More fairy tales-  or are they? you might have to  go to the original link  below ,as some of the copied links may not transfer directly-

  1. The Jews’ Stone (Austria)
  2. The Girl Who Was Killed by Jews (Germany)
  3. Pfefferkorn the Jew at Halle (Germany)
  4. The Expulsion of the Jews from Prussia (Germany)
  5. The Bloody Children of the Jews (Germany)
  6. The Imprisoned Jew at Magdeburg (Germany)
  7. The Chapel of the Holy Body at Magdeburg (Germany)
  8. The Lost Jew (Germany)
  9. The Story of Judas (Italy)
  10. Malchus at the Column (Italy)
  11. Buttadeu (Sicily)
  12. The Eternal Jew on the Matterhorn (Switzerland)
  13. Link to The Jew in the Thorns, tale number 110 from the Children’s and Household Tales of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm.
  14. Link to The Golem: A Jewish Legend. The Golem was a man-and-magic-made monster created to protect Jews against the false accusations of ritual murder.

One thought on “Anti-Semitic Legends: Brothers Grimm et al.

  1. bill m says:

    Looks like the jews got here first

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