Most often when one hears the phrase ‘Culture of Death’  it is in reference to euthanasia, stem cells, abortion, the disabled,the church. Usually the discussion begins with  advocating compassion,  evolves into Darwin, Hitler , descends into cruelty,  the devaluation of life- inevitably wending its way to the Good vs Evil , weak vs strong  debate and finally degenerating  into  accusations and name-calling.  The general argument against  this Culture of Death is that life is sacred-whatever moves towards death is bad, what moves towards life is good. This way of thinking, though co-opted by religion could be compared to  the Everything-is-a-Right  mentality, only it starts at square one,-just being alive- existence. Right to live, right to die,  rights of children, rights of animals, right-to-know. Quality of life, cost, suffering-  controversial subjects within the Strong/Weak, Live/Die debate.  That said…

 Never does one hear of The Right Not to be Racially Anniliated. 

 Genocide only exists for other people, not Whites, even as they say Whiteness isn’t real, it’s made-up, a construct, just like race is a ‘social construct’ but  racISM is real even when race isn’t real. Something doesn’t exist, but  being against it, for it, having an opinion about said non-existent thing is real, bad, and there are going to be entire programs based on eradicating, erasing  the ISM  of the non-existent thing.  Yeahhhh.Get all that? Make sense kids? No? Race is like the Easter Bunny, real when you need him, doesn’t exist the rest of the time. Denial:  Genocide is a thing that happens to other people in other places. Not here. Not Us. It defies the law s of  PC Physics.

 People have racially internalized the ‘It Can Never Happen To Me ‘ syndrome and expanded upon it to

It can Never Happen To My Race.

a kind of PsychoRacial  NIMBYism.   Not In My Class/Race

The resultant cognitive dissonance comes from knowing it DOES happen-therefore, one must renounce part of oneself – that would be one’s race-to restore a sense of mental  equilibrium. It’s kind of like Advanced Lying or Plausible Deniability. If race doesn’t exist, how can we be invaded? If race doesn’t exist, then they -who are really the same as us -because-we’re-all-equal , CAN’T  actually be killing us, because there is no US, they are us-we are them, right?  If Whiteness isn’t real, then them killing us isn’t real either, it’s just made-up by those Blue Meanies . It’s only EvilNaziRacistHaters who believe that. 

Meanwhile, bring on the candlelight vigils, singing, hand-holding and teddy bears. Bring on the excuses, the ‘he was also a victim of society’ . That’s right, hug the mother of your loved one’s murderer. Write to him in prison. Maybe you can get on NPR talking about ‘forgiveness and reconcilliation’ with your attacker.  Because it’s up to You- to ‘Make a Difference.’  Because you have to Forgive Everything. Because you’re so good and noble, you bumpersticker-having-NPR-listening- cat-rescuing-Save-the-World-eclectic-vibrant-up-and-coming-neighborhood-living-euphemism-loving-diversity types.  Because Mean People Suck. Because there’s nothing you can’t fix or improve.  Because you’re worth it.

 It sickens me to hear the  idle speculation-  If Pressly’s killer snuck in through a dog door, it is highly unlikely she knew him.  In the case of Christian/Newsom, the lies and speculation went something like “Well, they shouldn’t have been on THAT side of town “. They weren’t, they were taken there.  “They were probably buying drugs”. They weren’t.  Why do people default to blaming the white victims? Is it like in a horror movie:   ” Well, they shouldn’t have gone off to park on lover’s lane. ” “Those kids were probably doing something bad.” They weren’t.

This is just a litany of lies to somehow justify the evil that befalls the innocent  because people want to believe they are safe. If one doesn’t take the chances these people did, it won’t happen to them is the reasoning- then they can feel more comfortable while they shake their heads and murmer prayers. But . the fact remains, they didn’t do anything – save being White. They were preyed upon. Everybody unindoctrinated knows any time one is around OMG_Unmentionable_Group(s), one is  in danger and  know full well one need not  DO anything to be attacked.

Do we need a Battered Race Shelter?

Something is really wrong when we operate from an Assumption of Expected Death. The assumption that we or someone we know WILL be killed, raped, robbed, etc., and the assumption that we have to accept it and live with it- that it is inevitable, certain and we just have to hug each other and cry, it sure sucks but we can’t do anything about it.  That kind of crappy thinking then leads to even sicker thinking- perhaps unconsciously, our brains trying to make some logical sense out of it-  that we DESERVE to die. That is SICK. That is pathological. That is anti-life. We DON’T deserve it. Will they stop doing it? COULD they stop even if they wanted to? What if we found out they can’t?

 Reality Denying thus moves to the next level- the killers are the ones who are oppressed and we must help them-even if it means helping them kill us by subsidizing them, making excuses for them, making things easier for them, letting them out of prison, creating endless programs that don’t work, looking the other way when their performance isn’t up to snuff and not running the other way, let alone not locking the car door or speeding away because we don’t want to offend. When a 7 year old is beaten so severely he suffers a skull fracture- (see post on Zachary Cataldo) more excuses are made, investigations are conducted, the words ‘careful’ and ‘responsible’ are used, when it is obvious the ones using them know full those are the last things of any import in that world of  violent savagery.  Careful and responsible are for handling babies and lunch money, not when savages are fracturing your child’s skull, raping and killing.  Be careful and responsible with your GUN, because that is what you are going to need.  The death penalty is great, but a gun is a little more pro-active. 

Great Deathpectations

Thinking we deserve death is making us the ‘codependent’ to those who are hurting us, using us, robbing us, raping us and killing us. The line used to go “why do they ask the woman why she stayed- she had reasons, maybe she had kids or was broke or was simply afraid- maybe she believed she also could turn straw into gold- in any case it was felt the woman was being hassled and blamed when it wasn’t HER who was being violent- it was said instead of asking the woman ‘why did you stay?’ they should ask the man why he can’t control himself, why he keeps doing it?”  This phenomenon is akin  to looking for ways to blame these innocent people just trying to live their lives when the eye should be on the perpetrator, not the dead, who cannot defend themselves.

 The assumption that people deserve/should expect to be killed if they get anywhere near ‘Diversity’ – flies in the face of what most of those same people say their personal beliefs about about race and crime.  They are basically saying “if  you CHOSE to be in that area, if you CHOSE to do this or that,  YOU  chose death. You had it coming”-

they then say in the same breath “oh no, I’m not RACIST or anything, I have this friend, he’s nothing like that ” –  Yeah, we’re kind of worried about the other 99,9 %- the statement about their friend is another non-argument that only serves to prove our point. OK, so you know one guy that hasn’t shot, raped , robbed or stabbed anyone. That’s  great.

Equality Mythos

Keep asking Rumplestiltstein to spin straw into multicult gold-plate and he will, whether it makes sense or not. He’s not there to make sense, he’s there to grant wishes. “I want everyone to be equal, equally smart, equally talented, attractive, well-spoken, interesting- I want everyone to just BE this way! I don’t care about IQ or how someone was raised, impulsivity, the Marshmallow Test, tendencies towards violence or prefrontal cortexes, crack babies or anything else. Am I paying you to give me crap about my wishes? So get on it, just do it Rump, or you’ll be out on your own rump. You think there aren’t other trolls out there just waiting to make this happen? People want to do and believe what other people do and believe al the time, so get out there and make a bunch of them believe it, or at least pretend .Tell them they can fix it ‘Yes We Can’ – Bob the Builder’s slogan!  Don’t give me this ‘unrealistic ‘stuff. Stop your whining about statistics, I don’t care about that! Now get to work. Do we understand each other?”

When it was Just US, fairy tales were fine. We got that we might get fooled by trolls, or learn not to be greedy, or learn not to disrespect our parents, or that sometimes our parents would leave us in the forest with bread crumbs but in the end , the truly bad got what they deserved, the good usually made it out alive, the sort of bad paid the price but came away better for it. There were no Letalvis Cobbinses or Curtis Vances or Witchita Massacre killers in fairy tales, however. All the magic wishes in the world won’t save a person from the real bogeymen, yet we still believe we can spin straw into gold.

We still believe the good guy will come out on top, the princess will be saved, the little pig who built his house of brick will be safe, the wood cutter will slay the Big Bad Wolf.  Ever notice there weren’t hoardes of spear-chucking, lip-plugged savages thirsting for children’s blood in those stories?  Illegal aliens with knives ready to stab you to death in the parking lot of a basebal game because you brushed by their car, or eviscerate you for five bucks in your pocket?  We all know we are in so much more real danger from getting lost in any ghetto than from the Psycho-Whitey-Serial-Killer next door. The Man with the Candy is something, a truly random event one CAN guard against. Rare. Unlike the Knoxville killers. They’re actually a dime a dozen, they don’t systematically plan this crap in a basement with a shrine and newspaper clippings tacked to the wall  like in the movies. They …Just Felt Like It. You know how sometimes you want a hamburger, it’s like that, only it’s not a hamburger, it’s your LIVES.

You know what an Isolated Event really is? It’s the guy in Alabama who killed a bunch of people. People who live near that may be unsettled TODAY, but ask any of them if they would rather live where he did, or Detroit, Oakland or South Central LA? Those places are not where ‘Isolated Incidents’  happen. Those places are where Continual Murder and Mayhem as ..well.. a ‘Lifestyle’  (Deathstyle?) occur. 

Just like ‘cozy’ is code for small, people know, consciously or not, ‘diversity’ = death.  

We shouldn’t HAVE to live with this. And we are the ones called the ‘haters’, that made-up baby-word.  Yeahh, isn’t it better to concentrate on the pawwwssiiitiiivve like making little happy-affirmation cards, and planting trees and  park/beach clean-ups?  It’s better to take a pill and feeel better, right?

WRONG!  The reason we’re taking pills and zombie-ing out on TV, drinking, smoking, wanking off to porn and oprah-getting fat and sick is because of this Hell. Does this anger you?  Are you mad because I’m a ‘hater’ or ashamed because you know what I’m saying is  true? Do you see  how deep the multicult ideas have permeated  and penetrated our minds and see our how our  people- on some level-  expect death? 

 Long ago I posted in more than one place about coming up with a calendar to memorialize the many victims of Death by ‘Diversity’. I know, I know- It’s an Officially Liscenced Product of EvilNaziRacistHater, Inc. If anyone has someone they would like to contribute/remember, please leave a blog comment and I will fact-check and add them to the database.

Anne Pressly- August 28, 1982 – October 25, 2008,2933,459067,00.html


Anne Pressly, news anchor murdered at age 26                         

Pressly was beaten -some stories say beyond recognition- raped and sustained multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma to the head and body. She lived for five days before succumbing to her injuries.  A blog post that tells of biographical information, sadly posted one day before her death.  

curtis vance, killer of the beautiful and good, destroyer of society
curtis vance, just another killer of the beautiful and good, destroyer of society

 Channon Christian, Chris Newsom, Eve Carson,Lauren Burk, Tim Griffith, Anne Pressly, Kris Eggle, Joey Cornell,Brittany Nichols.. still don’t believe me?


One thought on “Culture of Death: White Denial

  1. Rob says:

    I still get choked up every time AI read the Christian/Newsom horror as well as the nightmare Anne Pressly suffered.

    When are Whites going to finally wake up? How many raped and murdered White women is it going to take?

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