It would appear Kreeft is an orthodox Catholic, in the tradition of Mel Gibson’s dad- Apparently he is also a surfer(!?)

His writing differs from  a lot of  material that I have seen having to do with spirituality, God, etc., creative, looking at things from new angles, using metaphor- but not in a  spaced out new-agey way.  Well,  compared to what is in the pages of almost every throwaway rag on the corner out here. Anyway, you might  get something out of it.

I listened to this one below- he mentions “Passion of the Christ” as the most beautiful movie made– Also mentions LOTR, and Wagner. Is he a ‘covert WN’ ?  Hmmm, don’t know.

This blog talks about his views, but the blogger interprets Kreeft his own way-

for example , PK says :

“Throughout history, God consistently blesses all who bless Abraham’s people and destroys those who try to destroy them. For He blessed all people through this people by being born from them” .

but the blogger says PK  means:   “When Kreeft says “Abraham’s people” here, he means the Jewish people.”

But what if PK doesn’t mean it like that? What if PK follows the Christian Identity theory yet remains a Catholic? I don’t know enough about either to know if there is a conflict there or not).
It is unclear, but I found it interesting in the above lecture how many things -and I know I missed a few)- are things that could be construed as ‘subtle WN clues’.

In any case, that blog is not of particular interest to me, but PK is an engaging speaker, intelligent, definitely educated, somewhat humorous -of course there are things I may not agree with , but I do look forward to hearing more of his audio, lot of  thoughtful stuff there, whether one is religious or not.  Granted, much of  the heavy esoteric , religious stuff is either stuff I don’t have  a huge investment in (though lately I question even that) , and PK  may not have all the answers to why things are as they are in life, but each lecture is at least an hour long, and if I pick up even one or two things , it’s worth the listen.

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