This is your second DUI!

 Straighten up and fly right, K.
 I had a thing for Kiefer since before Lost Boys, now I find out the guy is prob an alkie. Makes me sad. As does the new movie starring his brother, described below. I have not seen it, nor do I intend to after reading this.


 “Poor Boy’s Game”

 Poor Boy’s Game ends with a boxing match that becomes a symbol of both racial tension and psychological damage among the down-and-out of Halifax. Donnie Rose (Rossif Sutherland, Donald’s other son) is a young man with “anger management issues” who 10 years earlier was convicted of beating a young black man into brain damage, partly because “he was calling me a faggot and stuff.” Now Donnie is getting out of jail, perhaps a changed man: We see him, for instance, having sex with his black cellmate, a bit of irony that lends the drama a note of ambiguity.

Waiting for Donnie on the outside are his posse of shuffling racists — the kind of young men who stand a little too close and shift constantly from one leg to the other, which is a kind of violence-in-waiting — and the enemy: a black community that wants revenge, and its weapon is Ossie Paris (Flex Alexander), a promising young boxer who challenges Donnie to a bout in which he plans to slowly beat to death his white-trash opponent.

Poor Boy’s Game takes place in the side streets and gyms of Halifax, shown as a gritty cauldron of racism(Donnie and his friends work as security guards at a dance club that regularly keeps out the black customers.)……

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