I tried this on one of them, but it wouldn’t run, although software details claim it will work on newer windows versions.

From Global Network:


The  (insert nation) Government Direct Site Browser to allow a direct link to the   (       )  Government site for public usage for information and reading of all the services provided by the (  )  Government and to other less known sites linked to the (   ) Government. This version is the first release on CNET Download.com.


Also found something else cool-free confernce calls from landline, cell, or computer-note that there are different download areas for cell/ladline and PC (look on right side of page and scroll down if you want to use the computer version). It appears that not everyone has to be on the same system, and it’s free!  You can also ‘tape’ the call, and each conference can handle up to ten attendees. That sounds like a lot of bandwidth- but I believe skype has discontinued its free conferecing so it might be of some use to you.



Free Conference Calls

from any landline, mobile, or computer

Create a private conference room by submitting your
email address
(An email will be sent with your conference room number)

All landline or mobile participants dial (605) 475-8515, Gizmo5 users dail CONFERENCE. Then when prompted enter your conference room number.

Note: You can dial (605)475-8515 from any mobile or landline phone in the world. Calling that number (or CONFERENCE) from Gizmo5 is always a FREE call.

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