Michael: Tua famiglia. Your family’s still called Corleone. And you’ll run it like a Corleone.
Frankie: My family doesn’t eat here, doesn’t eat in Las Vegas…and doesn’t eat in Miami…with Hyman Roth!
Michael: Frankie…You’re a good old man. And I like you. And you were loyal to my father for years.
Frankie: The Rosato brothers. They’re takin’ hostages. And, Mike, they spit right in my face all because they’re backed up by that Jew in Miami.
Michael: I know. That’s why I don’t want ’em touched…I want you to be fair with them.
Frankie: You want me to be fair with em? How can you be fair to animals? Tom, for Christsakes! Listen, they recruit spicks, they recruit niggers. They do violence in their grandmother’s neighborhoods! And I tell ya, everything with them is whores, whores! Junk! Dope! And they leave the gambling to last. I wanta run my Family without you on my back, and I want those Rosato brothers dead.
Michael: No….
Frankie: (sneering) Then you give your loyalty to a Jew before your own blood.
Michael: Tcch! Come on, Frankie. You know my father did business with Hyman Roth. He respected him.
Frankie: (warning) Your father did business with Hyman Roth. Your father respected Hyman Roth. But your father never trusted Hyman Roth.

“If anything in this life is certain; If history has taught us anything, it’s that you can kill anyone.” — Michael to Tom and Rocco about Roth

 Roth sound byte: http://www.the-reel-mccoy.com/movies/classics/sounds/gf2_ussteel.wav


This whole thing is Godfatheresque.  It’s like Hyman Roth (ADL) vs Michael Corleone (Vatican)  The way ‘Roth’ looked at it it before was  Williamson stirred the pot ,he’s one guy, he can be villified and smeared- granted- how much dirt can you sling at a  bishop personally- but they got him basically kicked out of his Argentina gig and tried to present him as belonging to same level as all the other low-level ‘haters’- thoguh they know he’s not- I mean, everyone’s got a beef with someone, but OK, Williamson is one guy- however he’s one guy who represents a huge group, whether or not SSPX is an off-shoot of the Catholic church, it’s still part of it.

 Having a second guy , Dadeus Gring also make a similiar statement adds to Williamson’s statement and possibly credibility. This suggests maybe it isn’t just these two- there might be more- more who might com forth. That could be dangerous to ‘Roth’.  Now , it’s gone beyond apologies that haven’t happened in the sense they wanted. Williamson didn’t actually recant. Not being a theologian by any stretch, I cannot even fathom the depths of which this is considered damaging to the opposition’s agenda, but there’s no doubt it is hurting their agenda, or theywould simply ignore it. It is obviously a threat a second Bishop is making similar comments as Williamson. So now the ante has been upped and HJIC (head jew in charge) is making threats:  “there will be consequences”?  I didn’t realize ‘Roth’ was in the position to make such threats. It is becoming quite clear WIlliamson and now Grings don’t answer to HJIC.


Vatican City – Jewish groups are outraged again after a Catholic archbishop in Brazil downplayed Jewish suffering in the Holocaust, which he said had been exaggerated by Jewish “propaganda.”

“The Jews call themselves the main victims of the Holocaust. But the main victims were Gypsies. They were exterminated,” said Archbishop Dadeus Grings of Porto Alegre, Brazil, in an interview published Friday (Mar. 27). “They do not speak about that. The Jews have the propaganda of the world.”

ADL condemned the words of a Brazilian Catholic Archbishop who suggested in a magazine interview that “more Catholics than Jews have died in the Holocaust, but this is usually not told because Jews own the world’s propaganda.”……. ADL said the remarks by Archbishop Dadeus Grings of Porto Alegre, Brazil, highlight the continuing fallout from the case of Bishop Richard Williamson, who declared that no Jews were killed in the gas chambers during the Holocaust.

“We warned last month that every day that goes by in which Bishop Williamson fails to publicly recant his Holocaust denial only gives license to others to engage in Holocaust denial,” stated Foxman. “Now we see
another Catholic cleric distorting the Holocaust.”

The Vatican has not issued an official statement on the matter. The Rev. Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office, did not respond to a request for comment late Tuesday.

“The church must take strong and public action against these Holocaust deniers who represent the Catholic Church to the world,” continued the statement. “It is especially important that Pope Benedict make it clear that there will be consequences for those clergy who engage in
Holocaust denial.”   http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1238562878994&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull


One thought on “Another Bishop Slammed for holocaust criticism

  1. Whitefella says:

    . . . stated Foxman: “Now we see another Catholic cleric distorting the Holocaust.”

    It’s priceless, really; to see abe faux-man accusing Bishop Williamson of “distorting” the holey holoco$t in asserting the Truth that there were in fact no homicidal gas chambers in any German internment/labour camps. Therefore, as Bishop Williamson clearly stated: “Not one jew died in a gas chamber.” Ahh, music to my ears. Bravo Bishop Williamson. As for faux-man? Beneath contempt, of course.

    “Chutzpah”? That’s the yiddish word for verbal vomit, yes?

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