So, this rapist of 12 year olds, killer of four cops is held up as a revolutionary, a martyr- so says the Uhuru movement.  This wacked out group puts this under ‘racial justice’. .  Whitey is to blame for everything, from the foster care system that so many of their children are in, to three strikes, to that kooky, out of nowhere idea that cops might want to pull someone over who looks like they are up to no good- the last spun into ‘racial profiling’.  Gee,why is it that whenever there is a show on  criminal profilers- the whole point is to find commonalities and patterns in order to track down the one White serial killer and have no problem pointing out his likely age, race- down to what type of job he may have, his hobbies, his physical imperfections? The problem with this is, for all the time, money, energy and media spent on these guys- the likelihood one is going to encounter one of them is very low, and in general, the Evil White Serial Killing Bogeyman is NOT around every corner. He might be waiting behind a truck stop at 3 AM, hoping for some downtrodden soul to wander by, or he may be collecting pictures of a particular type he is going after- but certainly he does not represent a significant percent of his overall demographic. Can the same be said for lovelle mixon?

People just don’t write crime books about lovelles, because as I pointed out, he isn’t unique. They write about Troubled Societies, theories on poverty, theories on fatherlessness, ‘social justice, welfare, drug use, foster care, etc- all told from the perspective of  It’s Our Fault, It’s dumb luck who you get to be-even though we are supposedly all the same and equal of course. . They never write about the individual and their crimes in cases like the Oakland cop killing rampage.  

Think anyone is going to write a book about the Channon Christian/Chris Newsom murderers? Oh Hell no. Because they are unmemorable in and of themselves. One might as well be the other. They are interchangeable. Lovelle is Lemaricus. Lovelle is Letalvis. Letalvis is the Arkansas news anchor murderer… In that sense, yes, they really do all look alike.

No one is ever going to write books about lovell. Because he’s not unique in some made-for-TV movie way  like the random 0001. % of  Whites who are so mentally damaged they put body parts in ziploc bags next to the leftover quiche – Jeff Dahmer, or the guy who kept some chick under the floorboards of his trailer for 7 years, Cameron Hooker.  Not going to happen. There’s just not enough TIME to keep up with ALL the lovelles who are killing/raping/torturing etc. The myth is that they are unjustly imprisoned because of some 300 thread count sheet agenda, the reality is the prisons can barely hold them all. The  stories are pretty much the same. The reason people think serial killers are interesting at all is BECAUSE they are the exception, not in spite of it. 

 Is it ‘racist’ to point out the truth? Has that word taken on such a life of its own, that strikes such fear into people that it is effective in shutting down all discussion? This is akin to something I read about in a great book called The Gift of Fear, by Gavin De Becker. He mentions in advising women on pro-active measures to avoid being attacked, to yell and call attention to oneself.  Sure, one may end up yelling “I don’t need any help!” at some innocent hapless dude who was sincerely trying to help, but the idea is it is better to be called a name or thought a bitch than attacked. One cannot fail to see the parallels between that and the dread ‘RACIST!’ WORD. 

Thecops would have been totally justified in taking out this ‘brutha’ before 4 lives were lost. Three of the cops had families- hence the head of household- father and provider – lost. While we continue to subsidize ‘fathers’ who ‘drop and run’. We continue to support with taxes and ballot measures the very same people who have taken the fathers from these children. Never will those kids play ball or have their dad read them a story. The Uhuru kooks try to shift the blame, blame the victims. It’s time cops stopped being afraid of name-calling and lawsuits . It’s time the cops decided this scenario need never happen again and take every pro-active measure to prevent loss of life for the force. We have to prove ourselves worthy to drive- but as far as what we do in daily life?  The denial is that many of the (code) Inner-City adults and children simply have no concept of how to exist in a civilized society. It ain’t just about money, books, useless programs. So we continue to pay  DeJonaise’s rent , medical and food- and various and sundry children- and they grow up and kill or otherwise victimize a member of your family.  Just like the man who will not pull over to ask directions- you approval-seeking fanatical do-gooders are like the rats pressing the bar for a candy or hit of liberal ideological meth.

Let’s see. Cops aren’t after US because we aren’t constantly rapin and killin. Maybe they aren’t our ‘type’ to hang out with as buddies, maybe we wouldn’t seek them out, maybe we see them in our rearview mirror and get nervous- but see- we don’t usually have a felony record a mile along- so we’re not really thinkin “what the hell, let’s start shootin. If I’m going to prison, I might as well kill everyone.”  Many times you hear these stories and the guy didn’t even have warrants- he just flipped out.  Can’t do that. Have to have a working pre-frontal cortex. The gun laws don’t do jack as far as preventing  ghetto thugs from getting guns. Have they ever? Face it, however you got there, if you’re predisposed to criminality,  have no control over violent impulses that come into your head, you have a history of violence, and there’s a  good chance you might be on various drugs- it is likely you are going to Do The Wrong Thing and someone is going to end up assaulted in various ways and/or dead.

The only thing he could not control was his own desires and fantasies to “hurt people”. Asked what was going through his mind he said: “Not nice things. Horrible things.” Pressd to be more exact he added: “Not nice things…hurting people things.” 20 years the guy gets.  Think when he gets out anyone will want to live around him or hire him? Think he’ll be ‘rehabilitated’ after that, or is prison the best place for him- permanently- barring other more effective alternatives?

Illegal alien child rapist: Dallas police today released the identity of the man believed to be responsible for raping two children in northeast Dallas. He was identified as Jose Rico, 33, an illegal –   I don’t want to hear this crap from Hilary about “oh it’s our fault, the  vague ubiquitous ‘violence’ that ”surounds’ the mexican drug/invasion. It’s ‘our fault’ because there is a demand. Build a f*cking REAL WALL. No more anchor babies. If your parents were illegal, you’re illegal, and all the generations that follow. It is becoming ever more clear that harsher and longer punishments are in order. A real wall and shoot opn sight would be more cost effective than arrest/deportation/doing-nothing.


Murder isn’t Really about Peace or Education or Growing Crops

One thing is for certain-it is better to be called a name, than be like that 24 year old peace-corp girl Catherine Puzey- who is probably on a plane coming back to her parents in a box- dead.  Was it worth it for her to try and teach the world to sing in perfect harmony?  Or maybe people should start withdrawing their resources, their volunteerism,  their donations, their votes on the subsidization of  murderer/rape/theft/assault  breeding grounds, and most precious- the very lives of their children- from those who would kill them. We’re so concerned about our IRAs, taxes, researching everything to try to do what makes sense, to not get taken advantage of- yet we send our children to third world countries as if it will be an adventure, a learning experience, and perhaps most of all, to purge ourselves of Pathological White Guilt Syndome. When are we going to get it that nothing seems to work?  If we put so much time and energy into worrying about where our money goes, shouldn’t we be at least as careful with our kids? 

” It is a sad fact that this sort of tragedy is not uncommon.

Since the inception of the Peace Corps in 1961, many volunteers have lost their lives, and hundreds each year are assaulted, raped or robbed. “

The article goes on to say ,”This has caused the institution to be criticized for the lack of protection it affords to its volunteers. Another criticism levied at the Peace Corps is that it does not truly help the countries in which it operates because its workers are largely young and inexperienced. If both of these accusations are true, is the program worth continuing? I believe it is — the true strength of the Peace Corps lies in the vulnerability and fallibility of its volunteers.”

 Fallibility?  Does  the writer know the definition of the word? In the context it is used, it implies fault, error, weakness. As if somehow, it was HER mistake she was murdered. Her only mistake was being there to begin with. She simply didn’t know any better.

fallible Look up fallible at
c.1412, from M.L. fallibilis “liable to err, deceitful.” lit. “that can be deceived,” from L. fallere “deceive.”

That’s great. That’s really great. It’s strength lies in taking the young, vulnerable and naive and dropping them in dangerous,life-threatening conditions- this said in the very same article about  the dead girl.

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