No, not the Klaus Kinski movie- He might creep you out (One of my boyfriends from my early 20’s prob resembles him by now) , but this stuff is truly scary, because it may threaten your health, and that of your family- things you might be living with that can make you sick. Granted, it may not be these things, say if you have contact with young school kids, they are notorious for passing around germs (I’m home with  my youngest, yet more respiratory stuff). However, these environmental things may be worth checking into. I have had to start using an inhaler on occasion, feel even worse for the boys now that I have to do it.

 Movie on mold, mildew :

1) Toxic Mold ( I thought all mold growing in your home wasn’t good, but if your  kid has caught pneumonia a couple times, there is some evidence to suggest this evil black mold might have made a cold turn into pneumonia or helped it along somehow – these little ‘spores’ airborne and prob invisible.) Mold on surfaces,  worse, mold in walls, heater vents, crawlspaces,  window trays ,places not easy to bleach and clean

2)   Asbestos ceiling stuff. Have it in the living room, master bedroom and one other room- its that rough textured stuff with little sparkles in it from the 60’s. Removing it is costly and may  pose more of  a health risk than leaving it undisturbed.

3) Dust/Animal dander (the dreaded “dust mites”) . Bad for people with asthma/respiratory problems in general. If you have a yard, keep your pet outside if it isn’t freezing or July 4th.

4) Smoke. BBQs, fireplaces, cigarettes-  Neighbors -apartments- yes, it does leak, get through, then there’s the balconies,not talking about the occasional smoker- if someone is out there constantly, it is going to waft in to your place- the inside leakage depends more on how the place is constructed, vents and such. From research I have found, older buildings tend to have bigger  crawlspaces and common vents (this is why you see older movies with people listening to their neighbors through vents) , newer buildings may not have them at all.

5) Too much chemical cleaning stuff,  air freshners, sprays, rug powders

 6) School , workplace- we used to hear about “sick building syndrome” but it fell off our “ADD” radar in the wake of more exciting and immediate problems. Sure there are people who are hypchondriacs or are malingerers, but these environmental things are real, and some people are more suceptible than others.

7) Don’t be like him: in any way, shape or form

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