Not having numerical advantage, part of our survival IS  DISCRIMINATION- and that word has more than one meaning- DUH. It means because we put a lot into our children, because in the act of not rampantly breeding since we hit our first menses, making all these decisiosn constantly about what could help our kids , what could hurt them, should we go to this school, should we not let them watch TV, are they reading enough, are they eating too little, too much, etc- this is ALL process of Discriminating. Discernment. It is part of our survival mechanism of searching out what is best for US, what is harmful to us. It involves a lot of frontal lobe activity and thought-process. If we shut down the ability to discriminate, if we fail to use our senses and back away from what looks like danger , and to magnetize towards what has the scent of  familar and good, if we fail  to  gather our resources and  use them in  altruistic ways  towards OUR OWN- we will surely DIE.

 \frac{dN}{dt} = rN \left(1 - \frac{N}{K}\right) Why must the K-select  wreck the methodology Nature intended? See the article, see the little ‘r’ , that stands for species who have loads of offspring, like  spiders, or fish- but don’t invest a whole hell of a lot in them. Their survival as a species depends on this ‘just have  ’em and go to the club, no worries’ mentality. Some will  die, but some will live. Saving the extra caviar or turtle eggs doesn’t change the behavior of the ‘parenting’ or decision-making for the security of the children-or lack thereof, it just saves the caviar.  What do you think will happen to the K-selected offspring as we give our resources to the don’t-cares, knowing theu have the numerical advantage, though they might not have 99% of  what we have?  I’ll tell you what will happen- they will devour us, they will kill us, they will take whatever we have sacrificed and suffered for, and consume in in a feeding frenzy and then carry on their ‘r’ ways, as they always have, as they always will, no matter what we build them, how we try to help them, they are going to stick to the ‘r’ mentality.

Is it some weird pathology unique to rich, hollywood people- that they inwardly feel that maybe they actually don’t deserve all the millions so in order to assuage that guilt , they hav to do crazy and dangerous things like this, and then tell stories about relatives that did something similar, only not in Africa. Theyget on there and narrate their on liberal, PC version of Reality Show National Geographic , where White people can get out from behind the camera! Jane Goodall, look out!  At least  other hollywood Official Good Liberal Guy people are  passing out condoms in Oakland, like Bono. Now that actually might have some pay off, though he could get ambitious and afford to offer big reparation/sterlilization payouts himself or do matching donations.

If they were serious about their delusional, misguided and impossible task of saving the world, they would do without their 10K dresses, Manolo Blahniks, drivers, cooks,nanny, palaces, etc. Like that’s going to happen.  This kind of thing really doesn’t ‘save’ anyone, because there IS no saving whole continents from such inevitable destruction- rampant breeding, no food, disease, no concept of civilization, no written language of their own, and so on. You think those africans are like “wow Salma, you’re like Mother Teresa, you’re like Gandi, Ferris Bueller, you’re my hero!”  and Maybe she should become friends with the wannabe-Jolie-octo-mom.

I watch so little TV/movies I’m not even familar with anything she has been, and after this really don’t want to watch anything she participates in-  but even if she is nuts, I  hope she doesn’t catch AIDS doing crazy stuff like this. No doubt this was provoked by the Hollywood-Cabal/Kaballah/We-Are-The-World yet at the same time, Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee, it’s all about ME and my earth-mama heroic boobs.  Why have your cake and eat it too, when you can BE the cake? I bet the father of her real baby probably wants to put her on medication and read her the riot act for  risking her own life, as well as that of her own child should she become infected, and maybe his as well.  I know a mother can pass on  diseases like aids nursing but I am not completely sure if it works the other way around- in any case , it is NOT worth the risk. She could have brought a ton of milk with her that wasn’t her own. You don’t just decide, if you are a mother- oh, I think I’ll head out to some totally dangerous place, and suckle some baby who may or may not be  HIV +. What was she thinking?  How could he even allow her to go to a horrific, dangerous place like that, bodyguards or no- and where is her real baby?

2 thoughts on “Actress breastfeeds african r/K selection fail

  1. Matt says:

    Whew, that was just plain gross and hard to watch. On the upside, I was able to forward the video to a coworker, a nascent racialist with a Salma Hayek fetish. Hopefully watching that will cure him!

  2. They pulled the video off you tube but you can still find it

    funny that you tube pulls it, saying it it is a ‘terms of use’ violation.

    Would said Violator be the video uploader, myself by posting it here, or the actress ? Yeah- I’d say the actress has violated her body’s ‘terms of use’. What is it again? Oscar? Grammy? I can’t even believe she did that. I thought she was Spanish as she was always palling around w/Penelope Cruz , but Hayek , according to net sources anyway is half Lebanese/Jordanian, and half mexican. What is weird is that it seems the ‘ethnic left’ is (lactose?) intolerant in this multiculti milkfest-

    That’s Mighty White of you Salma Hayak
    “Considering that Salma Hayek is not American, I have to say I was shocked at her willingness to go into Africa and try to change something because she felt that she could without ever once considering the ramifications. How very white of her.”

    Not American? what? She’s an ‘anchor baby’? What’s the deal? OK, so she’s actually not Officially White, though to this blogger, she’s ‘white enough’ to offend and be a part of the lumpen Hollywoodtariat. Not A-list to be sure. You wouldn’t catch any of the big names doing stuff like this. Adopt maybe, breastfeed- no.
    Think this actress is going to volunteer to go help feed the Octo-Mom’s kids?
    I doubt the actress believed she was going to really change anything there, and like the ethnic blogger suggests- is it hayek’s place to suggest such in the first place? What is this obsession with africa ? Do they get some kind of guaranteed work or film part in upcoming flicks if they go there or somehow promote going there? Even if you are rich , private jet, whatever, there’s got to be some kind of other incentive beside the “i’m an Official Do-Gooder, Look at Me, I went to africa” deal . Notice how none of these types ever, EVER want to go to any American black ‘hoods’ or adopt their kids either. Why IS that? Why the fixation on africa-blacks?

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