No bumperstickers like free mumia for this crew

No 'free mumia' bumperstickers for this crew

 “You know who I blame? I blame everyone who ever pulled a lever for a liberal politician.”  Gary Christian .
 Look at the man’s hands, how he works them around and around.

“The system has made it so the defendants have all the rights ”  Deena Christian-

“If they want to bring a stereo or television in their cell, they’re able to do it, it was more like a college dorm.”  Mary Newsom

Hugh Newsom: “Our military troops do not have it this good” (referring to Riverbend  prison)  “they can check out movies- one of the defendants was going to take two life sentences- we were shocked to find how good they would have it .”


Of course both families are going to refute the racial angle- they would not do or say anything that might harm the state’s case.  The reporter keeps bringing it up. How absolutely sickening that the parents have to even defend themselves by giving a ‘racial disclaimer’ while they grieve and attend courtroom proceedings. If anyone has a reason to be  ‘racist’, it is they.   They should not have to constantly address, refute and defend themselves.  It is disgusting that the parents should have to even answer anything related to such. It is not they who are on trial for the torture and murder of two young lives.

From the video – Gary Christian ” I don’t think they went looking for White people.. but at least two and probably three of these animals … if they saw you walking down the street they would hate you because of what color you are-I don’t think this started as a racial ,  but once they had them, it became a hate crime. ”

  He follows this up with the obligatory disclaimer about not caring what race they are, but then says,  “Did they hate my daughter? You don’t do what they did without hate- I could catch a rabid dog-  and I in my soul could not treat that dog the way they treated Channon and Chris. The people who did this have to die .”

 If  one rejects the  made-up name  ‘racism’  as ‘color-blaming’ , then Christian is right. 

Color, in and of itself is not to blame, for race is much more than color.  The color just happens to go with the territory much of the time. Just like more forest fires start in Southern California- yet one does not call it  ‘dry-grass hate’.  Long ago, I learned in statistics about correlation. It is said more traffic tickets are written for people who own red cars,  yet the color red is not to blame. That said, one cannot dismiss the ‘Statistically Correct’ fact that perhaps the people driving them are somehow prone to go faster, or drive more recklessly. Are these drivers being ‘profiled’ or is the numbers of tickets written  for red-car-drivers disproportionate and thus unfair? Or are they really just driving that fast?

The warden took the families into the execution chamber in the prison and told them about the debate over lethal injection as a humane form of capital punishment .

 “The warden told me to my face that the death penalty was a lifetime commitment,” Gary said.

Now that is chutzpah. Ya know, warden- there is bad, with a small ‘b’- there is Bad, and then there is… Evil. Just as it is wrong to try and corner the parents on the race issue- as it is wrong to guilt-trip them on the death penalty. System, you have got this whole ‘fair and just’ thing turned on it’s head.  Whites are so concerned with being  fair and avoiding the dread ‘racist!’ name-calling. The Christian/Newsom families are all but forced to come up with these pseudo-multi-culti disclaimers for fear if they are perceived as ‘racist!’ , the case against their children’s killers might be compromised. Let me get this straight: The parents of the tortured, raped and murdered kids have to convince the media that they are ‘fair’ and that everyone is ‘=’.  Anyone hear from the parents of the accused? Let us hear what they have to say, make sure they do not hate White people. That will never happen. It will never happen because we are supposed to feel sorry for the parents of the murderers; they are no doubt poor, uneducated- and they are that way because of White people- and we end up right back in the White Guilt level of the Inferno once more. On the one hand, it is true that if they were in Africa, then Channon and Chris would be alive.


  “What was the last thing she saw when he stuffed her in that trash can? What did she see? How inhumane was the way she was treated in comparison to chemicals coming down a tube? Come, on, give me a break. “

 “We were told it would be in a cell 23 hours a day with only one hour out for a break. Well that was not the case when we got down there. We were shocked at what we found,” Chris Newsom’s mother Mary said. “The prisoners on death row that we were able to talk to were playing racquetball at the time. The ones on the other side were playing poker.

The Christians said the prison reminded them of a resort.

“Augusta National, that place was more manicured than the prison, but not by much. I can assure you it is ridiculous,” Gary said.  The Newsoms said the lush landscaping on the outside and amenities on the inside did not resemble the punishment they imagined.

Playing the Race Card : Ace of Spades

 The ‘disproportionately represented’ tactic is not going to go over well.  Go with  Green Mile over Shawshank Redemption: ‘We knows not whut we do!  I was just they-yah mistah yah honoh sur, I’s don’ knows whut was happnin to dat girl or day boy !” The only thing to do for them is throw themselves on the mercy of the court.  Sorry , that mumia has the patent on the Officially licensed product of the Wrongfully Convicted Black. No one is going to carry a ‘free lemaricus’ sign. Well, maybe a few crackheads in Oakland, like they did for the one who killed 4 cops.

 From the movie ‘The Green Mile’ , a film adapted from the Stephen King novellas. Green Mile – get all the wrongfully convicted and special powers , with only half the prefrontal cortex!

When hes not playing a forensic investigator, hes wrongfully convicted

When he's not playing a forensic investigator, he' a wrongfully convicted brutha

 Listen up, lemaricus thing- this is not like you stole your friend’s toy or sold mama’s food stamps for cash.- This is real bad. You figure, ‘they’re goin’ kill us anyway, might as well try anything we can’ , but that is not the right way to go.

‘It’s The Man tryin’ to keep a brutha down’ disproportionately representin’ us on death row ‘. The lemaricus thing  is making my points for me ? OK , he says he wants his case dismissed because of  ‘racial disproportionality’,right? He’s making exactly the point I have been trying to make for years for me.  He is saying his own are overrepresented. Gee, I wonder why that is?  Could it possibly be because that’s what they DO?

Now real logic would follow that the prosecution would look at this kind of argument with a ‘ blank stare or a ‘No, duh’ look- but no- people in this IndoctriNation will actually take it seriously. Brutha just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, when  the other ‘disproportionately represented’  bruthas were rapin’, burnin’ and killin’  -wait, one of them was his actual brother- I get it- one brother is going to play the Opressed Black as he rolls over on his bro, who was overrepresented as well?  Who just happened to be rapin’ burnin’ lootin’killin’ at the same time? No one is going to buy this ‘we’re being discriminated against’ – the only sheets that kind of defense is fit for is the kind found on a toliet paper roll.

 Motion filed by David Eldridge and Doug Trant asks the judge to dismiss the death penalty because of ‘ racial disproportionality’.

 Defense attorneys for Lemaricus Davidson have signaled their intent to bring race into their legal battle to dismiss the death penalty as a possible sentence for their client.Davidson ….. of carjacking, raping and killing Channon Christian and Chris Newsom in 2007.All the defendants in the case are facing the death penalty. Attorneys …… filed motions regarding capital punishment. Previously, defense attorneys have filed motions to have Judge Richard Baumgartner declare the death penalty unconstitutional. Another recent motion filed by….. is asking the judge to consider the expense of the death penalty which is through lethal injection in Tennessee…

 blah blah blah we should just let them kill us and sit on appeals for 20 years playing poker and racquetball.

That’s great.


More chutzpah- likening the crucifixion to executing those convicted of a capital crime?   The Passion of the Christ – the most famous execution.  Come see the film that stirs such controversy and hear our panelists discuss the execution of Jesus from the context of capital punishment.  Panelists for the evening include:  Rabbi Alexis Berk, The Reverend Dr. William Buchanan and The Reverend Dr.Rubel Shelly

“The Tennessee Department of Correction has the responsbility for providing medical, mental health, dental and vision services to people incarcerated in Tennessee prisons. All offenders are afforded access to health care services.”

Insanity: Assistant District Attorney General Leland Price agreed with the judge after defense attorneys  argued earlier their clients were facing too many charges. One motion claimed the death penalty is unconstitutional because it costs more than a sentence of life in prison.The other motion claimed the death penalty is racially biased. Judge Baumgartner said that’s a Supreme Court issue.


One thought on “Christian/Newsom: updates

  1. KarenO says:

    Can there be too many charges against these animals?? Apparently white guilt is stronger than the hatred shown for the lives of Channon and Christopher.
    The liberals have made justice a crime and being a victim is the price you pay for living a decent life–no matter what color you are!

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