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Thomas Edison was the greatest inventor who ever lived with over 2,000 inventions patented including the electric light, the phonograph and the motion picture machine. In 1903 the four Warner brothers bought a used Edison Kinetoscope projector for $1,000 and repaired it. They began showing what they called the “magic lantern pictures” on the walls in beer halls.

In 1909  Edison’s General Film Co. sued Warner Brothers for violating their copyright to the motion picture machine and forced them to close their company. At that time, the Warners and other Jews were making illegal films in Brooklyn. They fled Edison’s private detectives for Los Angeles where lax laws let them steal the film business away from Thomas Edison. Later this same skullduggery occurred once again. Two Christian inventors, Lee De Forrest and Theodore Case, came up with the  ‘talking machine’  sound system. The same jewish producers also stole this invention and the jew Al Jolson came out with the first talkie  film ‑ ‘The Jazz Singer.’


Attractive, super smart, creative/inventive AND ‘politically incorrect’-

 uhhh a quadruple threat  …I know I put triple threat before, sorry ,must have been more out of it than usual, duhhh…

young Edison

Edison in youth.

Voices of  Edison, Arthur Sullivan,  Shackleton,  Yeats, Eugene Debs, and Will Rodgers.


I am quite aware he is dead, just like Shackleton.  If I’m

hung up on dead guys, what’s it to you? They seem Ok with it.

Edison and Ford, fast friends

Edison and Ford

Yeah, you know Ford was the one who got Edison hip

to the Real Problem.


2 thoughts on “Tribute To Edison-

  1. Matt says:

    He didn’t invent the light bulb, he bought the patent from Joseph Swan. He didn’t invent the kinetoscope. It was invented by his employee William Dickson, but Edison took credit for it. Edison was a great inventor, but more so a shrewd businessman and media darling. Nikola Tesla, on the other hand, possessed a genius unrivaled by any other man with the possible exception of Da Vinci.

  2. Hmmm , didn’t know that- would have to do more researching- It is true that Tesla doesn’t get enough credit, many from my generation hearing of the Sacramento-based rock band “Tesla” before hearing of their progenitor (I believe there is no actual relation) and his discoveries. The dearth of real books, real learning leads people to reference everything from TV/pop-culture. Also see

    Ericsson Nikola Tesla is the Croatian subsidiary of the Swedish telecommunications equipment manufacturer Ericsson. The company is named after the Croatian-American inventor Nikola Tesla. It traces its roots back to the state-owned Nikola Tesla Corporation founded in 1949 in Zagreb, then SFR Yugoslavia. It was very successful in the regional telecommunications market and of Europe for over forty years.

    However, with the collapse of communism and the independence of Croatia, the state began looking to privatize the corporation in the year 1992. By 1994, Ericsson emerged as the highest bidder and took a share of the corporation just short of majority ownership. As of 2006 Gordana Kovačević serves as president of Ericsson Nikola Tesla.

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