On it’s face  it sounds good right, cost the f&^ked up  system money, right?  Well,  dig a little deeper-  and you will see..
Zionist Occupied Government makes Anti-War Hippie Berkeley City Council back down over  City Council not appreciating the “Be a ZOG COG ” recruitment/presence.  They City council backed down, and changed their policy to boot. 


Zog : at least 2 + policy and dead kids – can’t put a price on them (and the city pays for the police and  mayhem – what a deal!)

Parents and University hippie town  : at least -2, and dead children-cost

Only the future..


The protest was over the City Council’s Jan. 29 statement that the Marines, who have a recruitment center downtown, are “unwelcome intruders.”

After 3 1/2 hours of public comment and debate, the council voted early Wednesday to back down from the statement.

To prevent similar controversies in the future, City Councilman Gordon Wozniak has proposed that every item submitted by the Peace and Justice Commission – where the Marines statement originated – undergo two readings by the council. Usually commission items need one reading.

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