In some of these you can see the smoke from the Yosemite fires that hung over the lake. Usually you can see the mountains across the lake when it is clear.

It looks overcast, but it wasn’t, it was warm- the overcast is the smoke.

Can’t get sunburned in the shade-I don’t think you can, anyway. Some people feel weird this high up coming from sea level, but I felt better. Go figure.



 I like the  natural pine and A-frame  style that is common in the mountains.

Here you can see stateline in southshore.

 a pic I grabbed off the net – winter shot of the cafe  where I ran  into the skins I mentioned in a previous post-

   they have free  wireless, it was  quiet there, no  music- for which I was grateful, and people aren’t loudly talking about their business obnoxiously like at- well- you know the place.

I  didn’t go, but I heard this guy has some ‘politically incorrect’ songs, though wiki says some of Johnny Rebel’s songs get labeled as Coe’s on filesharing sites.


 This was unusual, Canadian geese in southshore.

What an original name for a snack truck. Sandwich on a Roll, Tires on a car, Roof on a house…DERRRRR…





On the bay bridge , early evening.

One thought on “Nationalism at 6000 + feet

  1. Matt says:

    Lovely photos. I’ve always liked exposed pine such as in that A-frame. It feels warm and real unlike a box in suburbia.

    Oh, it’s “Canada Geese”, by the way. “Canadian Geese” is used commonly, but incorrect. Not trying to pick nits, you just seem like the type of person who’d want to know.

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