One need not  have an IPOD (or any MP3 player)  to listen to podcasts , just listen on your PC- (but you knew that, right?) . Thought this type of story would be right up the alley of at least some visitors here .  It is probably somewhat illustrative of when the supposed  “SHTF”.  Free, of course. Enjoy.

Republic: A Novel of America’s Future by Charles Sheehan-Miles

A domestic terrorist attack evokes a violent and oppressive response from the U.S. government… a labor dispute ends in violence… a young boy lies dying of a rare disease with no hope in sight. When the conflict focuses on a small town in West Virginia, Ken Murphy, Iraq veteran and Lieutenant Colonel in the West Virginia National Guard, must find a way to protect his family and community in a world turned upside down. In a future America terrifying to behold, Republic evokes the specter of civil war in a world that is simultaneously familiar and changed beyond recognition.

At the link above, you can also play “in the page” (no download) the first chapter to see if you like it.

Title Description Date Created
Republic Episode 1
(23.8 MB)
A violent crime strikes a small town in West Virginia, and a factory closes, leaving hundreds of townspeople unemployed. A sudden explosion in Arlington, Virginia takes the nation by surprise. Jun 17, 2007
Republic Episode 2
(26.54 MB)
Terrorists set of a series of bombs near the Pentagon. Jun 17, 2007
Republic Episode 3
(30.17 MB)
In the aftermath of a terrorist attack, troops respond in Arlington. Ken Murphy attempts to get his unit activated, and struggles with the health of his son. Jun 17, 2007
Republic Episode 4
(20.09 MB)
Mike Morris runs into an old friend, and the people of Highview come up with a plan to get their jobs back. Jun 17, 2007
Republic Episode 5
(24.29 MB)
Ken Murphy testified before Congress, while the workers in Highview force their way back into the plant, only to be confronted by a new crisis. Jun 17, 2007
Republic Episode 6
(23.65 MB)
The people of Highview struggle to deal with the violence that descended on their town. Jun 22, 2007
Republic Episode 7
(31.57 MB)
Republic: Episode 7. Congressman Clark and Valerie Murphy seek help from the President, and Dale Whitt announces his campaign for secession from the United States. Jul 1, 2007
Republic: Episode 8.
(24.73 MB)
Republic: Episode 8. Mike Morris and the 1st of the 15th Infantry withdraw from Arlington, Virginia. Demonstrators call for Dale Whitt to be released, and violence breaks out in Harpers Ferry. Jul 7, 2007
Republic Episode 9
(18.56 MB)
Republic Episode 9. Dale Whitt is interviewed by the Department of Homeland Security, and we learn that the petitions for his referendum were destroyed in the fire. Ken Murphy and his son face a more serious challenge to Kenny’s health, and look for help. Jul 19, 2007
Republic Episode 10
(34.47 MB)
Republic Episode 10. An explosion in Charleston hurtles the country toward civil war. Aug 1, 2007
Republic Episode 10
(23.67 MB)
The investigation into the bombing of the Federal Building begins. Shots are fired in Charleston. Aug 27, 2007
Republic Episode 12
(40.35 MB)
After shots were fired between the National Guard and the Department of Homeland Security, Captain Karen Greenfield struggles to deal with the consequences of her decisions. Nov 5, 2007
Republic Episode 13
(43.68 MB)
Republic Episode 13. The House of Representatives prepares to debate the Fiscal Responsibility Act, and Dale Whitt is set to deliver independence petitions to the Capitol. West Virginia responds to the firefight between DHS and the National Guard. Nov 13, 2007
Republic Episode 14
(23.94 MB)
Police and the army search for Dale Whitt’s assassin in the streets of Charleston, and violence flares up. Nov 27, 2007
Republic Episode 15
(20.28 MB)
Republic Episode 15. Mike Morris and PFC Turville face charges for their actions in Charleston, and Mike returns home to find Alicia has carried out her threats. Dec 1, 2007
Republic Episode 16
(20.32 MB)
Republic Episode 16. In this episode, we return to Colonel Ken Murphy and his son, as the full impact of the Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2016 hits home. Dec 8, 2007
Republic Episode 17
(26.61 MB)
Republic Episode 17. In this episode, the Army convenes a Article 32 hearing to investigate the deaths of civilians in Charleston. Dec 15, 2007
Republic Episode 18
(21.52 MB)
Republic Episode 18. The Murphy family buries Kenny Junior, and the FBI attempts to apprehend Captain Karen Greenfield. Dec 21, 2007
Republic Episode 19
(22.31 MB)
Republic Episode 19. Colonel Ken Murphy returns to his command following the funeral of his son. The press pursues Mike Morris. Al Clark and his team respond to their defeat in the elections. Jan 2, 2008
Republic Episode 20
(26.03 MB)
Republic Episode 20. The governor of West Virginia must select a new commander for the National Guard. Valerie Murphy and Al Clark travel back to West Virginia. Jan 13, 2008
Republic Episode 21
(32 MB)
Republic Episode 21. General Ken Murphy challenges his officers with the reality of combat. Mike Morris testifies for the Article 32 investigation. The West Virginia National Guard finally takes action to end the siege of the brigade headquarters. Jan 26, 2008
Republic Episode 22
(38.33 MB)
Karen Greenfield and Mike Morris have a reunion, and Morris gets news of his court-martial. Both sides of the conflict prepare for war. Feb 21, 2008
Republic Episode 23
(38.33 MB)
With the failure of negotiations and the signing of a Declaration of Independence by the Governor of West Virginia, federal and state forces launch into an inevitable confrontation. Feb 28, 2008
(82.45 MB)
In the final episode of Republic: A Novel of America’s Future, the war in West Virginia comes to an end. This episode also includes a brief preview of Insurgent, the coming sequel to Republic. M

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