being angry- it is a healthy response – we women tend to cry more, men tend to want to break things. I don’t think Mr. Christian’s rage is sick or inappropriate, I think it is very appropriate and even admirable. I could only wish my own dad loved me half as much in life as much as Gary Christian loves his daughter in death. 

It made my heart hurt , made me want to cry  when I heard Mr. Christian speak about how he had sought out the ‘help’ of a doctor to get past the ‘hate’-though he may have sought help in hopes it would improve his own situation, ease his own suffering, but he has probably since realized this is something affirmations and relaxation tapes of crickets and ocean waves are not going to take away.  Mr. Christian- you and the other family members have the right to ‘hate’- remember- that is the language of ‘correctness’, not the language of reality and the emotions that go with what you have been through. You did not get there without help. You were ushered unwillingly into that world. He is haunted by the sense of guilt that he could have saved her, that perhaps she was still alive in the garbage when Mr. Christian found the truck. I  hope he gets to a point in understanding that it is not HIS fault he could not save his daughter- as a father he no doubt feels repsonsible for her well-being- but the truth is- she did nothing wrong- and no one believes or cares about D2’s story-any of it. He doesn’t count. Here comes the scary,  unequal part. Your daughter’s life (and that of Chris as well) were worth more than his, by leagues.

It is not your fault, Mr. Christian- that these savages are roaming around looking for easy targets to victimize. They already seemed to have a cadre of willing White victims and ‘helpers’- why not step over the line and take the unwilling? You  did not cause this. It is not your fault that We can not seem to fix the black crime (the PC calls it in code poverty and social inequity BS language). The PC excuse language implies that an excuse for what they do is that their lives dictate their behavior- that logically – they don’t have a choice, they must rape and kill. However , the PC liberal do-gooder psychos blame all this on schools, no dad, money- that they can’t help themselves from doing things like this because their lives suck so bad- that life sucking takes away free will- If this is the case, it is not an argument for an excuse and one that we need to try and endlessly fix without results, that is a non-sequitur- it is an argument for  right’s reform, and repatriation.

That stuff is the exact opposite of what I would recommend.  He is – as are the other family members- entitled to his rage- and this rage never completely dies out- it just goes from a four-alarm fire to smoldering ashes after years of burning. It is clear in watching the families that what is not taken away from them is that they have each other through this. It is clear Mrs. Christian seems to be the rock that keeps Mr. Christian’s boat moored. The Newsoms, who seem to be closer to my own parent’s age also seem to quietly support each other in the hell it must be to attend these trials. Mrs. Newsom is also unafraid to speak up, and right she was when she said defendant #2 has not learned anything from this, because he is not getting the punishment he deserves.

 It made me almost sick to see the courtroom hallway interviews of defendant #2’s family trying to pretend civility and a kind of holy roller sanctimoniousness “I don’t really have a  whole lot to say.. yeah , it was wrong…(both get  the victim’s names wrong )- as for the death penalty- I think that is up to God..blah blah..”  I still feel sick that they were allowed to say anything at ALL, or to even be there, let alone spout their vile and undeserved self-righteousness while invoking the name of God. They should be hanging their heads and crying with shame and begging forgiveness. Not flouting their endless daddyless offspring  on their hip while waxing on in the “We may be related to rapist/torture-race-hate killers, but we really are good people- so good we don’t think anyone has the right to kill but God..” La di Da you are so full of crap LaQuitta , LaChicquitaBanana or whatever the Hell ghetto-French name it is.

“We have tried everything we know, we have sought the help of a doctor, to try to deal with the hate that we live with…and the endless thoughts of the pain..and the horror…that she endured..and the pictures that have been put into our minds of her last hours…” http://www.wbir.com/video/default.aspx?aid=83344


In hearing the parents speak about their daughter, their lives with her as a family- the fact that they had a family unit, the things she loved to do to have fun, the clean lives they lived- and that so many people in turn  that loved HER- one cannot help but wonder if the jury did not feel defendant #2 deserved death because on some level- they resent Channon (and Chris too) for being so loved, for having a stable family who valued them- that the piss-poor feel-sorry-for-defendant #2-and-me-too from his family is yet another defese tactic to play to a black jury. ‘Don’t feel sorry for these privileged White folk, they hadit better in their short lives than all of you put together will have.’ is the message – and that message is sick., the  implicit messages that play to the jury listening to the sob stories of the relatives “Oh Puh_LEEZE don’t kill mah brutha!” -and don’t tell me moving the trial didn’t contain a racial agenda- counting on the fact that blacks support each other no matter what, no matter how bad the crime- the OJ factor-  the Let Channon and Chris’s deaths be part of ‘reparations’, let them be the martyrs for YOUR anger and HATE over what  YOU can NEVER be, never HAVE. Your brutha will no doubt live longer being taken care of by big daddy state than he would ever live out on his own.

Orthopraxis  is a term derived from Greek (ὀρθοπραξις) meaning “correct action/activity”- I suppose the opposite of that would be malapaxis?  Maybe I am confusing Greek and Latin, but one gets the idea. Wiki contrasts this word to ‘orthodoxy’, but I don’t think the two are at odds- one is belief/thought , one is action.  I see the crimes that these low-lifes committed, but in one of my recent posts about the underground railroad of White self-loathing, I also saw how they preyed upon weaker Whites as their ‘friends’ (people to use), and caused (more) problems to these white people without signing on to being connected to a murder trial.  Those whites could be considered ‘throwaways’. As I have said before- there is small bad, then there is Bad. Lesson: Gee, with all the things we already have to worry about in this world, what is it we need to avoid to avoid certain misery, White people reading this?  Can you figure it out for yourselves?  I wish I could say I was a good and noble enough soul to not be pro-torture, but I can’t. Name-calling  ‘you hater’ crap is baby-stuff compared to the either ancient or medieval ideas one could come up with for this crew. Going to prison is standard fare, and killing them takes forever, though I believe that is the right way to go in this case.

People with so little respect for human life are not usually equipped to worry about how much prison sucks. Does a rabid dog stop to consider how being put down at the SPCA is not going to be pleasant?  Does a hyena or a silverback worry about the consequences of attacking its prey? No, it just does it, because it can’t do anything else. What happened to Channon and Chris was like a ghetto form of National Geographic- it isn’t  hyena chasing gazelle but it is the same concept. When they look at us, they are not seeing in us a reflection of themselves, they are seeing us as a hungry animal sees us, something to be exploited or killed for their wants- from nigerian email scams to double-rape-torture-murders , are you tired of you , your children, your women- being the prey? If the ubiquitous RAHOWA comes down, I envision it not to be formal and organized, with clearly defined lines and rules of engagement-but animalistic and chaotic. Guess what, people, it’s already here.

17 thoughts on “‘Black Guilt’: Christian/Newsom families get death AND a life sentence, defendant #2 gets life in prison

  1. This is one of the saddest stories I have ever heard. There is no justice for these families at all! The criminals should fry for what they did, and instead the so called justice system gives them life in prison on the taxpayers’ expense!

    You have done a splendid job indeed in bringing all of this information to light!

  2. David says:

    Well, I for one and not really surprised by the lack of “true and full justice”. When the jury selection was moved the first thing I thought of was “It can’t be for the purpose of finding twelve uncontaminated jurors. That is to say, ones that will not find guilt; but ones tat will not deliver true justice to the white victims.”

    Well, I was right.

    One tenet of the “anti-death penalty” argument that has been around for more than three decades, is that the death penalty is not awarded equally by race. That is not the race of the convicted killer, but rather the race of the victim. The gist of those opposed to white Christian law (the death penalty for crimes where resitution to the victim is impossible or refused) state that negros/non-white victims have their convicted murderers receiving death penalty far less than do white victims. They extrapolate that as “non-white lives are worth less than white lives” or “white lives are worth more than non-white lives”.

    So the question in my mind, where the assault on our people never, ever, ever ends is this;
    Could this “jury selection relocation” where a disporportionate number of non-whites ended up on the jury be a subtle way of making sure that “they put it to ‘the [white]man’?

  3. Aiden says:

    I stumbled upon your blog while following the Knoxville atrocities…love your writing!

  4. David says:

    Regarding Civil Rights the reform comment; unfortunately most people have bought into the jewish flavored kool-aid that “civil rights are rights of all people”.

    How often do we hear of purported “conservatives” (conservative and liberal are terms/positions a false construct of anti-White Christian ideas/ideals) saw that say whites have been denied
    civil rights?

    The fact of the matter is that whites have NO civil rights and for these “conservatives” ,whether politicians or political commentators ,to chase after them like a child chasing the icecream truck that they just missed is simple wrong. It goes against what our society is supposed to be. It goes against what our society once was, and it goes against what our forefathers- that is our founding fathers bequeathed us. And lastly and most importantly, it goes against what God has given us.

    Whites acknowledge that we have God-given rights. Simply put our rights come from God, and no other man. Conversely, no other group of people get their rights from God, just Whites the Israelites of the Bible). So in order for non-whites (racial aliens or “strangers” ” i.e. nokriy”)in a White society to get rights they are granted to them by whites. THESE are called “civil rights. These are given (against God’s instrucitons) to the non-whites by Whites. One only has to look back to the Republic we were given by our ancestors, we can see this in the constitutional enshrining of this by the U.S. Supreme Court decision—Dred Scott v. Sandford—which denied to blacks whom at at time were form zero to five generations removed form the jungle) any rights that Whites had to respect. After the Dred Scott case was overturned by an un-civil war, Radical Republican Reconstruction including three damning constitutional amendments- White Christians established the Jim Crow culture and de jure racial seperation and the re-institution of proper biblical positioning by essentially making “civil rights for the negro”(stranger) invalid.

    The biblical perspective of what constitutes a stranger can be either someone of our own race or someone of another race. This is made evident by the scriptural record itself. Deut. 31:11-12 tells us to read the Law before all Israel… and thy stranger. Whereas, Numbers 1:51 tells us that the stranger that comes near the tabernacle shall be put to death. If we look at these passages as they pertain to the history of immigration in the United States, we can see how the early colonies obeyed the Law on strangers with early constitutions relevant only to White Christians and that non-Whites, such as the Indians and Negroes, were not a consideration for church membership or the body politic, in contrast to the modern secular state equipped with discrimination statutes and integrated churches.

    Obviously, there are different Hebrew words having different meanings, which have all been translated into one English word… stranger. However, it doesn’t take much effort to find out what they are. The stranger in the Deut. example is the Hebrew word ‘ger’ (#1616 in Strong’s Concordance) and means a guest foreigner or a kinsman that sojourns in your land. The stranger in the next example, Numbers 1:51, is the Hebrew word ‘zuwr’ (#2114) and means a foreigner also, but not as a guest or kinsman; with the proviso of being profane (considered racial pollution and therefore impure and unholy) suggesting adultery (racial adulteration). There is a third stranger in Scripture and the Hebrew word is ‘nokriy’ (#5237), which comes from the word ‘noker’ (#5235) and means strange – as something unexpected, like a calamity; ‘nokriy’ is specifically non-relative and adulterous. Oh, did I say calamity?

    Perhaps one of the greatest travesties of the divine message is the distortion of the Great Commission in carrying the gospel of salvation to the ‘nokriy’ stranger. Let’s not forget the Law was and is to be read before all Israel and thy ‘ger’ strangers, not ‘nokriy’ strangers (Deut. 31:12). Let us not forsake God’s will for our own egalitarian heart-attitude. You can take the savage out of the jungle, but you cannot take the jungle out of the savage. This is why some White people have a hard time comprehending, “Why do the heathen rage [riot] and the people imagine a vain thing?” (Ps. 2:1). They imagine the ‘nokriy’ stranger to be their equals in the eyes of God. They are not. God, “Showeth His Word unto Jacob, His statutes and His judgments unto Israel. He hath not dealt so with any nation [race]; and as for His judgments, they [nokriy] have not known them” Ps. 147:19-20. “You only have I known of all the families [races] of the earth” Amos 3:2.

    Do you think God anticipated this kind of animal behavior? Of course. He told us “The Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force” Mt. 11:12. This is why the Promised Land required “ethnic cleansing”. The stranger in Canaan was not thoroughly eradicated and consequently Israel went whoring after strange gods. They were punished for not dealing with the stranger as God prescribed.

    We are in the same situation today, reverting to a Wilderness experience or jungle if you will, and can only enter the promised land, indeed the Beulah land of America, when and if we cleanse the land as a bride prepares herself for the bridegroom. The Wedding Supper of the Lamb will not happen as long as there are beasts of the field in the congregation and serpents behind the pulpit. The sheepfold can only have sheep in the flock and only one shepherd.

    This brings us full circle to the judgments upon the White race today. The present Babylonian system is a mystery to most of our people; because it’s religious and economic operations are secret. This final beast of prophecy has money as its lifeblood and driving engine. John’s Revelation gives us a picture of a harlot (Rev. 17:5) who sells herself for money and power. It is critical that the manifest destiny of true Israel be pacified and that all other races/strangers are amalgamated into a global economy and religion. Nice trick if they can pull it off eh?

  5. Thank you for the comments- I do appreciate them.
    After a long day at 6K+ feet,and unfortunately the smoke from the fires in Yosemite drifting around- I check my blog messages and it is Hellfire and Brimstone- and I can’t really blame you. I wish I knew what to say to all this. I don’t have the background to either debate or expand upon what you have said. I already have enough of a struggle trying to understand another blogger who has commented here- also racially oriented, but orthodox, not CI. This is his blog if you want to check it out. If you go there to check it out, you probably with have differing views on a few things or might find it interesting but go as brothers in blood -why waste time on doctrinal arguments. http://thewhitechrist.wordpress.com/

    I find it interesting that both David and the White Christ blogger have their own associations and definitions of certain words. I didn’t even know about his blog until he linked to me, and I am trying to get over my racial ‘testy-ness’ of the signature line he uses, something about “protect us from the pagan, the turk and the jew “… I guess he lets me off the hook or gives me a ‘pass’ because although I would rather identify as ‘pagan’ for lack of a better term than an ‘in name only’ Christian, I don’t deny/vilify Christ or Christians – except of course for zionist rapture bunny evangelicals and other self-hating izzy-loving judeao-Xtians- I use the X because being a lover of logic- how can one claim to be a Christian and love Christ yet then be an izzy lover- of course the Romans get blamed for Christ’s death, but we all know who ordered the ‘hit’- it seems oxymoronic to be a jew-loving Xtian -it is just more zog-induced spiritual illness..Many of us called ‘pagans’ or ‘heathens’ turned off Christianity because of these things-

    Yes I know there is power in nature, in creation, but I also can ‘feel’ there is something beyond that- in fact-at least in my experience- I don’t think Nature and God are mutually exclusive, therefore pagan/Christian is not either/or. Some people turn against some aspect of their childhood upbringing/resent their parents/rebellion/don’t like the particular ‘brand’ of Christianity they were raised with and reject all of it/think it is not cool/want to make up their own rules/don’t like to be preached at- etc.

    On a high mountain peak, watching the sun come play off the forest , shine upon the water- mile upon mile on uninhabited unspoiled land- it is truly so beautiful it takes one’s breath away, brings tears to the eyes- how is there not God in that? This is why I don’t deny Christ- when you feel something so all-consuming and powerful it feels holy, hence it is hard not to be so overwhelmed and humbled by it that it becomes silly to say one knows where it all does or does not come from.I’m very torn over the Christian + Nationalism question- because part of me knows- as I wrote about in more than one previous post, Nationalism is lacking in spiritual belief, and having that belief is such a powerful force- and many everyday non nationalist- but Whites- are some form of Christians- they aren’t going to give that up and I don’t want them to- and they see their Christian belief as incompatible with nationalist beliefs- when in actuality, they are not.

    David writes about the ‘stranger’, but there is some phrase in ‘hebrews’ about being hospitable to strangers because they might be (rolling eyes) “angels in disguise”- but here is the tricky part- all of these kinds of admonitions to treat people like this, to be kind to this person and that person- often times I see something like “your brothers and sisters”- was this not always meant to be multicultural? Is this a reference to an exclusive, not inclusive group? Most Christians no doubt hear these things taken from the bible and let others interpret what they mean- and of course, people like feeling charitable and ‘good’,especially from a safe distance. That is unless they get on some whacky crusade with it and send their kid or themselves to the third world and they get raped and killed (Kate Puzey).

    I am certain David and White Christ blogger have different meanings for these words, but this is the etymology- at least from the one site, that seems to be consistent with other sites as far as etymological definitions go.

    O.E. hæðen “not Christian or Jewish,” merged with O.N. heiðinn. Historically assumed to be from Goth. haiþno “gentile, heathen woman,” used by Ulfilas in the first translation of the Bible into a Gmc. language (cf. Mark 7:26, for “Greek”); if so it could be a derivative of Goth. haiþi “dwelling on the heath,” but this sense is not recorded. It may have been chosen on model of L. paganus (see pagan), or for resemblance to Gk. ethne (see gentile), or may in fact be a borrowing of that word, perhaps via Armenian hethanos. Like other words for exclusively Christian ideas (e.g. church) it would have come first into Gothic, then spread to other Gmc. languages.

    c.1375, from L.L. paganus “pagan,” in classical L. “villager, rustic, civilian,” from pagus “rural district,” originally “district limited by markers,” thus related to pangere “to fix, fasten,” from PIE base *pag- “to fix” (see pact). Religious sense is often said to derive from conservative rural adherence to the old gods after the Christianization of Roman towns and cities; but the word in this sense predates that period in Church history, and it is more likely derived from the use of paganus in Roman military jargon for “civilian, incompetent soldier,” which Christians (Tertullian, c.202; Augustine) picked up with the military imagery of the early Church (e.g. milites “soldier of Christ,” etc.). Applied to modern pantheists and nature-worshippers from 1908. Paganism is attested from 1433.

  6. Lynch them says:

    – that of the man hanging from a tree while a crowd stands beneath it, as if gathered for the occasion, for the picture. I tried and could not find this old picture, but I am certain we all know the one I am referring to. It is the one entrenched into the White Guilt collective unconscious yet when one applies that template over the defendants in this case, somehow all that media imposed ’slavery guilt’ magically washes away, like ring around the collar. I don’t know the story behind that picture, but I plan to try and find that picture and ask some questions about it-

    If you do a Google Image Search with the words: negro lynching – and have safe search turned off a number of old photos showing that will be available to you.

  7. lormarie says:

    First I need to say that this isn’t about black guilt since only 5 blacks are responsible for this crime. I’m outraged personally but I feel no guilt and don’t have to. While I feel the killers should have gotten death, I know that prison isn’t a picnic so they might end up killed there. Strangely enough, I wasn’t offended at your allusion to the “old days” since the subjects are killers themselves. But I need to ask, why isn’t there as much outrage over white on white murder? Don’t white nationalists realize that whites are killed by whites 86% of the time?

  8. I used the phrase ‘black guilt’ as opposed to the more commonly heard ‘white guilt’, though we are carrying around stuff from hundreds of years ago – and even if we weren’t even here for it, we are still supposed to feel bad. I have said many times I thought it was a very bad idea, not thinking in the long-term. The point being in what I wrote about civilized society- is that we are supposed to be a civilized society and civil rights for the civil, ya know? yeah whites kill each other, we’ve enslaved each other too- Romans had slaves of their own ethnicity- then there were Euro ‘indentured servants’but this does not carry the “get even with Whitey for slavery context. It wasn’t racial, it was economic/class. Years ago I wrote that we have virtually enslaved the meztizos, doesn’t matter that we pay them, it serves the same function- and is destructive in that it takes away responsibility and kinship allegiance to pay our own a decent living wage, and lets the employer off the hook as far as disability insurance, and lets the mexi’s off the hook for taxes, when they get paid under the table and don’t pay into the system, but use all its resources. Even with that, there is the “you owe us, you stole our land” meme- although they want to benefit from the society we created, hospitals, schools etc. They certainly didn’t create that. You cannot destroy the argument for civil rights for the civil, civilization for the civilized by simply claiming “whites kill each other, too.”

    As far as the picture I could not find, that ‘lynch them’ responded to- and choosing a screen name such as that only feeds the ” white people just want to hang the coloreds ” meme- my point in mentioning that was to illustrate how these photos in the media from history are so implanted into our consciousness we immediately think of such when we think of how justice was dispensed long ago- and how it is spun/perpetuated into this “thought form” of ‘whites are ready to lynch at any time’ mentality, which was not true then, or now. We know justice was not truly served in the Christian/Newsom case. The crimes are deserving of death, not being taken care of by the state for the rest of their lives.
    Look at the posts from the SF examiner re this crime, in an area where it is supposed to be all wishywashy bleeding-heart liberal. Not so much , yes?

  9. I think Lormarie has come by here before to rail on me about the FLDS- I didn’t remember the name, but did remember the avatar, because it brought back memories of a ghetto pokemon character.

    taken from http://www.gamespot.com/pages/forums/show_msgs.php?topic_id=26502797

  10. lormarie says:

    I’ve been here before but I don’t recall talking about FLDS (mormons?). I think it was about the Knoxville murders. Re: whites do it too, that wasn’t really what I meant. When it comes to white victims, “whites do it more.” It reminds me of the way blacks complain about “evil whites” but it is blacks who are the biggest enemies of other blacks. I notice similar sentiments among whites. Many of them demonize blacks, Jews, Mexicans, etc. But based on stats, the biggest killers of white people are other whites. It is almost like WNs feel its better to be killed by a white person than by a black person. If they keep ignoring the main culprit, they will go the way of the black collective.

  11. Justice anyone? says:

    OK, so I ditch “lynch them” as a screen name. Is there a meme floating around about White people wanting to see justice served up to those five murdering animals? I don’t advocate lynching all black people, or ANY people for that matter. One of the most brilliant achievements of White culture used to be our Rule of Law, but, as in the Leo Frank case early last century for example, when the jew owned government will not mete out justice because they have willfully corrupted our rule of law I think it’s reasonable that citizens do.

    Maybe we need to get a meme going around discouraging the epidemic of black on white crime by setting examples to all blacks (and any others too) that real punishment will be handed out to them for destroying innocent peoples’ lives no matter what their skin color. Have a look into the number of White women raped each and every year by black men. Is that a meme? Anne Pressley – raped and murdered by meme? Her mother will be much relieved to know it was only a meme.

    Ask the families of those two horrendously murdered White kids what they feel would be just punishment for the subhuman garbage that did what they did to their beautiful children. The garbage that the jew government sentence to LIFE while those beastly swine sentenced their children to horrendous DEATH.

    Obviously I was a failure at Political Correctness 101 class and Sensitivity Training for the new age wimp. Maybe the Frankfurt School is taking enrollments.

  12. To poster who has changed from ‘Lynch them” to “Justice Anyone”–

    -poster basically tries to make the assumption that WN/me/whoever is arguing against what he says, then goes for the tired ad hominem at the end of the post-a cheap debate trick-

    you are trying to confuse the issue- – the meme put out by the MSM, including universities, required textbooks, etc.- is that whites are the ones who are blood-thirsty,vengeful, looking to lynch someone- you missed my point about that old photo being lodged in our (guilt induced) consciousness via TV and so on. I have covered the Pressley murder on this blog and elsewhere. You are seizing upon this word meme and using it to try and go after me, when we are supposedly on the same side. What does that say about you?

    You used ‘lynch them’ as your previous screen name, which you have now changed- as well as your tune. You don’t choose a name like that, then backpedal- “I don’t advocate lynching all black people, or ANY people for that matter.”- again, then why originally choose a name like that? that is wussy and/or trolling. I don’t know what you are talking about with PC and Frankfurt school. You are the one who changes your tune with the wind, and plays games, not I.

  13. PondeR 76 says:

    This is by far the most sense I’ve read about this case. I live here in Knoxville and would give anything to be on the jury for D3. I know he’s just trying to get a mistrial. I am really hoping that D2 will get prison justice from someone who’s got nothing to lose. It’s a shame though, I feel that true justice would be to intercept him in transport and then let Mr. Christian manage his anger on him in a remote area. After a couple of blood transfusions maybe just maybe he would have suffered enough and he could be disposed of like the trash that he is. Keep up the good work. There are three more trials to go.

  14. Thank you for reading and your comment. People tend to shake their heads at the anger expressed over this atrocity. There’s so many sides to this- for one there is the astonishment/horror/disgust of how 4-5 people could even do something like this- for no reason. Then there is the suffering part, the empathy for the kid’s suffering, and the families- the people who do the candlelight vigils, who put memorials up- then there is the sadness and grief of losing someone one loves- missing them- whether it is the families- or the rest of us who see Channon and Chris- and the loss of them as a loss our Greater Family and symbolic of what is happening to our country- the loss of civilization- the decline of order and threat of savagery, not in war, not as an accidental tragedy like a plane crash- but this represents savagery that if not acknowledged and punished correctly, becomes tacitly accepted as part of the landscape.

    The disclaimers and people constantly defending themselves “Oh this isn’t racial, there are bad people everywhere, really there are, it was just a coincidence, wrong place, wrong time, blah blah” is a form of psychological racial denial. If one repeats these kind of feel-good mantras, one doesn’t a) have to be as afraid b) can keep on being nice to everyone, because we all know how people like to be nice and be perceived as ‘nice’.

    But this ‘niceness’ and tolerance was not appreciated and seen as weakness. The law of the jungle is kill or be killed. .

  15. JT says:

    This punishment does not surprise me. I knew full well that this would be the result. One need only view what happened when Laura Dickinson’s rapist/murderer was tried in East Lansing. Manufactured complications on a black jury resulted in a mistrial. The prosecutor feeling that the suspect on video leaving Ms. Dickinson’s room and his DNA found on her body were sufficient evidence to re file the charges he proceeded to do just that. Well this “obvious miscarriage of justice” would not be stood for in the local black community and they marched in protest. Did I fail to mention that his original defense at trial was that he had merely broken into Ms. Dickinson’s room, masturbated on her already dead body, stolen her possesions and left? Yeah I can see how those justice loving folks got ticked about “double jeopardy there.

    Which brings us to Lormarie and here insistence that we should worry more about white on white crime. See the thing she chooses to ignore is that when a white monster acts no one excepting maybe occasionaly his mommy comes to his defense. Didn’t see the “Free Ted Bundy” crowd. No in fact there were throngs of jubilant attendees when Ted got the chair. How many whites have come forward to utter a single word in defense of those who raped and tortured Megan Williams? Zero that I can find. In fact it is more likely that there are more white faces saying those people should die than there are whites who even know the names of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome.

    It is readily apparent that it is far past time for whites to stop being so damned nice and “civilized.” Killing rabid dogs is mercy and compassion for the living. I realize we have little to go on to say how it affects the dead. I for one support compassion and mercy.

    1. LorMarie says:

      See the thing she chooses to ignore is that when a white monster acts no one excepting maybe occasionaly his mommy comes to his defense–JT

      How did you arrive at this conclusion when I made the following comment which I’m sure you read:

      “It reminds me of the way blacks complain about “evil whites” but it is blacks who are the biggest enemies of other blacks”

      It’s a different point but it should be obvious to readers that I’m aware of these double standards.

      And yes, blacks do generally make lame excuses for crimes commited by blacks (black male crime specifically). That’s the case whether it’s black on white or black on black crime.

  16. Justice anyone? says:

    No, I’m not a troll. Yes, I’m White just as you are. No, some of us will never connect even though we are on the same side of the racial issue. To expect that we all will have a melding of minds would be unrealistic. You write well. Perhaps that ability of yours will contribute to the survival of White people as a viable racial group.


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