This dude thinks the Vatican is offing Jews. Wow. Wacky. In the audio he starts rambling  about kooky stuff like this new  Germanic/Roman Empire plan to get the jews out of israel, something about Kaiser Wilhelm something.. British Zionists, Nazis, Sabatayans? (sp?)  this and that, (I can’t even follow  a lot of this, but maybe you can) and the Vatican is supposed to be behind all this. Yeah you can read some of this on this other guy’s blog link , but to get the ‘ full monte’  of  paranoia  you  have to hear the audio. He even says the  Lubavitch’s are being victimized ( yep,  the same ones of illuminati banking, we-control-the-world Luba’s ).. How is anyone getting to these people with the walls , guards, money they have? I kind of think this dude is seriously delusional but still OK enough to say “get my book” !


One thought on “Tin-Foil Yarmulke

  1. Joe Wilson says:

    Must be writing for Little Green Footballs. I guess there is a lunatic fringe for everyone.

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