A black teacher had her kindergarten class vote a White child who is labeled ‘special needs’ out of her class. I put that in quotes because most young boys are very energetic and distracted, and I take issue with the whole ZOG labeling machine for children AND adults. They create made-up words that make something ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ ,then apply that to normal things we all do naturally that make sense, like not liking to be around people who do f8cked up things. Making up these words in order to cow people into not stating the Truth about Reality is the wrong and bad thing. What ‘special’ name could we come up with to describe this teacher’s Intolerance and Prejudice? The website actually frames it as if this was the kids’ idea. I think she just couldn’t handle the kid anymore, and didn’t have theahem, ‘resources’ to cope, hence this debacle. I really like what the very articulate mother said in the video- “This isn’t ‘Survivor’ , you don’t vote a kid out of the classroom”. Of course the media spun it to shift the blame and responsibility off the teacher to make it look like it was the kindergartners’ idea. Jeeze Louise.


Not to forget the bigger picture that in a better society, we wouldn’t be spending money on illegal-alien anchor-baby education, free lunches and health care, and this child would prob have his very own teacher or be able to work in a smaller group with an undoubtedly White teacher highly trained to deal with his issues rather than a whatever-this-Wendy-character is.There would be a much higher overall investment in our children. Investing in the multicult is like leaving stacks of money on the balcony on a windy day and hoping it doesn’t all blow away. Or worse, setting that money on fire before walking away.

The horrible thing is with this kind of case, is that usually in White children, again, this boy and his problems, somewhat evident in the video though possibly made worse by a hostile school environs- is that he is the exception-and deserves to get special care, his parents probably paying huge bucks into the system to live in a place


where  ‘ADD/impulse control problems’  is usually the rule, blame whatever factors you want- bad breakfasts, no daddy, crack mamas- but oh yes, the problem is ‘society’s’ and the answer is programs. . If you have ever had the displeasure of visiting a minority White school, the first thing you will notice is the volume level, screeching and general constant jumping around. Are all of them special -needs or is that how they come from the factory?


Update: A Florida woman is considering a lawsuit after a teacher allowed students to take a vote on whether her misbehaving autistic son should remain in class.
Melissa Barton said the teacher made her 5-year-old son, Alex, stand in the front of her classroom after he returned from the principal’s office, the Sun-Sentinel reports. Each classmate was allowed to say what they disliked about Alex and then the class was told to vote on whether he should remain. The school is in Port St. Lucie.
Alex lost the vote 14 to 2. He is in the process of being diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a type of high-functioning autism.
Alex has not been back to school since the incident, and he starts screaming when his mother takes him with her to drop off his siblings at school. The other night, Barton said, he kept repeating “I’m not special” over and over.
A police spokesman said no criminal charges will be filed in the matter.
Since initial reports of the incident, the school district has reassigned the teacher and Barton has received hundreds of supportive e-mails, ABAJournal.com notes in an update on the story. She also received a call from Phil McGraw, who asked her to appear on Dr. Phil, and from the Florida Attorney General’s Office of Civil Rights, reports TCPalm. __________________

I hope this kid’s mom sues.

You suck, Wendy. I hope you have to go to ‘Tolerance Training’. Seems pretty hateful what YOU did.

4 thoughts on “Creepy Teacher Humiliates Special-Needs Kid, has Kindergarten class Vote him out

  1. Skunk Cousins says:

    Streets is saying the boy has one of the worst cases of Classic American Racial Psychosis they’ve ever seen. Believe me, it is the kid whose got the problems. They are trying to pass the condition off as Special-Needs; but the teacher has also said he’s racially psychotic, unbearably reprobate and even without the fake courtesy the other white children demonstrate. They DID burn him with skin cancers, the black children and teacher did. The woman (teacher) is a black sun worshiper. His mother said he had several series skin conditions.

    The search for the next Hitler:

  2. ARE WE READY TO END THIS BULLSHIT YET?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!



  3. Can I leave a frigging comment here, or what?!?!?!


  4. kaylia says:

    Wow, that’s tragic.

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