I can only imagine O tossing the remote at the TV after Palin’s snipe regarding the ridiculous, self-important ‘O seal’ . Reminded me when I was a kid, and my parents knew some family that had this coat of arms shield in their  house, and my dad said we couldn’t get one. “Why the hell not?”  I asked, peeved. The adults all laughed heartily. “Because Greeks don’t have that, honey.” He went on to tell me about all kinds of other great things we did have, but I was not pleased we couldn’t just get one anyway. “Because that would be silly”, my dad, which I took as insulting at the time, but now understand. As an adult, it reminds me of reading Paul Fussell.

I now watch with great interest these election speeches and try  to understand what I never learned in school. I was steered away from politics, history (“take local history, it’s easier, you’ll get the same credit” ). I thought I didn’t need to know about the world because the trustworthy , super-smart people of good character had it all under control were taking care of business.  I was sheltered, I was really that naive. When your parents tell you, “oh vote for this person or that, you ARE for this , aren’t you? You don’t want people to not have food or schools, or be able to get a measles shot ,right?”  I don’t know if they put it quite like that- but it was clear they were talking Good Vs Evil, Compassionate vs Gratuitous Animal-Torturing-Greedy King Herod types, and I didn’t  have the knowledge or background to understand one way or the other, or what was the source for the various rivers of belief . I was put in the position of trusting whoever  was trying to convince  me-and without a map or a language translator to know what it all meant- I believed them. Now I don’t like  either side, and realize the idea that there is a difference is a scam.

Is Palin possibly paleo? Or is she fauxleocon?  She reminds me of the old 60’s and 70’s Miss Clairol commercials : “Does she or doesn’t she?” as far as where her loyalties truly lie. She mentions “good old boy network” in a slightly derogatory – ok, more than slightly tone- does not say neo-con, but you can catch the whiff of what was NOT said just as you can smell spray paint without seeing the graffiti. She appeals to the Average Joe & Jane, with plain talk rolling off the same tongue that can also brutally deliver a lashing to those she perceives as boogieing through the campaign a la Deney Terrio on ‘Dance fever’ . With her TelePrompter breaking down, she went on from memory rather than stuttering and waiting for the tech problem to be fixed.

She talks about “Washington Elite”, and not being popular with same. She speaks of serving the people, and not being dependent on foreign sources for oil -which would then disengage us with middle-east, which would be bad for Israel-firsters. She is pro-life, and believes in Jesus. That said, she also makes a big show of pointing out that her son and nephew are headed off to Iraq, and mentions the term ‘Islamo-fascist’. However, she also says there is plenty of oil here. We all know the war isn’t really oil centered, but if people will follow this oil idea, as many of them do believe the Evil Corporations and Oil Conglomerates tale, they will be on board with getting one arm disentangled from the middle-east straitjacket.

However, an even better idea is getting us out of the Insane Asylum that is our foreign policy -a much bigger task, but at least the oil angle is in the right direction.  In this paradigm  that we exist in an Insane Age, where politicians promote and defend things that don’t make sense, McCain counters Obama’s  Magic Gospel of Change, with the brook-no-guff Palin. Or it would appear so. Everything sinking  into very limited boxes,both a huge gamble- Magic or War. But we can’t just go on what people say. People swill say almost anything when they want something from you, be it money, a vote- whatever. I’d like to believe Palin is at least sincere about the non war-related issues. I’d like to look at any of them, from either side and believe at least THEY believe it, that it isn’t all posturing- jockeying “Like me, I’m tougher!” , “No , like ME, I’m more compassionate!” “No , like ME, I’m the oldest, youngest, hippest, most experienced, most multicultural, least multicultural, most traditional, least traditional”.. etc.

Besides the fact we must judge what is said in any sales pitch with a critical eye, we must also  question are the things stated even true? Are the things they promise to do even possible? And if they are possible, who is to say whether they will actually do them? It isn’t as if anyone is signing any agreements, they are just telling us basically what we want to hear, but that doesn’t mean they will follow through. They want power, they want to win, and we can’t hold them to what they say during the sales pitch.  Sure it may look good, sound good, it is supposed to, it is advertising. Just like the show X-files , we want to believe so badly in these people, because there isn’t much to believe in these days.  DO we have enough oil here to actually make any significant difference in breaking free of the middle east? Is it enough to really do anything as far as gas prices becoming so high in some cases gas costs more than the job pays.  Sure it is to at least some degree. Loss of corporations getting their money from said oil over there means less interest in outcomes/situations there= good.  Veto power and  getting rid of wasteful spending =good. Warmer than Hillary , cockier and more self-possessed than Obama= good.  Talking about small-town America and honesty, sincerity and dignity=good.  Not going to Washington to seek the good opinion of the elites but to serve the people=good. The steady gaze, the appeal to the working class= good…

But……Absolutely NO mention of the Illegal Alien Invasion = BAD – McCain and his 100 years war  and Palin holding up her oldest son and her nephew as “woo-hoo, they are going over there to risk their lives” for this sham war = possible continuing/escalation to Iran/possible draft= very, very, bad.

All that other stuff was a great pitch, excluding leaving out the illegals, not defending the big Mc’s position on that, just not addressing it at all.  Even so, it was going fairly well  until she started beating the war drum. She wants to send her kids there, that is her business, but I find it very hard to support someone who seems very invested in the war machine, which could very easily escalate and we could end up losing our children, and financially supporting that debacle for a very long time.  I say we don’t have to worry about terrorists half as much if we don’t let them in, and yes that would involve some  umm ‘profiling’ and more importantly 2) we disentangle ourselves from the mid-east conflict. Permanently. Let THEM fight it out without help from US. However charming and funny she  may be, she is McCain’s malamute and she mushes for HIS sled, regardless of whatever she did in Alaska. We have to remember, it isn’t HER we are voting for, it is still McCain. If Obama gets Biden to make his espresso into a latte (See, White people really DO like me!)  then the McCain equivalent  would be using Palin to at once reassure and sweet-talk  his own, to add some fun and cute to assuage the fears  of voters regarding the cranky-sounding , bitter war-vet/mongering ‘extremist’ tag.

Maybe we should all get our own personal VPs who make up for our shortcomings or complement us in ways we are lacking. I bet I could sell that, Your Own VP  in one of these new-age airhead rags, or maybe the Robb Report, because it wouldn’t come cheap.  You know that creepy trend of having to have coaches for every lifestyle/life event/etc. That said, there is something very Johnny Carson/Ed McMahon clever about the Pres/VP relationship. One gets to be the Official Big Cheese, and one is back-up, that part is  certain. The part that is uncertain is who gets to be the straight guy and who gets to be the rock star. One sees this kind of thing play itself out at the workplace, at school functions- Reagan/Bush had that dynamic, as did Clinton/Gore. Bush/Cheney do not. McCain may rank high on the Staid White Man Neo_Con Wet Dream meter, but he can’t compete with His Grooviness’ personality, whereas Palin not only has warmth and humor, is sharper than O, but is almost frightening in her scathing yet  Alpha-Wholesomeness. O is many things, but one would not think ‘wholesome and all-American’. O, for all his ethno-hippery, can’t touch dat.


Pale-in Comparison-

Shades of the Rev Wright tirade? McCain’s guy denies Palin knew about or agrees with what happened in church the day Brickner spoke-In my opinion, Palin doesn’t need a Rev Wright to vicariously express resentment at the current order. She’s White, but certainly not uptight, and though one of them ends with “God Bless America”, and the other “Goddamn America”, both of them are speak of dissatisfaction and the need for reform, neither people’s interests being served at present.  Palin/Brickner is not really the same as Obama/Wright. One argues race, that Whitey is the Oppressor, the other argues religion, but the race coming into it is unavoidable- hence hysterical cries of.. whatever. This Goldfarb, McCain’s ten syllable title guy Goldfarb comments , “Governor Palin does not share the views he expressed, and she and her family would not have been sitting in the pews of this church for the last seven years if his remarks were even remotely typical.”

Sarah Palin: Is she good for the Jews?

Look around on google blog search putting in Palin and jews and see what you get. They haven’t quite painted her as a modern-day Magda Goebbels but they don’t seem too keen on her either.  http://blogsearch.google.com/blogsearch?hl=en&q=palin%20jews&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wb


Palin has no foreign policy experience. No Israel experience. Her AIPAC rating? When you enter her name on the AIPAC home page, you get this: Your search – palin – did not match any documents.
No pages were found containing “palin”. The RJC’s Greenfield says her AIPAC relationships are great, but confined to Alaska. And Republicans are now marshalling a great comeback to the charge that Palin once supported Pat Buchanan. Buchanan is anathema to the Jews. He is someone who has blamed Israel and American Jews for directing American foreign policy against American interests. He has spoken kindly of Adolph Hitler—who is not popular with Jews—and, well, this is going to be interesting.Sarah Palin might cause the Israel Firsters, who seemed to be pretty much done with Obama, to take a second look.


Brickner The Jerusalem Dilemma (is that one way to say ‘The Jewish Question’?)

8-17-08 David Brickner Matt 23:37-39 The Jerusalem Dilemma

Other sermons from the same church :

Andrew Sullivan reports that John McCain’s Deputy Communications Director Michael Goldfarb has responded to the criticism of Palin’s presence at the Jews for Jesus sermon and fundraiser at her church. According to Sullivan, Goldfarb said that “Palin did not know Brickner would be speaking that day and did not share his views. Church pastor Larry Kroon confirmed that Palin, the governor of Alaska who was chosen last week by U.S. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) to join his GOP presidential ticket, would have had no way of knowing that Brickner was slated to speak.”


Neo_con panic over Palin’s brand of Christianity – they say she is a ‘Dominionist’ http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2008/8/29/163234/559/495/579213


AntiZionist jews make plea to Palin

We Call Upon You to make your position crystal clear on the continued funding of Zionism and Zionist Israel.

‘real jew news’ a website publishes ‘An Open Letter to Sarah Palin’ , these jews are NOT proponents of the Zionist New World Order and beg her not to grovel before Big Jew .
“Dear Governor Sarah Palin,

IN LIGHT OF YOUR newly appointed Vice Presidency slot on the John McCain ticket, we concerned Americans would like for you to seriously consider our urgent plea to you. Every American ‘leader’ has groveled before Zionist Israel and the powerful Israel Lobby such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). As Americans, we believe that all people are equal in God’s eyes and none have a special place in His providence. God has the same plan for all people: their well being and salvation. We also believe that America’s continued financial support—a trillion dollars by most estimates—of 60 years of Zionist terrorism, inhuman brutality, and outrageous genocide, are not in America’s best interests. “



A Whiter Shade of Pale-in?

Check out these videos below that possibly suggest Palin may not be as zio-friendly as some may believe-Palin was in the church when the jews for Jesus guy took the pulpit and declared that terrorist attacks in israel are god’s will, because jews won’t convert to Christianity. Sarah didn’t endorse it, she didn’t condemn it either. For some reason these videos will not work as far as using the WP software today, use this search on you tube , they won’t be hard to find, the ones I tried to put up here. Will try tonight to resolve this issue.


Other sources:

Keep an eye on the ne0-con elite code word code word code word here, they call it jblog central, it consolidates a lot of them onto one page



4 thoughts on “Sarah (Palin, not-so-plain) and Tall

  1. Matt Sieger says:

    I’m a Jewish believer in Jesus. Most blogs and news services have posted the same one paragraph of the six-page transcript of David Brickner’s message, giving the false impression that he is saying that a bulldozer attack by a deranged Palestinian is God’s judgment on the Jewish people. Please read the entire message for yourself at http://wasillabible.org/sermons.htm so that you can see Brickner’s remarks in context. I’m also glad that you mentioned the YouTube videos, so that people can hear the message for themselves. Please also take a look at Mr. Brickner’s comments concerning his message at Wasilla Bible Church at the Jews for Jesus website, http://www.jewsforjesus.org.

  2. incogman says:

    Good post. I too, am conflicted in many of these ways, but see clearly how this woman is not a bad person, per se, but is not the course for real change, to take back the phrase from people who are not for the change we really need.

  3. Orion14 says:

    I vote Brisney for VP!

  4. Orion14 says:

    Hey, you should email me. I need an address.

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