Michael Seifert

An 83-year-old former SS prison guard who was sentenced to life in prison in Italy for Nazi war crimes was jailed near Naples Saturday, hours after he was extradited from Canada.

story here:


So this guy Seifert , living a quiet life, not bothering anyone, gets carted away in the sunset of his years, while one of his kamerades, well, he gets to take pictures of sunsets…



The ones who turn into Jews, they aren’t interested in them. A story I posted about back in 2005- I suppose they are not going after him.


this guy lives about 20 minutes away, if that, if he is still around.


Now 82 ( in 2005) , the San Mateo resident reflected back on his life, and the events that led him to become the person he is today.

His early childhood years in Canada have left him with almost no trace of a German accent.

Beier, who spent several years of his life as a foot soldier in World War II fighting for a regime he did not believe in, converted to Judaism at the age of 78.

“I’m a happier man as a Jew,” he said. “I definitely feel that it’s given me a belief system that I feel comfortable with.”

“There was a crack this wide in the door of the cattle car,” he said, putting his hands close together to demonstrate. “And this guy tapped me on the shoulder. In good German, he said, ‘Can I go take a leak?’ I said, ‘Are you crazy?’ So he convinced me. Then I said, ‘If you get out and run, you know I have to shoot you.’ He said, ‘Yes.’

Yep “California Nazi’s” don’t make waves, they just take pictures of them

 (see photo credits)  Nice work,  I know that place Asilomar, my father has attended many a conference there. Monterey is beautiful. Check out my own local photography link. That is, if the feds haven’t changed their mind about you.


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