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Oh my. More-obnoxious-than-usual jewy soundclip anyone ?
Hmm, is it ONIONS  who  have been driven out of every country since time immemorial?

You won’t know when to turn off the sound capture device with this gem-

Apparently this is from a blog (or site) called “nobody likes onions”. it is sooo Jewy you can practically catch the reek of lox and bagels… in this one they play clips from a family that appeared on the Tyra Banks show (i think they are Aryan Nations people, but not sure)and say ” I hope their daughter..(obligatory ..) with a black ” I won’t print what they really said, but that family would not be pleased. I can’t even believe the stuff they say, and the uhhh, ‘colorful language’- The hosts even say “yeah we cheat , use and steal but at least we do it legally”.They talk about taking percentages of stufff, mafioso-jew style…Anyway, their tagline is below, and they weren’t kidding around. They also think they will be put in camps again.. with lines like “in 2007, killing jews is frowned upon, ten years from now, it will be like killing a puppy…awww”… these are actual jews saying this! I mean, perhaps my experience with the Chosen is fairly limited out here (“there’s no jews in San Francisco, Cartman!” ) but these guys make Howard Stern look almost wholesome.. Oy. Worth the download.

“It Just doesn’t get any better than this folks. Whenever we get the chance to offend multiple groups on the basis of disability, race and religion, it’s what we call a podcasting hat trick. There’s no better way to start your weekend than by listening to this gem. We deal with the real issues here […] ”

This is the two , kind of a “Drake and Josh” of  Jewy hosts (the code/image thing isn’t working for some reason , have a link )

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