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Celebrate Adversity: Anniversary of Christian/Newsom Torture, Slayings

                    A year ago this night, 2 young people were taken in the night and viciously tortured , sexually abused and mutilated and eventually killed when there was no further use for them or their gang of killers grew tired of playing with them- much as a cat grows tired of playing with a mouse and finally snuffs out what little life remains in it, or leaves it to die.

I think about how these last few weeks must have been hell for the parents, having children myself, one almost grown. It is too horrific to even comtemplate or try to envision  how the parents make it every day,  their grief multiplied many times over knowing that their children’s deaths weren’t  one of those accidents that happen out of the blue, and  victims “didn’t know what hit them”. No, these kids were probably praying for these monsters to be done with them and put them out of their misery, or at least to stop the torture and leave them , perhaps to live, perhaps to die, but end the cruelty.

2007 would be the Christian and Newsom’s first Christmas without Channon and Chris,, and the realization that ALL Christmases will to a greater or lesser extent,  be filled with a sense of  hollowness and mourning.  There are some things that all the prayer groups and singing just don’t take away, and if there is anything that qualifies, this has got to be in the top 3- having your child tortured, burned, raped, shot, forced to drink poisonous chemicals, left to suffocate (I am consolidating some of what they suffered, and there is probably more the police didn’t see any purpose in releasing to the public).  You start to understand how people comfort themselves by repeating mantras like : “they’re in a better place now”  or ” they aren’t suffering” , “No one can hurt them now”, etc. Americans like comforting, feel-good phrases.  Especially average, white Americans.

What is the alternative, after all? Anger?  Rage? Oh certainly from some of the things I read, that was there as well- but people have been scared into thinking even completely justifiable rage  can be transformed into  “hate” or “racism”, made-up terms which nbot only take away the victim’s right to be  angry , it takes away the ability of the victim to  be pissed off at the whole murderer, not only at the crime itself, as if the race existed separately , absolutely had no role it it.  “Hate the sin, not the sinner” crapula .

     Come ON. Even the most whining, excuse-laden , social-program-loving liberals would say “it’s a result of the oppression and poverty, lack of education, blah blah blabbity blah”…. and they always say that stuff is OK to be racial, in fact that stuff is said  pretty much exclusively minorities . They try to blame it all on  society, “if they weren’t poor, they wouldn’t have done that, if they had a father, if the schools were “accountable for education” and other such high-lather blather. You can’t have it both ways, race either counts or it doesn’t (whatever the excuses are) , and in my view , when you justifiably hate someone for KILLING YOUR CHILDREN, you hate ALL of them, race IS a part of who we are, in EVERY SENSE. Historically, biologically, socially, and many other ways.

That is why the concept of “hate crime” or “hate this or that” is such crap. You cannot seperate race from an individual. It is not like switching brands of cola or automobile.  Like it or not, your race IS part of who you are. Make up your mind- either run from it or don’t, but don’t one minute say “race had nothing to do with it” (whee!) then when confronted with crime stats, start with the litany of “social this” and “Inequity That”.. BS.

And, if you happen to be a violence-prone person with little to no impulse control, you better get yourself to a med-i-cal  Dr and get on some meds or get the heck out of normal society , you know the ones where people have toliets and bookstores and go back to ….well, uncivilized society where that serves you well,  you know, hunting and killing.  Yeah , yeah, gimme the old “white serial killer” crud, and   I’ve made this point before- that is the EXCEPTION, not the RULE with US. (The whole “Well, I know this one black guy and he’s OK” – don’t you see how that just ILLUSTRATES MY POINT?!) . You can’t expect to do heinous acts in a civilized society and think people aren’t going to be pissed off, and yes, want an eye for an eye. Only the State won’t truly give an eye for an eye, they  just hang you, shoot you, or put you to sleep. If we’re NOT going to be a civilized society, then heck, it’s Civil War time again, except this time it’s not about states. It’s about state of mind, and behavior and being an animalistic, violence-prone , low-IQ , criminal defective, guaranteed to make more like themselves, and how the time has come to make this UNACCEPTABLE.

WHY did these kids , these normal , everyday kids have to DIE so viciously ? Why did they “have” to die at ALL? Ask  George Thomas, Lemaricus Davidson, Vanessa Coleman, Eric Boyd and Letalvus Cobbins

We don’t want more of this savagery, for  that is what it is. I can’t write a saccharin memorial about all the great things Channon and Chris were  or what they could have been- I KNOW those things, those kids are OUR kids too, the way I see it. It is too late to go on about how wonderful they were when there are others to save- We KNOW it was a waste of precious and  not only regular old  human life, but  good, healthy, smart, nice-to-be-around kids.  I would have pulled over and helped those kids any day of the week, I would let those kids, total strangers into my home, and fed them dinner because I would have the innate sense they were good, not dangerous and it would be my duty to help them. Going to be honest, I wouldn’t for their black equivalent. It’s not hate, it’s common sense, I would be AFRAID to help them, that it would be some sort of scam if they acted like they needed help, and many times , it WOULD have been.  Stop acting like this and people wil stop THINKING stuff like this.

  The atrocities and violence HAVE to stop, period (not to mention the daily  crime-there’s  really poor people in Euro countries and they are not stealing, bank-robbing, raping, ditching their children on grandparents for crack, and so on.). Not having great opportunities  is not having a license to kill.  Believe it or not, lots of White people have poverty stricken , crappy lives and guess what? They aren’t out doing drive bys or raping and robbing en masse.  This is NOT the way we live. The whole “revenge on Whitey’s children” has to end. 

    White Murder  does not “make up for slavery” – if anything, this behavior is only proof positive some people DO belong in captivity,- prison,  or in the wild, not amongst people who just want to live their lives and contribute to their community (waa waa, some groups are over-represented in prisons, it must be Whitey’s fault, cause everything is! Cause they couldn’t ALL be guilty, COULD they? ) . You’re not some swashbuckling hero or Spartan because you  commit heinous crimes against normal white  people living their lives.  Want to kill people ? Join the military if you want to be a killing machine, don’t pick on unarmed, normal,  non-violent people , you psychos. Don’t tell me those kids got the ‘full metal torture and death” and their being white had nothing to do with the level of viciousness exacted upon them.  It is highly unlikely they even had more than the usual white kid level of predjudice, if any- but that is not the POINT!  The point is you just DON’T DO THAT TO PEOPLE! Only ANIMALS maul and rend people like that. Perhaps animals are not even that as cruel as this gang of thugs were to Channon and Chris.

     I hope the parents attend the trial, and the jury looks at them and realizes there is truly no payback that can  help these people as far as what is to be done with the killers, torturers, rapists, etc…The way their deaths would not be in vain is for them to become martyrs in a sense- that this is not allowed to happen again, and again, and again, across our nation, to our children, under the whole “White People put up with Anything  Amendment (and shut up about it).”  I cry for you, parents of Channon and Chris-you too are victims of a society that tells us “we are all the same”, “love and forgive everyone” , perhaps even “good Christians don’t get mad or  get even, they just pray and love and forgive even harder”…

        Yeah sure, the next obligatory statement is “bad people come in all colors” , but you know- more bad people come in some colors than in others, statistically speaking. It’s just a fact. You’re more likely on the bad side of town (and we all know what “bad side of town ” is code for) to become a victim of any crime, than you are to meet up with a Henry Rollins or Jeff Dahmer, that is so unlikely to happen, and even those guys often prey upon those who AGREE to GO WITH THEM.  Aside from child-kidnappers, most “serial killer guys” do not  carjack. They prey upon  hitchhikers, women at bars at 2 am, prostitutes, etc. Oh yeah, there was the ONE guy, Berkowitz, I think he was the “lover’s lane” killer. Son of Sam, but even HE was an aberration- a jewish  serial killer, not your typical basement-dwelling  hollywood SK type.  Point being,  ANY minority neighborhood, a white person or couple, family, etc ., is likely to be harmed in some way, and we ALL know it. They kill themselves regularly- but it is especially heinous when it is totally innocent people who  die, especially the way Channon and Chris did. Oakland murder map.

I’ve said it before, slavery was  a bad thing, it was horrible, even though my people were not even close to being in this country and had nothing to do with it, I say “We” because I am white.  We should have never taken slaves, (even though  Euros have enslaved  each other as well as blacks doing the same in their homeland) not only was it wrong, it wasn’t even worth it. However, that said,  “We” (count whatever Euro’s you want, Im speaking of Pilgrims, misc  Euro immigrants), “We” don’t like to live in a SAVAGE environment, having our kids raped, set of fire, shot, suffocated, etc. Think this was just “an isolated incident?”  WTF does that phrase mean? Every incident is a separate incident, but they all ADD UP. Get it? What about the Robby Hedrick case in NY? He was a lot luckier than Channon and Chris, but he is permanently damaged nonethless. What do ya know? Yet another “ISOLATED INCIDENT”..

14-year old Robby
> Hedrick, who is White, was savagely beaten by 16-year old Joseph
> Williams, who is Black and more than twice Robby’s size. As a result of
> the attack, Robby has had three bones in his face broken, including the
> ‘orbit’ bone, leaving a large hole between his eye socket and his sinus
> cavity. Doctors have told Robby’s mother that her son will have
> permanent vision problems. Robby’s friend, who is also White, was also
> beaten during the attack by another Black boy.

We are all paying for this UN-ISOLATED- in fact, downright redundantly redundant constant stream of violence, we pay in so many ways, fear, quality of life, financially supporting the prison system, theft, welfare, section 8, foster care, crack babies in hospitals, pregant teens with no father in sight- but the worst is paying in our children’s BLOOD. That is the ultimate price that the Christian and Newsom family have paid, they have paid  twice over, as their children have paid with their lives, and “We” (White people) pay in all these other ways, constantly.  Are you tired of it, White Man? is it “hate” to not want this in your life, let alone have there be excuses made for it again and again and YOU’RE the Bad Guy for not liking it? What kind of alternate nutso universe is this, anyway? Sorry , but this kind of shyt was not in the Rainbow Hug Truth and Forgiveness Picnic! and Yeah, I’m a “hater” too for pointing out the TRUTH. One day people are going to not care about being called names over valuing their safety and that of their children.

The next obligatory predictable drivel goes like this: “oh she’s just ‘using’ this horrible “isolated incident’ to spew her ‘racist rhetoric’ blah blah, the apologetics for murder will say. Ya know, you’re WRONG. If this case were an EXCEPTION to certain groups behavior you would have a point, but it ISN’T and you DON’T.

     Now what? You can only call names. “haterhaterracistnazibigotkkkblahblahblah”… because you KNOW what I am saying is true and there is no argument.  Those kids are decaying in their graves,their last moments on earth filled with pain and  fear-  their parents lives are no doubt full of pain and grief, as well as other family and friends. It’s REAL, MAN. GET IT? It’s not about some made-up pansy-ass PC  name-calling crap! One day, enough of us will take the chance to say what we REALLY feel, to value our kids normal, non-violent civilization and admit that YES,  RACE always HAS and STILL HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT.  It has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT. It may suck to realize that and ruin all your egalitarian dreams, but it’s f*cking true.

   As I try and sleep , I will be thinkiing about what was happening to those kids, a year ago today, probably as I type this at 130 AM , Jan 6 , 2008- , as they were taken late at night , and Channon was kept alive for a couple days. I cannot even imagine the suffering they went through, and as I went through my own personal BS this Christmas, I thought of Channon and Chris’ parents and how I don’t have room to cry over my own losses, when theirs are so great. I say “my” and “their”, but in the bigger picture, the loss of Channon and Chris is “Our” loss too, in a larger sense, our “family” too- We are nowhere near Tenn, but we are tax-paying, law abiding, caring for our kids and our neighbor type people, and yes, we are White People. We are not strung out carjackers, rapists, and murderers. We don’t think, “Hmm, 101 uses for a white girl”.. (and for blacks willing to also stand up against this crap, good for them, they shouldn’t side with murderers- OJ was a one shot deal-  )

Get civilized or get the F*&k out.

6 thoughts on “Celebrate Adversity: Anniversary of Christian/Newsom Torture,Slayings

  1. truthseeker1234 says:


    I find your article really interesting since it presented a different point of view that attempts to get closer to the truth. I cannot verify your claims regarding “blacks being a more violent race” statistically since I have neither the time nor the inclination to research the topic. (but I suggest you do if you really want to strengthen your argument)

    Let’s assume that “black violence” is not a result of media skewing (black crimes being reported more in the media) nor a result self-prophetic overanalysis. (we think blacks do more crime – therefore we analyze the black population to such an extent with bias to our thoughts that we only see the facts which prove what we want while ignoring other facts. See this “Paul is Dead” site for a PERFECT example of self-prophetic overanalysis)

    Anyway assuming “black violence” is a truth then you are justified in your argument which state that race indeed plays a role in “who we are”.

    Upon first reading of this article I instantly thought you were another deluded racist individual which blindly pins blame for situations on whatever the hot scapegoat is. As I read further though I sensed something greater than just projection and rantings – a sensibility to argue from both sides of a situation. I highly respect that since pure truth is like finding gold nuggets in mounds of dust – it takes a constant amount of sifting and re-evaluation until the treasure is found and the illusion surrounding it removed.

    I’ve lived in the general bay area region for my whole life and people around here do have a consensus that Oakland is mostly black and mostly violent. No matter how you try to argue against this though the fact remains that more murders happen in this region and there is a strong corrolation between blacks and violence. The more I try to think of thoughts to argue that this phenomenon is independent of race the more I meet with resistance. Therefore I will entertain the point of view presented by you.

    Given your point is true then why is it that certain groups of people often exhibit certain traits or are subject to certain events? One other example I can think of are the Jews. For all of history Jews have been rejected for every reason under the sun. What is even more disturbing is that the reasons often contradict each other and thus have no logical basis in truth. This site elaborates on this:

    The “black violence” phenomena seems to be of the same substance. Why are blacks often associated with violence in America? Is this the case all over the world? If so then why like the jews do they have this stigma attached to them? Why does a certain group of people come with certain attributes?

    This question hurts the mind to think about but I found some interesting tidbits from my arsenal of new age beliefs to consider. They require a VERY large step in thought though but I urge you to try them out and see if any intuitive truth bells ring for you.

    Assume that…
    1) We do reincarnate
    2) Before reincarnation people CHOOSE who they want to be
    3) The universe is reflective in nature – you will get what you give (akin to playing tennis against a wall. The tennis ball reacts in accordance to how you hit the wall with it. Hard hits result in hard rebounds. Soft hits result in soft rebounds. etc…) Your actions will sow specific results. The results are without attribution. (they are not good, bad, right, wrong, etc…) Live by the sword die by the sword is one example. The action of taking another’s life is inherently neutral if examined on the highest level. People have taken other’s lives for all reasons possible throughout all of history which are right and wrong. Right and wrong are relative concepts though, they are attributes and therefore right and wrong do not really exist. One person’s right can be another’s wrong and vice versa. People have fought wars for liberty and for “good” while others have fought wars to reap revenge and “evil”. Thus everything is just an action which sows a reflective response. If you kill then the universe will respond by killing you. Thus you are free to choice what you want. If you want hate breed hate. If you want love breed love. The universe is neutral regarding your choices. The rewards for being good or punishments for being bad are all of man’s creations. If the universe is left to run without us labelling and attributing we will find it is a neutral entity. The universe doesn’t shower gold and jewels upon people who do good things and the universe doesn’t instantly swath evildoers with plagues and poison and instant death.

    Given the above are true we can derive 4, which will be the core explanation of why certain groups have certain traits.

    3) In order to fulfill the universe’s law of reflection actions must be reflected. Given the short timespan of a lifetime though in comparison to the history of time the reflection of an action may not take place in the same frame of life that the action was taken. Thus the reseponse of a certain action may take place many lifetimes away from when the action was taken. Since the universal law must be fulfilled certain events must be guaranteed on earth before a soul reincarnates for a soul to fulfill their karma – their response to their action. A group with certain attributes would need to be created if a group of certain people chose the same action. Thus all people who killed in a past life would need to belong in a group which would get killed in a later life. Thus certain groups with certain attributes exist to fulfill the universe’s law. In essence if you were violent before you will reincarnate as black and black is a group created by the universe to fulfill this karma. If you did not want to be black you didn’t have to be since you picked who you were going to be before birth. This does NOT mean being black is bad. Being black is just the response to the action of being violent in the past. Same thing with Jews. Jews are only persecuted because in the past they persecuted others. Thus if you choose to persecute others in this life you may become Jewish in the next. This does NOT mean being jewish is bad. Being jewish is also the response of your past actions of persecution.

    Since universal laws prevail you must face the response of any action you undertake. Thus by experiencing the results of your actions you are given the power to choose what you want more distinctly. By experiencing the total sum of all experience the universe can offer you are well equipped to choose the one you want for yourself. The choice are attributeless and neutral as well. The choices have different payoffs but that doesn’t mean the greatest payoff is the right choice. All responses are equally correct. Conversations with God makes this point succintly: – under CwG’s basic messages:

    a) We are all One.
    b) There’s Enough.
    c) There’s Nothing We Have [an obligation] to Do.
    d) Ours Is Not A Better Way, Ours Is Merely Another Way.

    Groups with attributes only exist to make the Universe’s job easier. If a certain group of people did action x, then the universe needs to create a group which will experience the response y of an action x. The people who are constantly in war zones maybe were warmongers in their past lives. The people who are constantly poor may have been oppressive in their past lives. A group of executive tyrants may be reborn as a group of poor Ethiopians or Indians.

    This response is shocking and may be untrue but I think it offers an alternative explanation to why certain groups are certain ways. If anything truth is found through exploration and questioning. The gold just doesn’t sift itself out of the mud – effort must be expended to find it. Maybe it is fact that certain races and groups are “better”. But “better” DOES NOT MEAN better – it is merely an alternate choice. Being “a good person” DOES NOT make one “good”. Being “a bad person” DOES NOT make one “bad”. These are mainly choices with appropriate responses and we choose which one we want.

    There are people who love pain and there are people who would consciously choose evil. We make choices every day and according to OUR standards of good and evil we make both choices. In universal standards though all is one and there is no such thing as attribution. Thus racism is a form of projection. Projection is the belief that the world MUST CONFORM TO ONE CERTAIN WAY. The universe does not support this view. The universe lets all people choose what they want and will dish out the consequences equally. The tennis ball is the choice and the universe is the wall. Your life will be the result of what you make it. Thus the advice to “choose wisely” is somewhat misguided in my opinion. Choosing wisely is only choosing what you want.

    I guess the ultimate point of this long post was that everything is one and without attribute. This breaks you from the cycle of suffering. This is not submission – this is acceptance of the nature of the universe. Buddha stated succintly that the cause of all suffering is ignorance. Ignorance is the inability to see things the way they are, inability to see the truth. Once we see the truth that the universe is merely a response board for the actions we’ve made this life or in the past do we see the bigger picture of why these things happen.

  2. (sorry for typos, whenI get on a roll I go pretty fast!)
    Wow, thanks for the long comment, not sure if I understand the “everything is without attribute” statement- by this do you mean “fault”? I most decidedly don’t agree to the “One certain way” philosophy (those are your words and interpretation of my beliefs, not mine) , but do agree that nature put us in various parts of the world for a reason. Evolution and traits happen for reasons- you can call it “attribution” , I don’t look at it as fault, just nature. Being a certain way is more advantageous given natural surroundings- how one is naturally adapted to survive in one’s NATURAL environment (millions of years in the making, mind you). As far as your saying “nature is reflective”, again, not in my experience , I think nature does respond- but that it also dictates a hell of a LOT of what we are and do, for good and evil, but we can try to a degree to contain it-

    You speak of the “one certain way” and how you dont believe in that. Well, if you believe in all the ‘diversity” propaganda and how it is so wonderful,then you would want to preserve diversity rather than the eternal “melting pot” concept and encourage people to stay and make their own places good places to be, doesnt mean it has to be “like America” , it can mean things as simple as clean water and stop killing and sometimes eating each other. Stop making more children than you can feed, that most likely will die of starvation and disease anyway. Making life better rather than simply existing or simple subsistence. “Better” doesn’t mean vulgar consumerism. “Better” in my view is not the American excess, the disgusting over-consumption and continous materalism and quest for more expensive, fancier, etc.. So don’t think that is what Nationalist people dream pf, a shopping mall full of White people playing the old MTV (pre-rap) . I would highly doubt that is the ideal for most Nationalist minded folk.

    I realize some are just hopelessly not smart enough , or have access to birth control, but prob a good percentage COULD take some small steps to make things better WHERE THEY ARE , rather than simple thinking just going somewhere else (where the whites fix/run stuff) to take care of everything- that doing, being and having everything White’s do, are and have fixes it all. The answer is NOT simply just hang on Whitey’s apron strings, follow Whitey around like a toddler with separation-anxiety (Mexico) . No, it doesn’t, it simply leaves behind more messed up third world countries and shakes the balance of what we are trying to do here- soon we won’t be able to help anyone as the USA will be filled with the uncreative, hungry, not that smart, non-inventive, popverty stricken, etc , that the rest of us are expected basically to adopt and care for , thus taking away from the “world parent helper” role. That’s why we can’t help the whole world, and especialy not at once.

    Now, if more people like Oprah came forward, that WOULD HELP- the way she is building schools in Africa, helping at the source(s) (Mexico, and other messed up places) those people would be happier to stay there, and live by THEIR OWN LAWS and be around people like themselves. if you think your own people are great and love them, one shouldn’t have a problem with that, no? One shouldn’t need to drive a Lexus and imitate MTV rap stars, right? High IQ folks could go back to the business of developing cures for stuff , like we used to , rather than adventuring off to these messed up places and bringing back a Somali kid or photographing poverty and war and writing newspaper pieces about how awful it is there. It’s going to take BOTh sides to work it out. We have to get back to the business of making stuff better, and they have to tone down the making stuff worse. Dumping ALL the undeveloped worrl’d problems at our doorstep will only destroy us all and prevent progress, not hasten it.

    I doubt I am in line with the Buddhist philosophy (or any “IST” , as unless self-described, calling someone an “IST” is something someone puts ON you , not always what that person truly IS, how they would describe themselves- not everyone fits neatly into pre-made defintions), or if I agree that suffering is ignorance (or borne out of such). I kind of see that philosophy as kind of an “oh well” , “So-what?” “why bother?, stuff it as it is, live nad let live, man” no offense, but kind of unmanly- Your take on reincarnation – meh- well, I used to want to believe that stuff too, in my youth and wicca period, just because it seemed like it was all part of the “golden rule” White people belief system, there is also somethihg very Judeo_Christian about your kind of reincarnation system. Hitler on life, Jew the next. Klansman one life, Black the next. Nah, too easy. Too Spielbergian for my tastes. I tend to think that you don’t come back as payback, but rather if there even is reincarnation, it would make more sense that one would have to keep coming back CLOSER to what one always was over and over, than thinking that the direct opposite would “fix the problem”.

    People tend to think in extremes, ignoring a continuum. I don’t think beng a black or a jew is some kind of karmic reincarnation thing. Because I believe racial memory exists (for me it does) , I would tend to believe one always was something (or similar) like what one is now, rather than life now is a response or result, reward or punishment for past life rights or wrongs. I don’t even believe that reincarnation or the life iof the spirit or soul has to occur sequentially- for example, something beyond simple reincarnation would be living more than one life at once sometimes you are aware of it, sometimes not, but as in most things, people usually ONLY operate out of the thinking parameters they are presented with “this is the reincarnation set up” , rather than ask “what about X? what if it were like “this”? try that for a “large step in thought” ( That sounded very condescending in your post BTW, I think plenty, thanks, I can most certainly keep up with you ).

    That past tyrant/future slave reincarnation stuff seems to me based on leftist wishy- washy dreams of how stuff should be in the “equality nether-world of virtual conquering/payback” but it sure doesn’t follow the “kill or be killed” animal Darwin law that the universe tends to follow(you know, which higher creatures such as ourselves are supposed to be above- but come on, leave anything out, someone will steal it, no matter how small, a bike, a bag of groceries, your children- people are animals, some more so than others. Not very fluffy-pie-in-the-reincarnated-Buddha-sky philosophic).

    I also don’t agree with your “there’s enough” (for whom? the blankly stare, procreate and eat and cause trouble, and destroy stuff- hey, it’s a FACT).. There’s NOT enough otherwise people would STAY where they were born and be happy there. They can’t make “enough” on their own, you name it, whatever the “it” is, they have screwed it up or are simply incapable- hence the immigration problem- sure , you’re Buddhist, you don’t think it’s a problem , it just “is” , well good for you. Many don’t agree with you , though, that there is endless milk and honey for all. Even if the super-rich scaled down, there wouldn’t be enough. You can call non-violent, cooperative places and people “alternate choices” all you want rather than “better”, but then, which one would you choose? Surely you choose one over the other because it IS better for YOU-

    However, I think I understand your one point, like when you talk about “better”, most knee-jerk name-callers are going to say something like “we’re all Gawd’s Chillun, you ain’t no better than no one else..” When God has nothing to do with your point, nor does “equality”. There’s different environments, and different creatures create atmospheres, for whatever reason, and it doesn’t always have to do with money. There’s a lot of money in NY, for example, yet it is still a highly violent place. Culture is part of race, traditions and how people treat each other (or SHOULD) is part of race, whether it is the style of handshake or greeting, or you know, not gunning each other down, not treating each other as disposable commodities- as you describe, and I see in your post, you name the jews as a threat, though from your point of view it would seem they are more like “smoking”, even second-hand (being bad for you) rather than playing with a cup of hydrochloric acid on a roller coaster (like other groups).

    I really am a very sweet, caring , kind person to those I love- to those who aren’t destroying my land, stealing taxpayer’s money on benefits they shouldn’t get as non-citizens, throwing away library books about my people’s history and achievements, to those who aren’t raping, robbing, killing, to those who are not invested in Whitey ALWAYS being the bad guy, the nerd, the psycho, the Evil Patriarchal Oppressor.. to those not victimizing my children in daily life, or wanting to send them to die in war, who aren’t promoting Bratz dolls and MTV trash, or controlling almost every medium there is to further only *their* agenda, those who don’t say, “hey I can get away with doing this in my part of the world, protect it, and kill those who cross my borders, but you USA people sure can’t” those who believe European culture and her people’s are worth something, and acknowledge it is WE who created the greatest things in civilization, and we don’t want to be destroyed in overnight in some mass foster-care of the whole world. Fini.

  3. truthseeker1234 says:

    Yes having detailed discussions through text is really hard given all the typing and the reading. I’ll try to comment on some key things on your response and if you want me to clarify anything please do. I greatly appreciate the time you took to read my comment and respond to it.

    >> Not sure if I understand the “everything is without attribute” statement- by this do you mean “fault”?

    I don’t mean fault. A yoga teacher from San Francisco presented this concept to me during a presentation. Attribution to me refers to the way we describe and label things. I.e. this cup is large, the sky is blue, my head is hurting, etc… She argued that everything is without attribute because each person interprets a specific object differently. For example if we both see a movie and I hate it but you loved it then the movie was either good or bad. Since we can’t agree on whether the movie is good or bad though then maybe the movie cannot be attributed as being good or bad. The movie just IS and it is us who interpret what the movie is.

    Another example is “the sky is blue.” On a sunny day everyone will pretty much agree the sky is blue and that would seem like an objective truth. If I took a toddler though who was colorblind and asked them “what color is the sky?” then they would not respond blue. Thus the sky may not have an attribute of blue since we cannot all agree on an objective interpretation of the color.

    Extending this further I think there is no such thing as “better” because better is also a relative term. It is better for us to take our health into our own hands while on the other hand it is better for the drug companies to keep us in fear and submission. Which one is correct? The concept of optimal payout is different in both group’s interpretation. I am not a Buddhist but from that analysis I think that everything is without attribute.

    >> No, it doesn’t, it simply leaves behind more messed up third world countries and shakes the balance of what
    >> we are trying to do here- soon we won’t be able to help anyone as the USA will be filled with the
    >> uncreative, hungry, not that smart, non-inventive, popverty stricken, etc , that the rest of us are
    >> expected basically to adopt and care for , thus taking away from the “world parent helper” role. That’s
    >> why we can’t help the whole world, and especialy not at once.

    and (at the end of your post)

    >> …… those who believe European culture and her people’s are worth something, and acknowledge
    >> it is WE who created the greatest things in civilization, and we don’t want to be destroyed in overnight
    >> in some mass foster-care of the whole world. Fini.

    They had an exact term for this “whites must take care of the world” concept that originated in the settling of the USA when it was occupied by the indians but the term escapes me. Anyway I think you may be taking too much responsibility onto yourself or your race by thinking that they must make the world better in some way. If not that I can understand your fear of the world being destroyed in your eyes due to the actions of others.

    Anyway, the responsibility of each person to improve themselves and their own surrounding falls solely on that person alone. The concept of personal responsibility. You are right that other nations cannot “depend on whitey” for getting all that they need – they must learn to solve their own problems and take care of themselves. Also on that same note I think if whites stopped thinking they had a “duty” to solve the world’s ills then they would be much happier instead of always thinking they must save the world from destruction.

    I wrote a blog on my site called “Projection is fear…” from my own observations about me and the world. I realized that I only wanted to change the world so much because I was scared of the world. I did not trust the world – I did not trust that people could change themselves for the better. I thought I was logically correct in my distrust because many of my attempts to change myself have failed. If I can’t change myself – how can I expect other people to change themselves? How can I expect myself to change others? I realized I can’t change other people but given the right motivators I can change myself. Fear is a horrible motivator for change – once you conquer the fear the motivation is gone as well. It is like people who exercise only when they learn they might die – but once they don’t die and are sufficiently healthy all the bad habits come back.

    Thus once I got over my fear of “the others will destroy the world” then I realized the world is just being itself. They might very well destroy the world – but do you have to let that affect you? One speaker I heard from mentioned a story about a Jew in the holocaust who stated, “I felt freer than the guards.” despite his captivity. Freedom is mainly an internal experience – a state of mind. The world may very well crumble around you – but can you still be happy despite that? Happiness is an internal state. There are people all over the world who are happy which have much much less than we do, live in conditions much worse than what we consider civlized. Yet these people can smile and have the capacity for happiness just like we do. One illusion I continually fight to dispel is that external events dictate your life. That is not true. Life is an internal experience projected outwards. People can be sad when everyone is happy around them and vice versa. I think you’d be less worried about the world and much happier if you could let go of the responsibility of trying to make things better and just weather things out as they come along.

    >> I kind of see that philosophy as kind of an “oh well” , “So-what?” “why bother?, stuff it as it is,
    >> live nad let live, man” no offense, but kind of unmanly

    I disagree. Neutrality is a much harder position to take than action at times. Which of these actions would be easier? Killing a person who was robbing your home (pretend you could easily kill them – you had a loaded gun and they were completely unarmed and frightened that you might shoot) or letting the robber take everything you have and abuse you and possibly kill you? Which of the choices would reflect high character more – killing others who cross you or letting them be? I think letting people be is the harder choice, the more “manly” choice because it reflects a greater amount of character. People kill robbers because they fear they will take what they have but if you had everything would you still fear a robber? If you could summon wealth at your fingertips and never die would you fear a robber then? If you had a family in that same situation then I think even though it would seem justfiable to shoot the higher road would be just to let the robber do their thing. We should not fear that we will “fail” in our duty. We should not fear loss. If anything I’ve learned personally a life lived with fear as your guide will lead to destruction.

    I think people usually respond “eye for an eye” out of fear. I must kill you before you kill me. I must make you feel what I feel. The fear in this case is the fear that the other person will have control over you and act in a way contrary to your best interests. They very well might abuse you. But they can never take your state of mind. Short of brainwashing and surgical manipulation of your physical body they can never willingly have you in whole. If you believe in a soul, a seat of consciousness which is non-physical, nothing in this world can never take that from you. If you believe demons and evil are just a part of the one universal whole that is – would you be scared of it? It would be like a human being scared of his own 2 arms. I think fear is a result of not knowing what the truth is. At one time in my life I was just like you – I had my fears, insecurities, notions of duty, visions of a better world, etc… I can suffice to say I was never as happy as I am now when I’ve learned to let go of all these worldly concepts and see the world from a higher vantage point.

    >> for example, something beyond simple reincarnation would be living more than one life at once sometimes
    >> you are aware of it, sometimes not, but as in most things, people usually ONLY operate out of the
    >> thinking parameters they are presented with “this is the reincarnation set up” , rather than ask “what
    >> about X? what if it were like “this”? try that for a “large step in thought” ( That sounded very
    >> condescending in your post BTW, I think plenty, thanks, I can most certainly keep up with you ).

    I never meant to condescend you. I have only the utmost respect for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. I regret that you interpreted my past statements as condescending since I never intended them to be that way.

    As for the notion of living parallel lives at once I like to “simulate” things in my head. How would my life be like if no one took responsibility for anything? If the US government continued on it’s destructive path, if our health care spiraled out of control and getting sick once meant instant financial death, if we entered the third world war which would be fully nuclear, if global warming was true, etc… I put myself in the shoes of post apolyptic worlds and decide that this is not what I want. Sure I may not want a world that is totally angelic and good but I want a more fair world skewed on the side of love rather than fear. Thus I act accordingly to project what I want for the world into reality. If everyone wanted good things – then the world would instantly become better. Everyone doesn’t want good things though – everyone wants what they want and they think it is good for them even though it may not be true. Everyone has the right to do what they want even though it may be wrong – even though it may intrude on our happiness. That is why there is karma and universal response. Universal reflection is not a judgement – it is just you completing the path you chose. If you plant a good seed you will expect a good plant to come out of it. If you plant a poisonous plant seed you will expect a poisonous plant to come out of it. We may label the non poisonous plant being “good” and the poisonous one being “bad” but when we look at the growth process we see they are no different. You plant a seed in the ground and it will grow into a plant. That is just the universe being the way it is. We make actions and these actions generate responses from the universe – some which may be long delayed but will eventually get to you.

  4. Some of your stuff makes sense to me, other stuff doesn’t “click” with me at all, but “that’s OK” as the leftists say.. You have your path, I have mine (and never the twain shall meet)… About the White responsibility thing – You said “Anyway I think you may be taking too much responsibility onto yourself or your race by thinking that they must make the world better in some way. ”

    It is not I who *takes on* this responsibility , unless in your way of thinking *I* represent the White Collective who has somehow in *your* way of thinking , “brough this upon ourselves”, which to some degree we have, but I don’t believe we have through mystical mind belief systems, but rather leftists pretend equality world stuff and making a lot of changes to laws, real , practical things people think>>leads them to DO, etc…
    Truthseeker, everyone wants fairness and love and goodness, but one cannot have those things if the Great White Benefactor gets eaten up, the little fishes that swin next to the whale aren’t just a few, but millions. They eat the whale, no more food source, fish kill and eat each other. Game over. “Equalization” (??) or any of this global fairy tale stuff does not happen overnight. As if we we can just build enough section 8 “urban village condos” to holds all the illegals, and tax the crap out of everyone else, all wil be well. It won’t be well. the rich business owners won’t make a very good profit if theyget taxed (even with paying the illegals jack sprat compared to what they used to pay real citizens, the rich dont want to be taxed more, they cry “it will kill the jobs” Jobs for WHOM? Jobs for people you are not taking taxes out of their check or paying workers comp for? Or medical benefits? Oh yeah, that’s for we sucker middle class people- compared to what we make, we are taxed very heavily. this is why I encourage people I know to apply for every govt freebie/deduction/grant they are eligible for , after all , if there is no shame in the illegal getting help and we are all “=” than it is fine for Whites to get help too, no? because everyone should have the chance to be educated and feed their children, right? Of course.
    In any case, if you want to believe in all that stuff about “everyone has the right to do whatever they want..even though…” go right ahead. Speak for yourself , though. I think one can opt-out to a degree of what you are talking about, though one may end up doing a lot of pre-emptive work. As I said, some of the themes you believe in I kind of do in a different way, I don’t see things as black/white, cause/effect action/reaction as you do, I think to varying degrees, you can take and shape energy, that the intangible can be harnessed and directed-
    Some might call this magic.

    Perhaps it is a woman’s way of looking at a similar philosophy but I think it is mre than that, I think things are much more malleable than the universe/system you describe. There are all kinds of things we are capable of that we are not even aware of,sometimes even as we are doing them. I know that intention matters a lot- and sincerity, passion, belief, timing, intelligence,humor,intuition, sensitivity, strength,vulnerability, spirit, vision and the measurement and balance of these things- sometimes they can be employed in a strategic, systematic way, other times trust is involved..
    It seems the way a man approaches all this is by taking stock of actions -deeds- planning, and the reaction/effect, but misses ‘the process’ and “how it all happens” … but perhaps that is not their job to worry about that- hence nature deciding how quick the man’s role can be in creating life, and in war relieving the enemy of theirs, but in between the series of single action and single action “isolated incidents ” if you will, that make up a man’s life, it is the woman who is continous, who fills in the spaces of the daily and deals more with the ‘eternal’ the constant feeding and caring and work that must be done over and over- it is most devalued this- “Woman’s work” , but in doing so, one often achieves a relaxed state of peaceful consciousness- the kind of thing rich White liberals pay thousands to achieve going on “retreats” to monasteries where they have to get up early or do boring , redundant work,where they actually are forced to be alone with their own thoughts and reflections. But even this is not the same as the tests those of us with children know about. Going on retreats and climbing mountains are adventures and great and may even provide spiritual growth, but they are not primarily about putting someone else’s well-being above your own.
    (hey you digress about your beliefs- I’m sure you can handle me doing the same)..

    and in this sense I said earlier about things being malleable, this applies to your whole “live and let live, there’s no real ‘good’ or ‘bad’ ” I truly believe these things can be changed, that the whole list of stuff you posted about can be changed, and one hardly has to do anything at all, or very miniscule things, much smaller than most people think. Thing is, not everyone can do what I am talking about, or even know what I am talking about.

    I don’t see the absence of duality you see, or a similar philosophy “you can ‘decide’ how you want to react to everything” , that stuff gives me the creeps, it doesn’t feel natural to me. I deal from the inside out, not the outside in. Perhaps you won’t agree, but again, I think there is a male/female difference here in how these things are perceived.
    It’s interesting to listen to different views, like say… Alan Watts- even if we don’t agree with everything he says, or jus check out a myriad of different beliefs. i try to know what is true for *me* – perhaps ‘the way’ you describe is true for *you*. Because I do believe in differences in people, racial, man/woman and otherwise, I dislike the one-size-fits-all “we’re all the same” approach, whch to me is an almost sacredy way of dealing with differences.
    A friend I met on a project in school years ago, when she and I talk , we kid around, and call each other “IST” in jest ” isn’t that right, IST?” even thought the “IST” labels society has put on us aren’t the same, and there are probably more than one “IST” for both of us. We know we are ‘different’ in some technical ways, but not-so-different in fundamental ones.
    Well, thank you for your comments and food for thought, if you have your own blog, please feel free to put a link in your comment-
    On a more mundane level, hope yuo did not get too much damage from the last bad storm we had, still much clean up tree branches,power poles, etc. where I am-

  5. Paul Fromm says:

    You are a powerful and sensitive writer. I’m really moved by your comments on this horrific hate crime against these two beautiful young Whites.

  6. truthseeker1234 says:

    I read through your post and realized that maybe we have been misunderstanding each other’s belief systems. I actually do believe in a lot of what you take as your beliefs in regards to the world being “malleable”. I was unclear though in the following statement you made regarding whether you believed life was an inside out or outside in experience:

    ……….you can ‘decide’ how you want to react to everything” , that stuff gives me the creeps, it doesn’t feel natural to me. I deal from the inside out, not the outside in. Perhaps you won’t agree, but again, I think there is a male/female difference here in how these things are perceived.

    At first it seems like you regard the concept of “deciding how you want to react” to an event as creepy but then in the very next sentence you state your belief of how you live life from the inside out and not the outside in. To me the act of deciding how you want to react to an event is the ultimate expression of being someone who thinks from the inside out. If a dog runs in front of the road and gets hit by a car and dies I could act from the inside out by laughing hysterically (I may think this may be funny for some reason despite the fact this event was tragic.) or I could act from the outside in (Oh my god they ran over a poor dog. I feel depressed.)

    As for the all is one concept – the world as we see it does have differences but I think on the highest level we are all the same thing. You can look at it this way – science has proven everything in the universe is made up of atoms and such. So in this sense we already are all made of the same thing. Thus we are all one in that perspective. I guess it depends on what level you look at the world. Kind of like viewing a map at different zoom sizes. From the highest vantage point everything looks like a dot and everything looks like that one dot. Once you zoom the map in though you see finer levels of granularity – lakes, rivers, cities, roads and everything isn’t just that one dot anymore. We were probably looking at the same thing all along – just at different vantage points.

    Anyway I learned a lot by reading your bit on the female perspective of “process” and “how it all happens”. As a male I don’t entirely agree that we take life solely as a series of isolated events but I do admit that sometimes men are often “blind” of many details women notice intently. In any case you may be right and maybe I am blind of my ability to see beyond what I perceive. Especially interesting is your description of finding the peaceful zone in the flurry of everyday work. I like to call that concept “the eye of the storm”. One time in my life I was so angry and unhappy that I spontaneously felt happy at times. It confuses me to think about this concept but it seems to run along the same lines as finding peace in absolute chaos.

    You wrote,

    ……….and in this sense I said earlier about things being malleable, this applies to your whole “live and let live, there’s no real ‘good’ or ‘bad’ ” I truly believe these things can be changed, that the whole list of stuff you posted about can be changed, and one hardly has to do anything at all, or very miniscule things, much smaller than most people think. Thing is, not everyone can do what I am talking about, or even know what I am talking about.

    I believe these things can be changed too and I also believe that not everyone can do or know these things. From my vantage point I interpret that concept as “you can’t change anyone but yourself.” I think things will change for the better once people better themselves. Would there be wars if everyone decided not to fight? Would there be poverty if everyone decided they weren’t helpless anymore and worked to make a better world? Maybe there would still be wars and poverty but if people put thier consciousness in the right places these things will be reduced. I can’t speak for others but from my experience I have never changed or converted someone to date. Sure you can brainwash them, and it should work (I read about how the conscious mind only exists to act as a gatekeeper for the subconcious – because the subconcious will accept EVERYTHING without evaluation) but besides that route I have never changed anyone. If anyone has changed it’s because they themselves wanted it. Thus I believe we have the power to change some things but not everything. We can only change everything when people as a whole want things to change.

    I have a blog at in case you’d want to take a look.

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