by Mia

       Once upon a time, there was a Socially Inept White Guy -although whether he is indeed white is still up for debate to a degree, he is perceived as such, and this perception and association carries over to the Actual White Men.– yes, the Exception to the Rule.  For every Hans Reiser , who has been characterized as many things, as  possibly having what is called ‘Asperger’s Syndrome’  to a real genuine ‘nerd’, White men are criticized. Usually it is the beer-swilling, TV-vegging, chips-gorking types that  media is so fond of portraying in various sitcoms as ridiculous, p-whippped, slovenly, obnoxious. Now they are ‘socially inept’. Gee, if that is even true, I wonder how they got that way. Again, the meme with White men with a little more than half-a-brain is ‘must be a twisted sicko.’  If Reiser is high IQ and also a murderer- well then, why not make the leap that all high IQ White men are as well? That’s a stretch, but the SI/high IQ/White male psycho label persists and is continually promulgated all the time.  OK, so some are. That is not the point, however. The tree that this branch springs from is making Whites men feel insecure, ‘uncool’ for not being popular, hip.

           What about the guy in San Francisco, this illegal alien who shot a man and his two sons? Or the one who knifed someone over leaning on his car, the story I wrote about a few pages back- or more recently, another guy who got stabbed to death over someone making a disparaging comment to a waitress?  No one says illegal aliens are ‘socially inept’, now do they?  How many Inner City Ghetto  Youth consistently exhibit traits that could lead to new keywords and catch-phrases  that describe that what for the most part, amounts more to personality and genetics than well-meaning multi-cultis would ever admit. Nope , in the case of illegals and ‘inner city youth’  it is all attributed to socio-economic/crime/culture. They don’t have anything innately wrong with them, like these murderous, intelligent White nerds. When a  rare White does something crazy, they’re just evil. When these other groups do it- like all the time- well…they’re oppressed. By us of course. The White Devil made them do it- in his spare time when he’s not making shrines in his basement.

Oh, but it isn’t correct to describe the  truly  ‘anti-social’ and ‘psychopathic’ as such, however they got that way- only when it can be applied to White Guys like Reiser. Then bring on the full-metal Clarice-Starling vitriol with the disparaging  phrases, the pathological descriptions. This particular vilification is unique to the White Persecution Machine because these descriptors can usually ONLY be applied to White guys.

For example,  I don’t ever recall hearing OJ described as a socially-inept nerd, though people say he lost his  ‘blackness’ long ago. Or did he?  The language of Political Correctness won’t go near touching non-white groups except with specially made-up terms that don’t poke fun at, but are sympathetic, exculpatory. Ever notice how OJ ‘s voice sounds similar to Obama? Just an aside.

You will never hear about ‘Woe to the downtrodden Irish that struggled with issues of socio-economic inequities, brought about by years of  discrimination ,their struggle with substance abuse and poverty, and how we need to build cultural centers and free day-care to help them ..yadyada’. Nope, there wasn’t any of that for the Irish, it was tough potatoes for them. They were the day-care.

According to the local craigslist childcare dept, they still are. These days, it is considered status to have an Irish or any English-speaking nanny rather than.. know, though probably  those that have them apologize that they don’t have illegals.

Through redundancy they establish mental correlations.  Before this, however, they define/establish What Is/Reality.  Having  certain characteristics = ‘label’ >> stick label on  person>> shampoo, rinse, repeat>> POOF!- correlation established through the media to the American Mind.  Siegel  flies  via cable, chunders memes and correlations down fluffy, white nestling’s gullets.

I’m no math whiz, but one need not  be to see these formulas and patterns at work.

Oh , that’s right. It’s all about money, books and programs. Build a library, IQ will come. Yeah. Ok.  A google search yields almost 100 results for the phrase ‘socially inept’  and Reiser. This is one example of the very thing they try so hard NOT to do when they write about non-Whites in the news.   They make excuses for what these ‘urban youth’ DO, and they attack what we ARE. In going after Reiser with this constant hammering of ‘social ineptitude’ and focusing on the dissection of the meme they have long tried to establish, that of the  Genius-cum-Psycho -White Man, they leave behind Actual Reality- They were so concerned with this project that the murder of Mrs. Reiser and the two children left  without a mother seem only incidental to what they wish to promote.

In reality , there are  multitudes of White men who ‘suffer’ from what is deemed  Social Ineptitude,* that DON’T kill. How the bay area obsessed on the Reiser case. Truffaut’s ” L’Enfant sauvage” illustrated the life of a feral child, having  been literally raised by wolves or other forest creatures. Reiser’s case  was used as a kind of polar opposite of such, that of the Evil Civilized Privileged White, thus creating an amalgamation of things they wish to vilify and correlate-  If they were looking for the Evil-Murderous-Caucasian-Linux-Programmer poster child, they found one in Reiser.

They think ” Ahh, here is yet another opportunity to profit from misfortune, to use the Exception and stretch it to the rule. Another golden opportunity to create memes and correlations that don’t really exist in reality, but so what? If we repeat it loud enough and long enough, people will buy it”. 

People are bored , apathetic about the constant ghetto killings.  This adds drama to their lives, the old,  ‘one could be  behind you in line at Costco, or Whole Foods!”‘. But they aren’t, because it just doesn’t happen very often at all. Unlike Oakland , East Palo Alto , Hunter’s Point and San Jose, among other places.
Ted Bundy=Exception . Figure it out.

As I have said on WN radio/forums, the chances of getting hurt anywhere in the Bad Part of Oakland by  *quick, let me refer to my PC-speak mind-travel dictionary*- umm the ‘socio-economically disadvantaged inner-city urban youth’ are infinitely greater than coming across one of these 1/1,000,000 Evil White Serial Killers. You can bet anyone who must regularly drive through  Oakland has a cell phone, probably a can of mace, Onstar (electronic 911 system built into car), a taser, pepper-spray, and possibly is also packing a weapon, yet still live in fear of randomly getting their head blown off, car-jacked, robbed, etc.

Still, they meander through the byways in their Prii , replete-with-Free-Tibet-bumper stickers, flashing-tech-gear glued to their heads seemingly talking to themselves schizophrenically-  notebooks hidden away on the passenger side seat under the FairExchangeRealMoneyForBangladeshFiveYearOldWorkers sweatshirt, navigating traffic through their anti-reflective lenses, set in designer frames.

As I have also said many times before, when one hears the inevitable defense “Oh , but I know this one (insert racial group) and he is so totally not like that, he is way mellow and cool, man, nothing like that”- well that only serves to prove my point re the Exception rather than the rule. You can take the Wild Child out of the jungle , but you can’t take the jungle out of the Wild Child.

“As any individualist knows, on the street we never encounter “groups” or “races” as a physical entity; we encounter only individuals. Let us consider the proverbial “racist cab driver” who will not accept male Negro youths as fares.”

Alright. Back to these so-called Socially Inept White Guys.  Experts are frothing at the mouth looking for new disorders and put-down names  with which to diagnose the White Man.  This man below once starred in an 80’s  movie as the stereotypical White Nerd.  What on God’s green earth is WRONG with being intelligent, liking to read and achieve? What is wrong with not being a flake or  a loud, posturing ‘bad ass” ? These so-called nerds are often late-bloomers, only fully coming into their own later in life. Unlike what is promoted today, being eternal teenagers, jocularly slapping each other on the back, whether it be the bar or the golf course.

Anthony Michael Hall, White Man


I Can Has Tolerance!

Hey you , White man, why aren’t wearing your pants around your knees with your boxers hanging out, signifying your pride that your father is in jail (who most certainly is not, and probably purchased you those pants at the same mall he bought your IPOD) ? Those who can authentically wear those pants can only guess that their biological daddy IS probably in jail. But..why advertise that fact? Is it living in pretend-MTV-gangsta-thug world  preferable to reading a book, going for a walk, building something, exercising one’s brain and innate talents?

Of course, it’s just  a cultural thing when others don’t assimilate into who we already are and have been for thousands of years-  we just need to relax and ‘celebrate diversity’  and should obligingly feel all neurotic about our own natural ways- maybe about not liking crowds, loud noises, people we don’t know getting too close to us in conversation, hearing the neighbors yelling to each other or having no respect for others liking to live in peace and quiet. Peace and quiet? That’s Old Hat, passé, not part of the Neato Rainbow World where everyone is banging drums and beating piñatas, whooping and screaming, making strange noises. Not into that?  Well, you just might be a White Person.  They say we basically need to just learn to be less White and More Tolerant. 

 In fact, the more Tolerant we get, the Less White we are. Imagine that. Just ignore that lurking  ‘I’m uncomfortable’ feeling being once-overred by the illegals at the grocery,  or the pounding headache induced by rap music, or not being able to look away or day-dream for half a minute lest someone steal your laptop. Spending your life eternally En Garde. Is THIS what the Founding Fathers had in mind? Is this how you want to live?  How much worse is it going to get?

 You, having to display gorilla signs of submission to those under you, or less bright, or even hassling you- afraid, oh so afraid that someone might call you the R word. Oh Nooooo, anything but that! Call me dumb, call me a queer, call me poorly-dressed, but please, don’t call me a  RACIIIIISSSSSSSST!- a made-up word designed to freeze you in your tracks, put you on the defensive, to stop you cold from normal discernment. This is the same as that. Forget about  the old sesame street song ‘one of these things is not like the other, can you tell which one, doesn’t belong?’  Nope. This is the same as that. Uh no, it isn’t. Oh but it is. If you say it’s different, I’m gonna say you suck and are evil, get you fired or not let you do X, Y. Z.  OK fine, it’s the same.  Goood, now you’re getting it, Johnny!

You’re Still ‘Acting White’. Is Something Wrong with You?*

The Tricky Issue Of Making Changes To Yourself In Order To Fit In-  or ‘How to Make Yourself Cool, White Man- like the Bruthas. Or the Metros. Or the Hipster/Wigger/ Whatever from MTV* *

“”Another example is downplaying your intelligence or how articulate you are as to not alienate the people you’re talking to.”

Pathetic, no? They are advocating acting dumb so other dummos will like you, rather than forcing them to meet your standard. That’s great.

 They have a ‘resources and links’ area where they advocate we hang out on sites like ‘VICE magazine’ on line , The Onion, Wiki, Urban Dictionary and College Humor, among others.

Wiki , the  7-11 of internet knowledge bases says under ‘Nerd’ :

It has been suggested by some, such as linguist Mary Bucholtz, that being a nerd may be a state of being hyperwhite and rejecting African-American culture and slang that ‘cool’ white children use.

“You can become stressed out and upset when overwhelmed and may find it necessary to get away, maybe into a darkened room, to seek solitude, relief and comfort.
You get a sense of comfort and well being when around a lake, river, stream, the ocean, or even a fountain.
You are very creative. ”

They provide a list of many characteristics like the above  that so many Whites have, but the premise is that You are Different meaning you are not the norm  , and here is how to cope with such differences, or form a meet-up group! You can even take a test to see if you are One of These Special People. . Here are some of the statements you can check off:

“I am conscientious. I am annoyed when people try to get me to do too many things at once.I am easily overwhelmed by things like bright lights, strong smells,coarse fabrics,or sirens close by. I am bothered by intense stimuli, like loud noises or chaotic scenes. I seem to be aware of subtleties in my environment. I have a rich,complex inner life. I am made uncomfortable by loud noises. I am deeply moved by the arts or music.”

Are these real but purposefully semi-flattering traits descriptive of people who need to belong to some Special Group ,buy books and attend seminars on How to Cope with the Rest of ‘Society’ ? Or, are they simply descriptors of a percentage of the population who Remain White, despite all attempts to destroy such? No! Society as a whole embraced those characteristics because society used to be more White! It is THEY who need to assimilate, if they should be here at all- not you! Don’t turn into THEM. Let THEM change, if they can.

Nothing is wrong with you- Intelligent, Studious, Creative, Inventive White Man. If you are and no one else accepts you as is- I do.

Don’t ever change.


*Officially licensed Mind-Product of ZOG, Inc.

3 thoughts on “Challenging Definitions: The ‘Socially Inept White Guy’, Nerds, ‘Tolerance’

  1. Charles Martel says:

    Can you come to the Cafe’ Du Nord tomorrow night? I’ll be at the Rob Dickinson concert there. Doors open at 8:30. Have to go despite his liberal leanings. He carrys my namesake on my mothers-mothers side. ;)

  2. Charles Martel says:

    You wait until I show you what a lone wolf does. It’s a couple of months away. You’ll see.

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