I used to listen to this guy after midnight on the drive back home working the late shift  at Tower Books in the 80’s . I always liked talk radio, even when I understood next to nothing about politics, just to keep me awake (the Tower chain used to be open till midnight, by the time you picked up, vacuumed, and counted out the drawer and drove home , it would be close to  1 AM).I  tell this doofy personal tale to illustrate how long he has been on the air.  Yeah, he was researching for a book.

Dominatrix reported Bernie Ward, police say..

Full story at link


 Oakdale police determined that the AOL account belonged to Ward and contacted the FBI, which took over the case. A federal grand jury indicted Ward, a former Catholic priest, in September on two counts of possessing and distributing child pornography using the Internet. After the indictment was unsealed in December, KGO-AM fired him from his job as a talk show host.

His attorney, Doron Weinberg, said the conversations Ward had with the woman consisted only of role playing as part of a book he was researching on hypocrisy.

“There are a lot of things in there that seem pretty outlandish, but they’re completely fabricated, just absolutely fabricated,” Weinberg said. “They have no truth. He thought he was role playing.”

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