by Mia

Last year ,I ventured into the city to a used bookstore my father used to take me to. Of course there were lots of White people there, most bearing markings of what was once known as ‘counter-culture,’ now standard fare in San Francisco. A beatnik elder shuffled by in black beret and pea coat. Several emo/Lord of the Rings fairy boys flitted about shelving books. I wouldn’t say they were feminine per se , they were too light and frail to move like actual women, though they had ribbons or children’s flower barrettes in their hair. No, they did not move like women, or even gay men. They scurried. Hello Kitty meets Tim Cratchit . I tried to accept that this was San Francisco, not the suburb I inhabit, but still it was hard not to stare. Worse was that most of them were White.  At least they still could read, yet they seemed as though their Whiteness was just an afterthought, their background being much lower on the list of their self-definition.It almost didn’t seem to be of import what ‘preferences’ they had, as their behavior and appearance eclipsed most anything else- they appeared to be unsure if they were male, or even adults. As my companion and I left, we reflected upon the surreal experience of these creatures, and how this was yet another symptom of what has happened to Us.



    In the face of an existence once glorious in actuality and mythology , will we now be diminished to the point we will  be looked upon the way my sons and I were looked upon by a black family last year while disembarking from a shuttle bus at the Greek festival? “Look! Do you think those are Real Greek People?! ” I realize I have done something similar myself, upon seeing the usually bigger, taller and more homogeneous tourists traversing the boardwalk, less of a mix of recessive and dominant traits, they are usually of very similar coloring and build.  I also see them seeing us, the ‘other White people’ -in a simultaneous and markedly careful appraisal of the other that is not-quite-other. We notice  their looking  at mothers, fathers then children and back to parents again, surveying the contrasts in our hair, eyes, skin tones- they of the stunning sameness noticing us looking at the perfect replication of themselves, our racial memories colliding in these moments among the salt and sea and sand-It is a look that makes no apologies in its directness and search for recognition for any hold-out of what is left of America , a look that asks , ” You’re European , aren’t you?  Could it be you’re one of us? ” and they smile a polite smile or nod of affirmation and secret joy, knowing that only we can do this in such a way that instantly we know it must be true, we have recognized one of our own.

However, what was once the default has now been derailed by media mind-chips that say that White Fealty must end, and not only must it end, but White People must turn against themselves and others, a campaign of self-destruction from the inside out and they have done a frighteningly efficient job of doing just that.

White Self-Hate, Ethno-Makeovers

         Can it be that it is just  too late for this next generation, these 20-something I-don’t-know-whats, with their facial piercings, pants falling off their ass, and affected ‘street-gangsta’ patois in the middle of mostly White and affluent America ? I’d like to say no, but every day I see evidence of a people and culture that hit critical mass, grew bored with themselves, rejected their upbringing and/or family and looked to TV to decide what to be next. Must we continually reinvent ourselves a la Madonna, completely forgetting about what our last incarnation was, and those that came before that? I was always of the belief that we are made of the stuff of our parents, grandparents, etc. Have we become so diversified that we don’t remember this, can’t see or accept our own past, our own people -but instead see ourselves even as the liberal media sees the bad old days, before civil rights, feminism, television, conspicuous consumption and ‘political correctness’?  If the time before those things is christened bad, then are we to make the mental leap that

1. life was bad in general in the Old Days, even if it didn’t seem so, why yes, it was. Our happiness caused others to suffer, that is yet another political meme continually enforced. If we had something good, it was at the expense of someone else, it couldn’t possibly be because we were doing anything right, and it certainly wasn’t for the greater good, because not everyone lived as we did, or had what we had, and this was also our fault.

2. that people who ran things, developed cures, invented almost all technology, the schools, the art and literature; you know, White people, namely White Men

3. The family with man as the Head of the Household, as Father, yeah, that is bad too,(Evil Patriarchal System of Oppression)  as is any kind of even semi-nuclear family.

 If we accept all this, we have thrown not only the baby out with the bathwater, but mother,father, brother, sister, grandma and pa, and the family dog.

We throw  it all away in subscribing to the plethora of media lies that try to get us to believe -and thus buy things to constantly replace and change- new is better, last year’s shoes are no longer cool, after is better than before.  The constant and consistent message is : we all need not only need make-overs, and vulgar consumerism , obsession with fashion and trends- but  we need to completely throw away who and what we are- go the way of the dinosaurs, we need to become something other than White people, and if we can’t do that by having mixed children, we can always adopt one, or we can at the very least have a non-White mate, and affect the mannerisms and dress of another group, because, as the media will tell you every time you even glance at a magazine-  we aren’t good enough just being ourselves.


Equality Magic, Word Magic

Says Wikipedia  : The word grimoire (a textbook or manual of magic) is from the Old French grammaire, and is from the Greek root ‘grammatikos’, “relating to letters”, from which grammar, a system for language, and glamour, influential appeal, are derived.

See also:

 This interesting etymological relationship between ‘grammar’, ‘grimoire’, and ‘glamour’  suggests that words do in fact, have power, as evidenced by the the Lexicon of ‘Correctness’ Committee on Coercion, which tries to create definitions for things and ideas it wants to promote ,disapprove of, or encourage.  a Co-conspirator of theirs, the  Institute of Incorrect Correctness tries to take away  the associated connotations contained within the meanings of real words and make up new definitions. Remember the brouhaha over words like ‘black’ or ‘dark’ ? Suddenly that was part of the Great White Evil Schematic, even though I thought we all learned in grade school that words have more than one meaning, and making leaps like ‘dark’ is associated with evil, therefore my hair or skin is perceived as evil is missing the point of the real definition of darkness.  We have all fallen into believing much of their associations and connections, we don’t stop and say, wait, that part doesn’t make sense, wait that part isn’t right- we are more worried about ‘picking a side’, preferably that of the Good and Noble than if the sides presented actually made any real sense .Things that were always known to be.. well, what they were, good or bad, were now neutral, sterilized.

In occult circles, ‘Equality Magic’ would be akin to Black Magic, in that it tries to force an agenda on someone else-political black magic would be imposing ones collective will upon a certain group, either artificially raising them up, manipulating them to do your will, or destroying them. Of course the Equality Black Magicians will say they are Glenda the Good, but we all know that not only do their spells not work as far as yielding real results, they usually are accompanied by blood and sacrifice. Namely ours. Therefore it is false and injurious, though many of us have fallen under the spell, clutching our amulets tightly, muttering words of protection against Evil Reality, like ‘social justice’ and ‘gender inequity’. Talismans inscribed with ‘stand strong’ , ‘support the troops’ ‘change’, ‘hope for America’  .

More ‘Word Magic’: Nature as ‘Retro’

         All things that that naturally evolved before the Anti-Natural Progression Tribunal have now been termed ‘retro’ or ‘post-this and that’. These terms have been applied to fashion, ways of thinking, ways of living, political beliefs, even religion. Modesty became ‘uptight’ and ‘prudish’. ‘Sex’ became ‘gender’. Masculinity became ‘sexist’. ‘Partner’ ceased to be someone you own a business with and became yet another creepy term, ‘significant other’. Cleaving to ones own people and culture became ‘exclusionary’ , ‘protectionist’ and the hysterical ‘racist’ or ‘hate’ . White became ‘privileged’ and ‘guilty’. Religious beliefs became ‘systems of archaic oppression’ and ‘fanatical’, if they didn’t fall in line with The New Way of Being, brought about not by famine or plague or natural disasters, such as our ancient ancestors had to contend with, whether it be the Ice Age or Pompeii, but at least in part through politics and propaganda, and artificial re-working of the Natural Order.

In this schema of Enforced Equality, regardless of merit or natural evolutionary progress, which is innately slow moving, we are now faced with many problems , that would have ether A) not have to have been dealt with, as they wouldn’t be an issue; B) the ineffectiveness of imposed ideology , laws, ‘rights’ , actions, and so on.

couple in SF  ‘Retro-Heteros’ ?Retrosexuals?

Even science itself  is looked upon as suspect and possibly Evil, because nature is inherently  unequal.   Equality, as applied to people, is both an invention and application, as well as a kind of religion, involving faith and belief, though religion probably has more going for it, as it at least acknowledges its belief in the ethereal and unproven. The Real and not Magic way to deal with things is not to say , “I believe such and such- therefore, POOF! I make it so, or it just is so because I  believe it so”. The Real way is to say, “This is what IS”, let us deal with it from there-that being completely antithetical to the Equality Magic philosophy. Much as we would like to, we cannot change nature,  Popeye was right, a thing is what it is and that’s all that it is.  The myth of Equality is dangerous, not only because it makes us dumber by proxy, by encouraging us not to use our brains, but the far-reaching effects of believing  X is really Y. Those of us who are not geniuses but smarter than the average thus open a Pandora’s Box in the quest for understanding the world, and in our inherent White believing in the supposed good of all our fellow Whites, or those we think are our kin. Not only is the notion of equality fraudulent, it is impossible.

Perpetually Searching for ‘The Cure’

Gawdawful White Guilt trip billboard

A huge mistake White Americans tend to make is thinking the quick cure for a given problem is to throw what we believe is the opposite at it and hope something sticks, even if it doesn’t make logical sense. We at once believe in science, yet have at once the arrogance and foolishness to believe we can one-up evolutionary processes. In doing this, we have short-circuited the greatness our country could have continued to build, instead of expending so much energy just trying to keep up with problem after problem. The cure for slow is super fast, the cure for white is black, the cure for empty materialism is ever-more expensive minimalism – yuppie lofts with no furniture and ‘indigenously-made’ coffee and sandals. The cure for motherhood is feminism, the cure for smoking and drinking is obsessive workouts and organic tomatoes, now that 12-stepping doesn’t have the cachet it did in the 80’s.

Has taking jobs away from White men, and giving them to women, minorities and looking the other way/amnesty/apathy about illegal aliens actually helped this country as a whole? Did We Do The Right Thing ? Or have we FUBAR’d? Are we ‘Sustainable’?  Or should we just, as my parent’s adopted Vietnam vet would say, “86 it” ?

There was a recent poll, most Americans want border enforcement, but what do the politicians proclaim: “Amnesty! “. It reminds me of most daycare institutions, with a ratio of children much too high for the caregivers. They have been there since 6:30 am to 6:30 pm, yet it is now going on 10 pm and still the actual parents have not come to collect them. What do we do? Do we call the grandparents? They don’t have any living in the United States, and none of them speak English if we did call them. Do we call CPS? Or do we simply drive them home and tell them we can’t do this anymore? That would make sense. We are unrelated to most of those we are taking care of, yet we hurry and bustle about, trying to get diapers changed, trying to feed everyone. Meanwhile, no one is learning or creating anything, the kids are fighting, stealing, writing on the walls and generally destroying the place no matter how we try to entertain them or give them little jobs to occupy them, and we are getting low on food and patience. While the kids took a nap, the caregivers took a vote and called the company that owns the daycare and said “they have got to go home, we want our lives back!”, but there was only an answering machine: “Thank you for your interest in the horrific state of the nation. Your call is important to us. Please leave your message…”

 Our Higher Power became our ‘Lifestyle’, that infinitely disgusting word invariably applied to most things I  would not want to adopt as a habit. We foist barrels of ‘fix’ , which translates to some form of remodeling/new paint and a playground, free lunches/day-care center/ after-school program , and ‘expert’ upon ‘expert’ who will hold meetings to discuss such, add a Starbucks… yet still the problems persist, as we persist, co-dependent till the end. Until we accept that things cannot be artificially managed or created are not effective, let alone sustainable, we will be stuck continually inventing these new patches for problems that require so much more than the equivalent of a visit to the Windows update page for the latest White Service Pack (Animal) II. But all that makes for a hell of a lot of jobs for Professionals and Politicians who have neat-o offices , as well as underlings and paperstuffers and program checkers.

Which survival strategy is the best for Us?  It is about ability and what works. “How’s it workin for ya?”  to quote a media-created icon.  It hasn’t been working too well, Phil.  Some of us prefer living outside the bare-bones Darwinian dog-eat-dog lifestyle.  Some of us prefer civilization. A place where people don’t go out of their way to disturb and offend others, make us physically and mentally sick, endanger our very existence, and peace of mind. Some of us want to be around good people, who aren’t plotting against us, stealing from us, thinking of ways to use and exploit us, siphoning off our paychecks or wanting to rape and kill us. That’s all we want , Phil, is that asking too much?

O, mean-spirited White men, selfish, hateful, greedy, power-hungry, oppressive etc., who at once cause, deprive and even kill all good will and peoples around the entire world, and who have an infinite supply of everything- Ahh yes, these ideas remind me of when I was a small child and didn’t understand about where the food in the fridge came from, or the water for my bath. It just magically appeared, like Equality.

I can understand because of how bad things have become for the White man, and being threatened by so many actual forces against him, that he now perceives women as a threat as well- and many non-nationalist White women can be a threat to the White man, believing in Equality Magic, and that White Men Are Evil meme, and Evil BECAUSE they are WHITE first, then because they are Men. These types also believe if all of those Evil White Men were to be ousted, everyone would get a pony and all problems magically would resolve themselves. Being that even something that starts out at least tolerable, if not terrific , can turn sour, think seriously about if you want to have children with someone who might completely turn from your beliefs if it doesn’t work out.  


White Kids Learning.

Though many nationalists don’t agree- we don’t HAVE to follow the paradigm of what used to be America as far as how to actually fix things, we could make up our own. Some say we must infiltrate and subvert from within. Many want to either overtly or covertly change the system but work within its confines. I don’t blame people for clinging to the system they know, for being attached to something that once worked so well. The a kid on the playground who would stand up and say “You’re not following the rules! That’s not fair! I’m getting the yard duty teacher.” Well, that was when I was a little child, quite some time ago. How many small children these days subscribe to this concept of fairness as it applies to ‘following the rules’? I am not against the people who want to go back to the Constitution and Founding fathers. I just don’t know if it is not too late for that. The People In Charge are not playing fair. They are not Following the Rules. We keep telling them that. I would like to study and learn what I didn’t in school about those things, the Constitution and the beginnings of this country , but from what I have heard of it, it bears little to no resemblance to what is happening now. The ‘feel’ I get from those days , when that was written, is that it was concieved by calm, temperate men to be followed by mostly sensible, unchaotic people, and that most back then were. I freely admit I don’t know this stuff already, and wonder how many around me are the same way. I was encouraged away from Real History and into local history “It’s a lot easier, and you get the same credits!” . As if it wasn’t going to be worth it for me to bother knowing these things.

 Shadow People: First Whites to Flee

Whites enjoying nature

                   It used to be that one could live almost anywhere along the outskirts of a big city and yet still find a way to live in relative peace, and sacrifice perhaps having a bigger place, or fancy car, or all the latest toys just to live a simple , quiet life. Perhaps these kind of people were not molecular physicists at a bio-tech firm, or software engineers making big bucks, but they weren’t illegal aliens or drive-by shooters. They minded their own business, they collected your newspapers when you were gone, and they didn’t cause problems. They weren’t endlessly and even inadvertently annoying you, these possibly even unambitious Shadow People, their appeal lay more in what they didn’t do. Their value lies mostly in their being unnoticeable but functional cogs in the wheel.  I think now of all of the Shadow People I have lived next to, how I took their decency for granted, never thinking that one day the White Shadow People might start going away. Maybe because they couldn’t afford it any longer, but more likely because this type is very sensitive to their environs. Noise, pollution, graffiti , destruction, violence, but more than these obvious reasons, they were sensitive and appreciated the impersonal collective of people they lived around, who allowed them to live the way they wished- in peace.

The Shadow People usually were single and childless, could be of any age but were most identifiably White. They were pleasant, but not particularly friendly. They were into causes or pets rather than people, caring more about saving the masses but wanting nothing to do with coming over just to hang out because you had cooked lasagna and had no one to eat it with but a 2-year-old. These kind of interactions would frighten a Shadow Person, sharing simple companionship, a meal with a neighbor- whereas distributing bread and condoms in a drive by shooting zone would not. I’m not saying everything the SP did made sense, just that they didn’t CAUSE problems. On a lower level they enjoyed hobbies more than people. As non-invested as they were on a personal level, that much invested were they on a level involving the general weltanschauung of the area, their personal scene and beliefs and those around them. So they went somewhere. Elsewhere.

Silence is Golden  White

peace and quiethey , it ain’t much but  it beats section 8  neighbors. No unsupervised kids banging the walls, no rap music, no 3AM fighting and free wireless! Awesome.

Ms. Lawton’s  complaint stated that “there were several incidents of racial harassment involving Chad Jansen — which had a particularly devastating and emotional effect on me”.  Typical was one instance when she received a call at work from her father who was babysitting her four kids who told her that Jansen was banging on the walls calling her kids “ni**ers “and  yelling, “shut the f—k up!” She said her father refused to baby-sit any more after that. Another time occurred when her sister was babysitting for her.  After putting the children to bed, her sister went next door to ask Jansen to turn down the radio.  “After returning to the apartment, Paula and my kids then heard Chad Jansen banging on the walls yelling, ‘Ni**er , go back to where you came from!”  A third incident recalled by Ms. Lawton involves the time she had a friend come to visit her and Jansen objected to where she parked.  Specifically he was quoted as saying, “You f–king ni**er, get out of here!”

No one cares about Jansen’s anger, for his right to exist undisturbed, about his right to peace and quiet, to not continually be assaulted by banging, yelling, stomping, rap music. He doesn’t count. If he opens his mouth, even if he did so in a way that was not angry, if he did not use epithets, no one cares. Shut up and take it, White boy. It is likely he did complain to the apartment manager, and nothing was done. This case si a prime example about what happens when groups that are inherently incompatible being forced into close proximity. WE don’t like chaos and constant noise. It makes us physicaly and mentally sick, it aggravates and annoys us, and yet WE are the ones looked at as the bad guy when we get upset about it. Suddenly, we are intolerant, and ‘racist’ when we just want to live undisturbed.

Jansen could possibly have gotten some kind of legal advice and recovered something out of this nightmare himself had he documented/recorded the disturbances and played the game, but most likely, nothing would have been done about the situation, because people are afraid of being sued, even when they are in the right and doing their jobs. It certainly shows the anger and resentment Whites feel when forced into a situation that is not inherently compatible. If we had freedom of association this wouldn’t happen. Like could live among like, and they  could decide how to deal with problem people, whatever their background. We would not need all these special rules and punishments .

Why is it that these other groups have ALL the protection, and their protections nullify our rights, and create an atmosphere where it is OK to  continually  make US miserable, and we can’t say or do anything about it, and if we do, not only does nothing get done, but we get villified, and the people who are doing the unacceptable behavior get rewarded with legal settlements and free rent?  The whole reason WHY there are all these protections is exactly BECAUSE no one wants to live near certain groups, and why is that? Is it because of the made-up ‘racism’, that it is skin color, or is it because of the BEHAVIORS?

 The constant noise , chaos, stealing, violence, unsupervised kids, fire, mess, irresponsibility, no sense of propriety or other’s property , continual random problems that can occur any hour of the day or night and  no sense of living in such a way that one does not offend or cause disturbance to others?  You tell me why people will pay huge amounts of money to live where they can be around their own, send their children to a non-ghetto-ized school,and hopefully be free of these issues, and possibly even enjoy their living space, rather than fear and dread it, and why when their areas start going down the drain from the constant invasion of Others, We leave to find another place we can live Our Way.

Areas could be set aside for everyone. We are paying for it anyway as is through all the free government goodies, though as in my previous writing (look under ) more and more, people are being transplanted, at our expense. Working hard to avoid this, even if one has the money ,is no guarantee. One would think only a good portion of land could protect one from this, to create an actual physical barrier. It seems our only out is to find reliable people of a like mind  with whom we can create something like this and the key here is we have to do it quietly, we cannot announce on a public message board, “Hey! who wants to live in my White community that I’m starting?”

Chart of cases and the made-up words for real reasons people want to discriminate –

Go to the headlines section and put in some obvious words like ‘racial’ , ‘race’  or use your imagination.

The letting in of what amounts to the third world doesn’t help anyone long term. It stifles excellence, turns away the capable , gifted and talented in favor of ‘equity.’ It further stratifies society and takes away the systems that the blue-collar, or lower-wage white-collar and service people once had in supporting each others businesses, real competition amongst people who had bills THEY had to pay and weren’t getting all these normal but big expenses for free, like food , rent and health care- the main things we give away for free to the invaders. The unavoidable costs of living, we give away, when we are struggling with almost 5 dollars a gallon gas, rising food costs , being outsourced, and paying the bills.

A True Story.

Meet Birdman

This man lives out of his car with his pet bird.  He is not a drug addict or alcoholic. I am not sure of his whole  story, but he cannot get any reduced rent vouchers. There is zero help for him. I am not sure how he survives. He is a few years older than myself. Sometimes I bring him stuff I think he might need. At first, years ago, he would not take anything from me. I could tell it was a leftover sense of masculine pride that has not been completely driven out of him. He told me he has some kind of blue-collar trade skill, but no one will hire him except the odd job here and there by word of mouth by people who know him. Companies and contractors don’t want to hire people they would have to pay a real wage, so a man like this could live. Why should they? The government is paying for their employees free rent, food, and medical care for their families. Government paying means US paying. Sometimes the people he works for let him stay there a night or two or if the weather is cold. He doesn’t have children, as to parents I haven’t asked him.

How can Joe Blow feed his family, or like Birdman above, feed himself- pay his rent and keep the lights on when an illegal will do Joe’s job for 1/4 of the cost? How can Joe’s boss compete with Illegal Construction Inc, who keeps underbidding him for jobs building McMansions for the bio-tech yuppie people, who don’t care one whit about if Joe or his boss makes it, as long as they have people to watch their kids, clean their house, and landscape their 3X3′ yard, for that is all that is left over after the hordes of illegals clamber down from building the McMansion up to the setback line. Instead of attacking the real problem, which is promoting , forcing and even FUNDING what is CALLED multiculturalism , but is really an INVASION- even as doing so breaks law- we are forced to support it.  A corrupt, illegimate system that feeds, houses non-citizens  and ghetto-dwellers and yet ‘cracks down’ on groups like FLDS.

Hypocritic Oath? First, Do Harm.

Notice as I said in one of my recent writings    that no one is thinking about raiding San Jose for illegals, who are by default unmarried and pregnant in order to get on the programs- no baby’s daddy anywhere on the scene- same with the ghettos- no one cares about the unsupervised children roaming about the streets, either doomed to gangs, prisons and death, the welfare baby-machines that come out of there, the drive-by shootings, drugs, prostitution , crack, etc. Well, either no one cares or it is sanctioned as all right. No,in their eyes it is the Mormon compound that is The Problem. Watch the video at the link I posted above. Do those children look like they are suffering? Do they look unloved, unhealthy? Do you see cockroaches or signs of ill health, neglect? Do you see mothers smoking crack? There are fathers there loving and raising their children. However, I suppose if these folks were to get a basket of food from the government to raise these happy, bright children, now that would be a crime.


 Oh, and Iraq is the problem, terrorists are The Problem, exit exams in high school are The Problem, Sub-Prime Loans are The Problem. Poverty is the Problem, Illiteracy is the Problem- never adding 2+2 as to WHY these are problems without end, because that would disrupt the whole Equality Magic Formula, which is Race doesn’t matter and doesn’t exist except when we say it does, when someone cries ‘discrimination’  and no one asks , “Well, WHY is it people discriminate against you? Is it really about something as simple as ‘skin color’ or is it something else? ” Just because you are (whatever) doesn’t mean you HAVE to act that way. Or does it?


Meanwhile, White People keep on drinking coffee,  picking up trash on beaches ,planting  trees, scrubbing the oil off sea creatures and recycle as Rome burns.

rome burning

When it does, what we will tell our children? Will we say we at least tried, that we made an effort?  Many of us have decided to take a different route, and work on another level, yet still contribute to the greater Cause. Some of us have become depressed, embittered or ill. Some talk about it, some stay silent and soldier on. Some of us are struggling to pay the bills, yet they do what they can to help- while others are well off and afraid to lose that security or help others. Some of us have become disillusioned with ’internet activism’ and have taken their actions to a local level or have decided they need self-examination so they can be a better man/woman/parent/WN.   Some are at the point they can only try to save their families, their children or themselves.

 If you thought you might die sooner than later, what would you make a point to accomplish, to begin, to finish, to contribute to? Who and what would you want to continue the work after you are gone? What have you created that you would be leaving? Would it be in the ways you raised, taught and loved your children? Would it be in the ways you helped your comrades in a practical sense?  Would it be something lasting and real?  Would it be in a work of art, or a book or writings? Would it be something that is local, or something far-reaching? We tend to concentrate on this never here yet future, posting away about a future for Our children, but we often neglect to examine what we are doing today in order to bring that about, and to better their lives and our own in the here and NOW. 

Don’t wait for someone else to say, “Here , this is what you should be doing”, don’t wait in hopes of a fearless leader to come along, because no one might be willing to take that chance,they don’t want to risk what they have, they are too busy dealing with their own problems, or they are too busy just trying to earn the bread to feed their kids and put gas in their cars. The fearless leader may never come, so WE have to take the initiative without someone holding our hand every step of the way.  Please, don’t wait. Even if you can only do a little,if you are sincere and can follow through in just that one thing, that could be something that allows someone to reach more people, even if it is not overtly WN, even if it is simply friendship to one of our own.

 It might be something other than joining an organization, it may be helping someone build something, or if you know WN who are willing and able, it could be pooling resources to start a mini-community in your area. It could be something to help children, it could be something that teaches people about health or nutrition. It could be something that helps our elders. Or starting something like that. There are always Causes Within A Cause, and there is no doubt you have interests and talents that could apply to some aspect of nationalism. Think about what you are interested in, what you could do- Brainstorm -put these new ideas to good use, or at least be of help someone you trust who is doing same. Even if you cannnot do the same thing all the time, or every month , you can help contribute to something that has cumulative and lasting impact. I don’t believe we need a Fearless Leader to do this.There is plenty you can do on a real life basis. Perhaps it is time to think of this Cause more like a family or even a ‘tribe’ or clan -whatever you want to call it-  than to await a non-existent hypothetical leader who will stand at a podium and rant about how we should do this or that. trust yourself. Leaders, presidents, movements come and go, but blood loyalty is for always.  Thank you for your time in reading this.


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  1. As a member of the “20 something” crowd I can confirm that my generation is a lost cause. A famous example of this stupidity was a girl I knew in San Francisco white, beautiful and fun who was outraged that Africans in Africa consider whites to be more beautiful then them. The same girl wanted to have children some day but couldn’t do so with a white man because she would be perpetuating white supremacy. Brainwashed in the extreme, this is a fairly typical conscious behavior that unconscious programming in school and television has our folk too.

    For revolution,

  2. Dedalus says:

    Stories like the one BANA told (the dumb girl from Frisco) used to really scare and depress me. But now, well, they just don’t. In terms of the Big Picture, and the Long Term, this whole thing could still go either way.
    Though I do think that this time next year we’ll all have a much better idea. It’s SO obvious that the whole Election Year 2008 is being set up in such a way that there will be problems for us one way or the other. That Michele Obama has not been laughed out of the Public spotlight yet is not exactly a good sign. Neither is listening to Rupert F-ing Murdoch actually praise Obama.

    I’m convinced that, if change is possible, it won’t happen until the whole thing hits bottom. That might sound ominous, but I think it’s exactly what we need. But, whether we need it or not, it’s pretty clear we’re about to hit bottom and that no one on the Left or Right or anywhere in between is going to be able to stop it.
    In the meantime, the best anyone can do is be a power of example.

  3. AWhitman says:

    White pride & power world wide.

    The punishment for striking a white person is death. kick to kill.

    If I see a non white assault a white, I will immediately stop what I am doing and come to the aid of the white stranger.

  4. nohate says:

    While I’m against white power and racial supremacy, I do believe that all ethnicities deserve a right to preserve their own kind. And no, violence is not necessary.

  5. To AWhitman- if you saw a White assault another White, would you also help?

  6. AWhitman: You’re the one who mentioned the V- word, but I’m not going to run from it, I’l tell you straight: people are already getting so pissed and/or depressed they aren’t thinking in those terms, these thrice-removed, hypothetical terms.

    Don’t you get it? Once people get pissed enough, they don’t care anymore- usually at that point they don’t have much to lose, and there are some who simply aren’t afraid. They want to unleash the pent-up aggression- some, like Hezbollah, see it as a Holy war, others have personal vendettas- none are worried about getting bloody and messy and dying in the street, or in a field or in the woods, or wherever- they see that as a heroic death as long as their mission is accomplished.

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