(written 10/31/07 ,dedicated to the witch burning victims)
This can’t be happening.
(Oh, but it is, it most certainly is)

She did fight them-
Bruised wrists,
rope wrapped, bleeding-

She knows this one too well,
knows his eyes,
he remembers the other things he took from her
Satisfaction glints – a dead glee.

The hood hides the scratches on his face ,

he is not sorry-
though he reeks

of alcohol.

She has been brave
stoic, apart-
Now the water born of fear comes,
does not extinguish this fire-

Scent of iron, urine, kerosene.
Someone is laughing -sings
“Are you a witch, or are you a fairy,
Or are you the wife of Michael Cleary?”as her sweat runs down .

“This is what is evil!
I did you no harm,
I helped you!

You are all mad! Please..No!
please stop ..”
So much at stake.

Someone she knows walks round,
throwing on more sticks-
Eucalyptus leaves-
fans the flames
“breathe it ,Mary!” screams the figure-
“breathe the smoke! breathe it! Not much longer, breathe, Mary breathe..”

One thought on “Stake

  1. I understand some of these obsurd things really happened and I’m very sorry, I have some kin who were supposedly witches that were burned at the stake in salem massechussets in the 1800s, Its just people making others feel bad for their inner pain and its very wrong. Accousers big religous dummies that have the bible all twisted,they just need to read it and get their facts straight.

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