The Language of “Hate”

(I wrote this last year, but I guess I must have “lost it” in the ‘unpublished’ files section, still rough, tired but tried to re-write it tonight, you will see a lot of my stuff changes as time goes on, trying to make it better- in any case, there it is)
Now for the “Enemy Script” stuff Black/Duke were speaking about ( new meaning to the awful MTV driven phrase “player hater”, for they -media, enemies- are getting us to play a role, to be active players in our own demise, as well as how they portray us and how we come across, as well as this “hate” business.

I find it pointless to try and promote ‘hate’ -which is what we are constantly being accused of. I find it suspicious when ‘WNs’ -who really knows, on forums… try to instigate people to join in about how ‘hateful’ they are -or offer a false dichotomy of OK you have two choices, either A) love or hate your enemies – what are most WN going to say -let me show you how high I can jump! I’m the meanest, baddest ass, hardest mofo, and I have the avatar to prove it, bytch! , the never-ending prompting towards “oh yeah, I’m a tough WN of course I hate! I play by the enemy script!” Thus we begin down the slippery slope of the ‘hardcore WN pissing contest’, or B)  OMG, present yourself not like a crazy person, don’t talk about how you want to  blow everything up on the “day of the rope”  and risk being called a wuss by unknown internet personalities and their bad-ass avatars.Example of bad ass avatar

Why try and instigate people to talk about their ‘hate’ or hate in general? That would be something someone very invested in stirring people up , and having us portray ourselves like actual haters -made-for-TV movie-Nazi would do. WWTVND? No one wants to be a victim of violence =therefore… wanting to be around White people, who are in general, non-violent -and don’t give me this crap about the one white serial killer , your odds are much worse just getting lost on the bad side of town , that’s just a fact, and why is the ‘bad side’ of town Bad? yeah we know. The Chronicle out here now calls them “Oakland residents” and wanting to be around other Whites, live in a peaceful, non-obnoxious, responsible manner, well that leads us to the fact of what the other groups do and do not. What they are and what they are not. Fini.
“Hate” doesn’t even come into it, as to put it in those terms makes it all so 5 year old, and makes it seem like our legitimate issues and outrage is simply a sulking, pissed off little kid type thing. “mommy, mommy,I saw a scary black guy on TV, and had a scary dream and now I hate them all!

“mommy mommy, an illegal alien put gum in my hair, I hate them all!”

That is the way they are trying to wrap the “hate ” with which they define us. As if we are being silly , stubborn, and stupid, which we know is not the case- but if we play into it, oh , we will be playing the role just as the Hollywood scriptwriter wrote it. There are many such stereotypes. As I mentioned before there is Archie Bunker, then (though they don’t portray it on the show), there is “king of the hill”.and various other WN stereotypes.
The ‘hate’ thing is immature.
Anger , resentment, fear , disgust, are real things -what gets labeled as the 5 year-old kind of ‘hate’. So is discerning ‘differences’ and preferences -which gets labeled “racism” .

Having legitimate concerns, and anger is not the made-up hate creation of the media. Besides, actively hating someone takes a lot of energy, and can make you sick if you aren’t doing anything about it, just talking about it ad infinitum. It makes us look pathologically obsessed to be on it about stuff like “hating our enemies” 24-7. People have lost sight of the perspective outside WN-land -and I don’t believe many WNs are all that hateful anyway, I know some with hearts of gold.

OJ celebrants verdict

In any case, I don’t believe in equality, that it even exists in nature or otherwise (maybe math and science) so I just can’t hate everyone equally. It’s just not fair to the ones who truly earn it. Hate is a personal thing for some, to others, they are OK with free floating ‘hate’, I don’t care for that myself. I’ve said a few times on the board over the last few months, I prefer ‘fair’, as what is fair is often not equal . Do I feed my almost 6’2 son the same as my 4’3″ son? That would be ‘equal” but not fair. Does it mean I love the one less who gets a smaller portion of food because they don’t need as much?  No. That’s just silly. But that is the way the ‘people in charge’ are doing things. They are giving away our portion, our kid’s portion, our grandparent’s portion to people who don’t need or deserve it, people who are not us, and let’s be honest, we don’t love. People who use our benefits and bring us disease , never-ending poverty and death, all for cheap labor, and the wages of sin for slavery, as well as just bad ideas as far as importing third-worlders, and every European land is struggling with this.


It is easier to proceed step by step carefully with a cool head- when dealing with things on the computer at least, again, common sense- avoid jail, avoid getting shut down, why shoot your mouth off about stuff you aren’t doing anyway and put yourself at risk and others..unless..of have nothing to lose in advocating violence or suggesting criminal acts. ..unless there really isn’t any risk to you..just talking like a bad-ass doesn’t get you in trouble , does it? This is America, right? But you might not be worried about those things like someone pulling a Matt Hale on you because because..well..figure it out kids….you’re already a cop/fed/infiltrator!

Think about that next time you hear someone talking about how when you need to have someone hide a body to call them. Big talk because they know no one is ever going to do that -and if they actually DID get a call like that, what do you think they would REALLY do? Hopefully this  is just BS , locker-room, one-too-many-at-the-bar kind of talk. We’re getting a bit long in the tooth for this stuff. Either do your bad ass stuff and shut up about it on the internet (cause that is not safe, you are not anonymous, and you should be wary and NOT trust people, ESPECIALLY when they dance around saying “come on trust me, trust me, what do you mean you don’t trust me, dude?” You should  say in your head “thank you for reminding me, you are trying to convince me, you are trying to get something from me, unearned- just like niceness or charm can be a skill and not at all descriptive of real character, but a tactic. For more on this , read

Gavin De Becker “The gift of fear” (book)

Instead of posturing on the net ,study your enemy so as to better defeat him-focus on the things the enemy is doing, what feeds him ,what his fears are, his actions, who his enemies are, etc.

surgeon general’s warning : “Attempts at gun-totin, threatening, macho posturing on the net may lead to self-hating, gossipy , closet faggotry.”
6th grade slam book questions like

“Love or hate so and so?”

“ghetto or PLE?”

“drive-by’s or picnics?”

“Hitler or OJ”?

“Rap or heavy metal?” “Boots and braces, or suit?”
As if there weren’t choices outside those presented.
These (short-bus) grade school paradigms/false choices rarely think “outside the box”, for they are very invested in the status quo. Why ? because it HASN’T been working for us,thus it is great for the enemy.

false dilemma (false dichotomy)

The false dilemma is a fallacy of reasoning that omits consideration of all reasonable alternatives.Sometimes called the either-or fallacy, one poses what looks like a true dilemma–I must pick one or the other–when, in fact, there are other alternatives. (There can be false trilemmas, etc.)

yeah- that’s the thread, it gets worse as the pages turn , as it attracts trolly-types who circled like vultures which shows me they were very threatened by this thread for some reason,claiming nationalism, but posting like illiterate morons, full of logical fallacies and games, painting us with a “Deliverance” brush, and calling me an ‘elitist” for wanting people to use the spell-checker- which leads me to think there is something to it.. The two that gave me the most trouble, they don’t even live in the US, or they have some fake-IP dealie/proxy. In any case, that particular nightmarish thread was instrumental in me deciding to get better at what I am good at, (it would sure suck if I were on boards claiming to be one of these tough, mean-avatar-having “escape from LA , bad-ass, TSHTF” guys and was trying to act the bad ass on forums -or worse, the ‘I’ll beat your ass’ cyber-threats.
Making the distinction between “Barney rainbow world” and Reality is not hateful. if you notice , “hey dogs can’t fly”, no one says “OMG, you’re a species-ist!” However if you persist in calling dogs names all day like cur, b*tch, etc.. and ALL you do is point out what they can’t do and the bad things they do.
“I saw another dog, peeing on a lamp post!” 
“Damn dogs, chasing cats and digging up flower gardens!”

oj golf

“we set all the dogs free under the Canine Emancipation Act and look what happened, they ransack garbage cans, run in packs,bite the hand that feeds them…this one dog ate a toddler …etc., etc”.

Well, that will make us , like I have said many times before, one dimensional, and dwelling on the negative. Call it what you will, negativity, hate, anger… I am not saying we don’t have the RIGHT to be these things, but I am talking about harnessing it, using it sparingly instead of drowning ourselves in it. Normal people out there don’t like that stuff. It comes across as low-class, uneducated, trashy, unsavory, pathetic, one-dimensional, boring, negative- none of this says “Hey, WN is a good place to be!” but speaks to distrust, dysfunction, disturbed.
So come on, let’s change this, let’s work on ourselves, let’s not forget who we are, so whatever we end up saving isn’t in name only ..I want it to be real because hardly anything is anymore- we once had things that were eternal , full of wonder and grace, and we were also those things. It cannot be all just window dressing, we are going to have to WORK, and hone our skills, prob do some boring stuff, and try new things, I caught a lot of hell in that aforementioned thread for what I thought was common sense , and was by turn thanked and insulted, but those seeds have taken root, and I will continue to water them and care for them as long as I can.

2 thoughts on “Language of “hate”:Living down to WN stereotypes, posturing

  1. David says:

    Interesting post. I have long said that the best part of the WN organization I am with continually stresses ‘Positive Mental Attitude’. It’s not lip service but a way of life. Now in your post you reference the word ‘hate’. A friend of mine adressed the use of that word within his organization in paticular. I beleive that his words are applicable even more broadly in the WN movememnt such as you addressed in the post. Like many other words in these battles of ideas in the War Against Whites, ‘hate’ has been corrupted by our enemy so as to disarm our collective racial self-preservation system. The juden are most effective in this and have literally been perfecting it for centuries.

    My friends post is below, enjoy!

    The word ‘hate’ has been politicized and gotten a bad rap, much in the same way the word ‘gay’ used to mean happy.
    From the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary:

    HATE, v.t. [L. odi, for hodi.]

    1. To dislike greatly; to have a great aversion to. It expresses less than abhor, detest, and abominate, unless pronounced with a peculiar emphasis.

    How long will fools hate knowledge? Prov.1.

    Blessed are ye when men shall hate you. Luke 6.

    The Roman tyrant was contented to be hated, if he was but feared.

    2. In Scripture, it signifies to love less.

    If any man come to me, and hate not father and mother, &c. Luke 14.

    He that spareth the rod, hateth his son. Prov. 13.

    HATE, n. Great dislike or aversion; hatred.

    As you can see the word ‘hate’ does not suggest homicidal mania or pathological racism. Therefore, it should NOT be confused with anger or rage. Biblical and traditional ‘hate’ is simply opposition to something. I used to take great delight, when running for political office, by saying that ‘hate’ was a family value and that children should be taught to hate what God hates. You should have seen the smoke coming out of the pointy ears of human rights groups! The Knights is called a ‘hate group’ because it is opposed to those antichrist elements that destroy the White Christian family unit (with malice). ‘Hate’ can be a positive energy when applied to evil, but is often not recognized as a discpline for good. Children, like puppy dogs, need discipline in order to know what the rules are, although a dog probably needs a repetition of the word ‘NO’ a thousand times more. The societal problem arises with whose standard of rules are going to be imposed upon whom. When our children have to deal with unruly non-Whites out there in the real world, they should be instructed by their parents to just say “NO” to baggy pants and backward baseball caps or whatever else that wars against our [white]culture and future. There may be other ‘White Power’ groups out there that never get beyond the “I hate jooze and neggers” mentality and don’t balance their lives with love for God and their own kind; their white brothers and sisters. The Knights instill instruction in righteousness to its members and their families and that is how we will be victorious to the glory of God. “And be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God” Romans 12:2.

  2. Just some utter tripe I just read:
    “In the context of America’s struggle with a racial divide, color wasn’t really important, and for that we can be thankful.” says mcelroy, some hack who writes BS for zombies

    What a crock. This is full of all the ex post facto racial feel-good niceties that one might say at a funeral. “Oh, doesn’t he look good- they did such a great job.” when….he’s DEAD. Cue up the Danny Elfman ‘Desperate Housewives’ intro and get ready for the narration, McWussyboy-

    The lies we tell ourselves every day in order to cope- only it’s not like telling oneself “this fattening cookie doesn’t count if I eat it standing up..”- he is trying to make it seem like not only YOU believe it, but we ALL believe it. It’s all part of the Emperor’s Race-as-social-construct New Clothes- everyone else can see if we have been eating too many cookies, but this guy is telling you, no , no you actually can’t can’t tell because Good People- as defined by schmucks like him who define reality for you- are saying Good People Say Race Isn’t Important- Good People Say…We can TRANSCEND the cookies and the resultant fat! Good, nice people say “you look wonderful!” because to say otherwise just isn’t Nice- So we see these articles, and pat ourselves on the back, and when we see enough of these redundant, zoloftianly-tainted articles, we eventually will feel ok watching Oprah again, without any of that bad cobbinsian angry/repulsive aftertaste- because McBS said everything is beautiful once more.

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