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  1. Claudio says:

    Beautiful Pict of Cali coast. i hear highway 1 is worth the cruise scenic tour.

    few years ago sitting in a bar Carlsbad San Diego, watching the sunset was awesome view.

  2. silentconsort says:

    Well, No Cali is different than So-Cal. I was born in SF, at UC Med center on Parnassus (named after Mt Parnassus in Greece, home of the Delphic Oracle- but the one in SF is not 8000 feet high , more like sea level.)

  3. Bill says:

    Why must Beauty be wed to Distress? And you look like you are losing a lot of weight! How long can this go on?

  4. silentconsort says:

    Bill Yeah it hurts but I’m actually doing better than I was, I have thrown myself into a new project and doing that is helping a lot , I’ll email you . You stay out of trouble ~such a good heart, You know I’m your guardian angel in the Great White North. I have no wings but I fly. I’m watching over you and yours, whatever configuration that is these days!

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