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 With brains about half the size of modern humans, the pair were certainly not great intellectuals. But their kind are likely to have been the first to make the journey out of Africa – which has resulted in their popular nickname ‘the first Europeans’.

The new discovery of Georgian scientists’ may enter in Guinness World Records. The new discovered cranium in Dmanisi archeological excavations is dated for one million 800 thousand years.This new Dmanisi cranium is a fifth scull along with Zezva and Mzia. Dmanisi is an unique place in the world, where are discovered so many hominids’ [first Europeans] craniums.


 The  Russian  site of the   latest  homind discovery- part of aan early mass exodus from Africa – http://www.lankamission.org/other%20pages/News/2007/October/2007-10-29geo.htm

Question is, of course we evolved no doubt a lot faster (make whatever excuse/reason you want to for this fact, environment, nutrition, etc.)- however,  was this because of the exodus or was the exodus a result of differences even in these ancient days of our beginnings.

Cliff Notes : Some People Evolve.

In Georgia, a missing link?
Chicago Tribune, United States – Nov 18, 2007
By Alex Rodriguez | Tribune foreign correspondent November 18, 2007 DMANISI, Georgia – The forested bluff that overlooks this sleepy Georgian hamlet seems

Technology dramatically speeds gene mapping
Inside Bay Area, CA – Nov 18, 2007
So federal officials are using DNA analysis machines from Perlegen Sciences of Mountain View and Affymetrix of Santa Clara to help map the makeup of a wide

Slaying victim’s dad won’t stop hounding O.J. (62%)
11/19/2007 – LOS ANGELES No matter how O.J. Simpson’s current legal troubles play out, he can seemingly be assured of one thing: He’ll see Fred Goldman’s lawyers in court again and, in all likelihood, again and again and again.

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