Privileged boy
And speaking of White Privilege, that guy and his travel blog might be representative of the tiny percent of who people think of when they think of White Privilege. However, what about the rest of us? I was thinking about the whole privilege thing while perusing this fellow’s blog  and it appeared to me in stark relief how UNLIKE  his lfe is compared to most White people.  I’ll be adding more to  this tomorrow when myself and my PC are not as tired.


 Wonder how Tim Wise, who is going to speak at the White Privilege Conference. would like it if pissed off White people showed up and proested, rather than  self-hating ,
guilt-ridden Whites , and by turn mocked and yelled at the stupidity of such an event. Having meetings and events because of something real like two innocent dead kids is something real. This White Privilege Conference is not relevant, accurate and is just plain stupid.  I hope people  show up and mock  this event , protest this event.  Wise and his ballerina-clad protesters show up and mock an event mourning the death  of innocent White kids. That is something to  have an event over that is something to be angry about , and that it didn’t get mass coverage until  internet outage became so great the media had to cover it. You wouldn’t think people would call the grief-stricken parents names, but they do.

Are these the  faces  of  ‘White Privilege’?


Chris Newsom and Channon Christian, viciously raped, tortured and killed, Chris set on fire, Channon kept alive for days while being assaulted every way imaginable and forced to drink either bleach or drano, can’t remember.  You don’t want to know more deatils about this case, it is  horrific and sickening.

Daniel Cicciaro       

Dan C

This kid goes to this other kid’s house,  unarmed, over some neighborhood beef no doubt, and the other kid’s father shoots him in the face!  He dies 2 hours later. Maybe time for another exodus of White Flight out of Miller Place, NY.? Yeah granted the parents  shouldn’t have to leave, but what greater punishment can you wreack  upon a community that says 2-4 years  for the life of an unarmed 17 year old . One thing you can do is leave and  make it well known that Miller Place is not a safe community, and  people can shoot your kids and do only a  few years for it -if the guy even does that long . You’re goddang right the father is going to yell and scream and be pissed off.  What’s he supposed to do,  cry in the corner and write a check to the NAACP?  Is the light sentence because aww boo hoo , the father was all of 53 years old and black and maybe the kid used an epithet?   You call someone a name means you deserve to get shot in the face?  I didn’t think that is the way they did things out there, killing someone’s kid for a stupid reason like that. L.I. is not a ghetto neighborhood,  I know people who know people, they say L.I. is mostly a pretty nice place  where people don’t do this kind of crap.,_New_York

 Why doesn’t Wise invite   the parents so he can preach to them about the glory of diversity at his  crappy made-up conference that looks like a low-brow version of my senior prom at the Fairmont. Why don’t you play the same theme song we had ‘Against all Odds’ by Phil Collins and dispense champagne glasses?   I guess you can’t very well invite Letalvis and company , because they are in jail awaiting trial and are up for murder and the death penalty for their expertise in ‘Abolishing Whiteness’.  

You don’t have a cause, Tim.  MLK may have had a dream, but we have a reality  to contend with, and it isn’t filled with rainbows and  Kum-Bah-Yah. It’s filled with the  coppery, fetid scent of blood and  death. So as you sit there in your at-least-three-star hotel room, I hope you sit and think about this, not only about this case, but case after case of parents mourning the violent attacks, rapes and murders of their children at the hands of savage murderers and  catch of whiff  of the reality  that has nothing to do with your  conference. How you justify your job writing dreck that doesn’t even make sense is beyond me. How I would cheer if people up there picketed you.
Loser convention


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