I wrote this a few years back but it still holds true today- I’m trying to get a capitol protest together-like the one in 2006, but bigger if I can- I want people to bring flags and wear clothing representing their European ancestry. This event is not for re-hashing WW2 uniforms ,etc.


Illegals: The New Slavery

Who did slaves benefit? Wealthy landowners. Let us put aside for a moment that descendants of slaves today, though they are still for the most part, “not making it” in society, they are leagues away from shanty towns , mud huts , disease and starvation that is Africa. Most people these days would agree slavery was a very bad idea. However, many seem to be OK with illegals from Mexico who are little more than slaves themselves. Actually I believe the slaveholders of yore took care of their slaves better than today. For whatever abuses may have occurred, they lived upon private property and were beholden only to one Master- today’s illegals are like unrecognized ‘bastard children’, they can live on the plantation, whether or not they carry the Master’s name (citizenship), but they must work in order to reap the goodies that Master throws his “favorites”..Read and weep, White Man..


Today slavery is government sanctioned. Sure we “pay’ illegals, but not much, and we don’t have to worry about it when they break their leg or have a baby, the state will take care of them. get found out for having an illegal nanny? Oh well, pay a fine and ship her back, no big deal! Its almost as if the government said, You know,. those Africans really didn’t make good slaves after all, besides, I have a better idea, how about we just have mass slavery with a smaller and less uppity people, whom we can better control, what do you guys think? yeah but who? Asians? nah too far away, not physically strong enough.

Well hey what about Mexico, they are always jumping the border anyway, lets just let ’em in!

(Remember the Taco Bell ad slogan of a few years ago “Run for the border!”, who were they addressing, us, or them?)

One can only imagine the neo-con round table discussion

“If it was a snake it would have bit me Ted! But do you think people will really put up with all of them coming over here, using the welfare/medi-caid/foodstamp/section 8 housing system and not complain?”

“Well, the majority of the states won’t even notice for a while, so that buys us some time. Do you realize how much we are going to save in employee benefits and wages with those guys? They will work for peanuts,

and they can get everything else they need from the state. We’re not going to pay their health and education and shelter, Joe and Sally six pack are! Pretty cool huh? oh and think how many Union workers we can get rid of with these guys!? I think I need a raise George..”

But, what do we do when we have more ‘slaves” than plantation owners?

What do we do when the folks paying for the living, educational, crime and health expenses for said slaves starts adding up to millions, if not billions of dollars. When school programs such as art and music, speech therapy must be reduced or cut altogether to pay for these things, along with free lunches, ESL classes and other remedial help these people will need and use to their limit. And what if someday Illegals want to become legit? What if the “benefits” gravy train stops? Then what? Do we really expect the government that can’t seem to keep them out to round them up and send them back? Or are we stuck with a hungry, sick, disenfranchised group that is growing every second? a poverty class walking a tightrope over 3rd world conditions?

America, the great exploiter? We talk so much about being “fair and balanced” ( or is that Fox News that says that all the time?).. but if I wanted to live and work in Europe, would I be granted paid health care, welfare assistance , be it in cash or food stamps, housing assistance, all of this and not have to pay taxes, let alone come over into their land about to have a baby and expect them to pay for the birth? I don’t think so. By the same token, I would not want to live in sub-standard conditions, take care of other people’s kids all day or clean their house, and get paid peanuts, as well as probably being treated at best with indifference, at worst with possible abuse.

“Oh Gloria? She won’t say anything, she’s un-documented you see…”

Want to know who likes Illegal immigration? People like Paris Hilton, whose daddy owns a huge chain of hotels, of which I would bet boasts a steady stream of illegals in room cleaning ,laundry, dishwashing, food service, room service, heck, just about everything except maybe making the reservation and front desk. People who produce and direct Hollywood movies, and also need cheap labor to build sets and cater their events. These are people who have no concept of doing things for themselves. No concept of blood and soil. All the way from growing, cooking and serving their food, to taking care of their children to washing their own dishes, cars and dogs.

Who loves illegal aliens?

People who need slaves.

However, in days of old, It was understood that each person who was sent to serve, whether it be the Egyptians or sewing/housekeeping girls in poorest London, was sent on their own, not the entire family. IT was tit for tat, a service for lodging basically… Now however, whatever we are getting is certainly NOT worth all that they are consuming.. It is like watching a Jacques Cousteau episode, where the bottom feeders are hanging on to the whale, leeching its blood and moving on, and the whale does not notice… However, now there are so many bottom feeders, the whale is starting to tire and feel ill. That whale, my comrades, is you and I, the taxpayers.

They don’t come here wanting to assimilate, to ‘be like us”, they want us to adopt their culture and traditions, yet keep going to work to support Lupe and her 7 kids. Its truly a self-destructing cycle : the more of them come, the less the quality of life is for us, the less decent paying jobs there are for us, property values drop precipitously, healthcare, educational system burden, disease, and so on.. the more of them that come, the less desirable the place becomes, simply by their mere presence. Try to keep in mind; we don’t owe these people anything.

What we should do is get the hell out of Iraq and spend millions conducting raids on illegals, building electric fences, high walls and hire sentry guards. In a few years, it will pay for itself in dollars, but our improved quality of life is priceless, is it not? I would much rather fund this than this war. Cheaper produce is NOT worth it, use smaller farmers, organic, or grow your own. Local food co-ops. Cheap nannies and housekeepers are NOT worth it. Hire a friend’s daughter or even a younger grandma who needs extra money. Get a couple teenagers to get away from their Nintendo’s to help with yard work, lawn mowing, rather than illegal “landscapers”.

Or bite the bullet and learn how to do things yourself. Or hire an American, God forbid! Or, learn to live in so that you do not need the assistance of illegal aliens to take care of all these things for you. If you live in such a way that you would hire illegals to do everything for you, you are indeed, a slaveholder. How UN-PC is that? These people leave their 8 and 9 year old at home in charge so they can watch your child or clean your house, do you feel good about that? Or does it not matter as long as its not you at home doing it? And what about child labor itself. No doubt in less conspicuous work, where no one is really watching, there are children working in the fields picking grapes. Not feeling so superior to Kathie Lee now, are we?

Stop hiring them. Period. They may still get welfare, but it will provide one less incentive. Fax congressmen ,(insert numbers USA website) let them know you are displeased and will lose your vote, they know one fax represents more than just one person, but a demographic of disgruntled tax payers. They DO listen.

Try to avoid buying things that support industries that hire them/condone/ignore abuses. Like Home Depot for one.

Research them and take a look at things that they use; social programs, various forms of assistance they use if they cannot get welfare, find out which politicians support those things and vote them out. (they usually have names like “La Raza Family support center, these are fronts for helping illegals)..

Investigate reporting/accountability systems. Find out who is in charge, get names. Write letters of complaint that they are not doing their jobs, this way they know you know who they are,a dn this stuff gets saved and put in files.

Support minute men. Do whatever way you can to help out. Send 5 bucks, if you live close, take them food, and support companies who support them, if there are any brave enough to come forward. If you ARE a company who supports minute men or other border patrol orgs and does not support hiring illegals, please, come forward so we CAN patronize your business!

Don’t support this new form of slavery, it truly benefits no one – it is all about selfish, short term gratification of the very rich, yet even they need to be aware that not only is it ruining quality of life for the rest of us, it is exploiting the poor, making more poor out of the rest of us legitimately here.

My grandparents came here and worked, started businesses, scraped and bought property, sacrificed. They didn’t come here against the laws of the land and expect to reap benefits without sweat of their brow… for them, America was the land of opportunity not opportunism.

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