There has been much debate lately regarding the recent ruling that requires California homeschooling parents to have a teaching credential.  Let’s look into the WHY of it. What are the state’s reasons for wanting to take away parent’s right to homeschool their own  children? HS parents pay taxes like public school parents and even childless people, or people whose children are grown. Thinking about this the other day, are there differences between per child attendance/per day pay to schools vs regular taxes, or is it something else, someone else’s agenda?

 This takes us to the next level, having to do with the urbanization of suburbia, something I posted on a page or so back, which is  funded/supported  by our government; special interest, global warming ,prevent spawl AKA prevent more  White  suburbia paranoia,  the quest to destroy the  ghettos by importing more low-income people they don’t mean low-income Whites, they mean illegals, projectdwellers, etc. into White areas.

        What is going to happen with schools -foresight here, not just what is happening NOW, is that there will be White Flight en masse, once this integration because of section 8/vouchers, unchecked immigration comes to their neighborhood. I feel these things as sure  as I can put my hand out the car window to the wind and feel that its a warm day.

              Parents will either choose private school if they have the money, or HS if they can’t afford that. Much is written about how the inner city kids -now , this could mean anything, not just black, prob code for illegals or anything else NW as well- benefit from being around middle class -code for White, not just because of the smarter factor, but because it is learning a language and culture. They  say things like “Where my pencil be at?” and think that is how people actually  speak, and when one of “their own”  speaks  standard English, they call it Acting White. They don’t know about White (AKA Civilized) culture.

If we depart the schools, inevitably, the test scores will  go down, the schools will get less funding from the state ,as convincing grant letters cannot be written bragging about stellar performance that simply isn’t there. Teachers get paid less and flee to better-funded , usually Whiter or even Asian districts , and schools become even crappier than they already are.

Hence we have  ‘Hoarding of Whiteness’ , something I mentioned on a forum a month or so back but don’t know if anyone got the true  meaning of this. How we conduct ourselves, our genteel manners,  how we are taught to function with others -golden rule-  games we play as children, even the ways in which we play, working things out rather than say, shooting someone- usually even as children we are obsessed with fairness in playing, sharing , following the rules, etc., which works well when all do it . But they don’t do it, because they don’t know it . Hence we have ghetto school mentality vs the White Fair Play school mentality. The powers that be know very well that people will usually do as little of what is expected of them and as much of what they can get away with as possible if allowed to do so, thus creating   a kind of ‘Lord of the Flies’ mentality in the marginal schools. This goes unchecked because it isn’t  just   the random problem child, it is all of them, and the school cannot manage them. It is about  survival, and  keeping  disorder to a dull roar , but not everyone is  ‘progressive’  in the true sense of that word.  Kids won’t do what teachers want simply because they are told, especially children , unless there is a bigger civilized group peer pressuring them into not acting like wild animals.

The Big Brother School People know being around civilized people is desirable  , and thinks it can fix the culture/assimilation problem by having the ghetto or marginal areas improved by having kids go to school with middle/upper middle White kids.  Good for them , bad for us; therefore bringing on yet another variance of White Flight- Homeschooling. For whatever reasons, education, religious , political, or other reasons ,parents  are opting out of public schools- and I repeat because it is important – White kids leave, and a lot of good things leave with them,  parents don’t buy a home near that school or district,they buy near a better, Whiter school. More renters/transient populations come in as homeowners  flee as many did in the boom of 2006 . Again: consequences for said school: test scores go down, behavior  goes to hell,  associated problems go up -theft, violence against students and teachers as well, graffiti, destruction of property, schools get less money, teachers leave, schools become chaotic and destructive places, and cease to be places of education, once a source of pride for parents, teachers and students alike.

This, combined with prop 82 -universal pre-school initiative- also tells me that no one has any plans on doing anything about immigration. If they did, they wouldn’t be so worried that Whites would flee the schools , ensuring  horrible test scores and the rest. If they DID do something about immigration, the schools wouldn’t suck as badly as they do now, all these ESL programs , free hot lunch and in some cases close to the border , breakfast as well, where the kids simply march across the border and attend school here , I have heard these are not even anchor babies , but Mexican nationals. We could save this system from self -destructing. If we nailed that one problem, it would solve so many. Some of this may hearken back to prop 13 and prop 98 -you can google it!  but I will leave the technicalities to someone who is better at connecting the legal dots and following the money trail. This isn’t about that.  This is about the problem of White departure, of the loss of White Faith, of White Contribution.

   The powers that be see  the  sad-but-true trend of Whites fleeing California, and the implications this has had and will continue to have on schools. It’s a very simple equation :

 Fewer Whites= Lower Quality of Life, Learning, Peace of Mind . Fewer Whites mean : Things don’t progress in an upward motion. things not only stagnate they deteriorate, and quickly. Like it or not, without us, there is effectively no one at the helm.

      Yet the same people who would take away a parent’s right to  homeschool desperately  Covet Whiteness; our problem-solving ability , our creativity, our inventiveness, and well ,yes, I will say it :  our excellence and superior skill at a great any things. However we got there, whether one argues  it is socio-economic or inherent and genetic, it is real, not a construct.  They use code phrases like ‘middle-class kids’  when what they really mean is  White kids , and their White families who  contribute  much to schools:  much volunteerism, financially, in many different ways the others , for whatever reasons, don’t.  The system  almost hasto use these code words to support their ‘race as social construct’ theory. If they  admit they want the ghetto kids to be around White kids, and ditch the middle-class code, their ‘construct’ theory falls apart,  The Wicked Queen’s mirror ceases to lie, and race shows it’s face once more.

They may call us names,  they call us both uptight and demented, by turn. They say we are serial killers, hillbillies, White and Nerdy, drone housewives , Al Bundy/Homer Simpsons- yes, they can say all of this, but the fact of the matter is, we have something they can’t manage to beg, borrow, or steal, and they don’t want that to go away. 

Hoarding Whiteness

is  possibly the next item to be added into evidence  in the  White Villification and Eradication witch trials of the near future.  Still, I advocate doing it . As much as you can.  Stockpile your Whiteness . Protect your Whiteness, don’t  let the ‘abolish whiteness’ people steal it away from you. Put it in a safety deposit box.  Check on it at night to make sure it’s still breathing.  People put cigars in a humidor, insure their cars, their ebay collectibles. Do at least as much for your own history, your own culture. . Keep it away from MTV. Worry about your Whiteness the way a mother of a toddler crosses the street when a pit bull comes along.  Wash your Whites separate from the darks. Don’t try to dye your Whiteness tan. Keep your  European ethnic traditions alive, don’t be so ready to hand over the keys to White,  don’t be so  eager to , in the words of Pink Floyd , trade  “Hot ashes for trees, hot air for a cool breeze”..

      What you have is precious and increasingly more rare. Don’t give it away to those who would trod upon it , spit upon it, exploit it and victimize it in any way possible. Don’t volunteer  it where it will be picked up and used to  deface and  destroy something beautiful.  Don’t let them siphon it out of you. Don’t let them part you out and become as the skeleton of an abandoned car. For they will.  Share your Whiteness with those who will love , cherish , care for and respect it. It’s not a bad thing to do this, quite the opposite, it is a sacred call I believe you can hear  in your blood and soul. We understand each other as only we can- you may not even be aware  this is possible because you may have never known it,  growing up in the world today, but it is here for you.  No one can give it  or bestow it, as in affirmative action, all that is like a bad magic show.  

I’m talking about the the real thing.

12 thoughts on “Homeschooling Fight: Thou Shalt Share Whiteness!

  1. Matt says:

    Part of it is that schools receive x amount per kid, per day, and they want to maximize revenue. But I think the bigger, and more deep-rooted, objections to homeschooling stem from the Leftist, Statist ideologies of public school teachers and administrators. Ivory tower liberals who believe that it takes a village to end racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., are the dominant forces in public education. What gets me is that they’re so smug and haughty about it, too.

    Homeschooling truly is another form of White Flight. Twenty years ago it was just the weirdos who did it- hippies and holy-rollers, mostly. Now it’s far more mainstream, with plenty of soccer moms taking on the role of teacher. I find that encouraging.

  2. Lyn says:

    I was getting dizzy. I found myself nodding in agreement so much throughout this posting that I had to stop reading for a minute.

    Don’t know where to start. There is so much sense in this posting. I appreciate the parts about preserving White character traits – and they are White traits because few other minorities in America exhibit them. Yes, Whites contribute much more to schools than they get out of them – both financially, personally, and as community. I haven’t experienced much of the illegals’ leeching off the system, but I have definitely lived with the blacks doing it.

    This article has really explained the cycle of white flight. And it is a cycle that keeps repeating. Whites move away, set up something nice, blacks follow along and corrupt it.

    I want to say so much more but this isn’t my blog. I’ll stop here. Again, this was a great blog article.

  3. Thanks as per usual Matt and (welcome )Lyn for your comments! Kind of out of it at present-zzzzzz- I was up late (and up early today) inspired to write but too tired to make corrections, did some revision this AM on structure/grammar.
    I once wanted to teach, having come from a family where all are involved in one aspect or another of education, but derailed into a different major (and was busy with kids). I don’t know that I would want to teach in schools the way they are now, but perhaps I can still offer something in a “teaching capacity” within WN.

    The irony is not lost on me that no matter how they vilify us, they need us, they want us around, they know things will be horrible without us, yet they drive us away- the White cell puts up defenses against invading bacteria. Some ‘bacteria’ is good, “thins the herd” , keeps body-systems running- but some bacteria can make one seriously ill or even kill a person- or a race- and now we are all susceptible, as the “disease” comes in from almost every discernible direction.
    No child left un-indoctrinated!

  4. Larry says:

    Excellent post. You made some really good points here and this article was an exhausting but enjoyable read. I WILL be back for more. Well done!

  5. It is difficult to read through this entire thread other that to say: Our Children of the Caucasian persuasion, do not benefit a lick from multiculturalism. I am friendly, I hope on a continuing basis with, Silent Consort.

    My thoughts, any intergrated schooling is doomed to the dustbin of history. White, blacks, browns, yellos, reds, do not all learn, comprehend at the same pace. This is an ugly fact which the professional “do-gooders” must come to grips with but won’t.

    Education, the classic Greek-based definition which is “to draw out” instead of “Stuff in” will implode. Don’t blame the messager, me , A guy named Chris, but the situation, which is what we call, “Reality.”

  6. Yassou Chris,

    It is strange how they at once want the appearance of our culture , yet they want to hollow it out like a pumpkin, they don’t want the insides, only the shell.

    As for the multi-culti, I truly believe the =/ harms learning for all kids, the fast and the slower.
    Whites certainly all don’t learn at a rapid-fire pace either, self-evident if one has traversed the forums:
    You’re vs your
    their vs there
    lose vs loose

    Completely unable to grasp these simple language concepts , yet can at a glance determine which Euro subgroup a person belongs to.
    They’re not dumb, just shytty education. OK, well some of them are dumb.

    As for what you said here
    “Education, the classic Greek-based definition which is “to draw out” instead of “Stuff in” will implode. ”
    you made it sound like the ancient Greek method would implode, and I know you didn’t mean it that way, as the Socratic method draws stuff out, asks they WHY first, doesn’t give the ‘answer’ -theirs- first.
    The student is supposed to come to the truth through logic and his own experience, thinking, conclusions. The search for truth, as they also say re prosecution in law.
    The classes then were small , 10-15 students , how private schools today aspire to be if they could, and what would be considered private school would be hiring one teacher , like a personal tutor, except it would be all subjects.

    They didn’t need to home school then, because their schools didn’t suck, the method didn’t suck ,and of course the population was very homogeneous and I don’t think religion played a huge factor.

  7. Oh and Chris,
    make sure you get the word out up there in the NE about the
    ‘White privilege conference’ that will be at the Sheraton, in Springfield, Mass April 2-5th
    their site:

    I blogged about it and somewhat approached the subject itself.

  8. Fr. John says:

    “No child left un-indoctrinated!”

    This is EXACTLY why we chose to H.S.
    After two abortive attempts- one at a ‘christian private school;’ (cost= $1000 @month) and one at a local P.S. (cost= loss of soul)
    we went for it, and Dad (me) chose to be the H.S. teacher. Finding a co-operative of like parents (all moms… the learning curve for them to accept me was about, oh, March) and finding the ‘right curriculum’ for my kids, took about the first semester, but we are now entering our third year, and loving it.
    Study of the ideology of P.S., and NCLB (No Child out in Front, as I like to call it) has made me a proponent for throwing off the shackles of forced taxation WITHOUT representation.
    Now that our School District is going to be ‘gay indoctrinatory’ as well, there is NOTHING that they offer other than cultural Bolshevism.

    Fascinating, that the ONLY candidate (Ron Paul) with ANY affinity for H.S.’ers, was kiboshed by the Media (who owns them?) early on.
    It’s just that vast, Left-wing, Pervert, Idiot Conspiracy thing.

    Time for a revolution, indeed.

  9. anna says:

    Interesting blog, just ran across it. I was in the first generation of white “affirmative action” babies, before the homeschooling movement, now I feel a lost generation. In grad school, was going to be a teacher, but quit because I didn’t want//couldn’t continue indoctrinating kids. My first day at college, black scholarship students stole my clothes (new clothes my folks had worked to buy me) from the laundry room, and I was told to “let it go.” I eventually left that school without graduating. Deeply, I wish people had understood then what they do now. I would never send a child to a public school; I wish I had not gone; I was later taken out and actually graduated from a private school; this was when all the troubles were beginning. Life has been degrading because of many of these things, with no one to talk to. All my friends are “progressives,” but they aren’t real friends.

  10. TruthSetsYouFree says:

    I’ve always wondered why whites whose children get assigned to a crappy school because of where they live, or because of some Byzantine process for magnet school slots don’t organize a big all-night party for all the white children in the school the night before the NCLB exams are administered. If an ethnic group consistently fails to perform, the school is supposed to be shut down, or all the children are supposed to be allowed to transfer, right?

    In California, the school cannot flunk your child without your permission (or at least that was true some years ago when I lived there.) They aren’t going to give you a better school slot because you threaten to sue, or to move, or to homeschool, but they just might cave in if you threaten to organize a pizza party for all the white kids if the white score on the test is the “lowest ever.” Encourage the white children to hoard their whiteness by deliberately underperforming.

    Also, if you can’t homeschool, why not hire one teacher for 80 children? The teacher works with 40 of them in the morning, and 40 in the afternoon. Parent volunteers help out with art, music, tutoring, etc., during the hours that the children are not with a teacher. Once you have more than 12 children in a classroom, the number of children in the classroom has very little influence over achievement. Schools in Eastern Europe used to have huge classes, and schools in Korea and Japan probably still do. I would rather have a high-achieving child in a classroom of 50 high-achieving children and one highly-qualified teacher than have a child in a mixed-ability random group of 18 with a randomly-selected public school teacher.

  11. bil says:

    wow, i totally agree will all of this , just thought i was alone, but i guess the real question is where are whites headed to , liberalism is destroying us, whites are abandoning cal. and heading to wash, and idaho, and oregon, etc… just really confuses me, why does the media tell us we are all the same, when it is blatantly obvious otherwise, i had a black friend who once told me that blacks are far more afraid of whites than vice versa, now i know why, because white people will just leave and start over when they want, after all we left europe and have done well here, but just like europe everyone wants to follow. and that will bankrupt the us just like its doing to europe right now, may god bless us all

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