Last weekend as I  sadly watched video of Greece burning  I thought of a painting I have up on this blog somewhere- Jan Brueghel
, The Burning of Troy, and I started thinking about  things that are getting destroyed, how they will have to rebuild- I then started thinking of that show- “Life without People”. Later I saw the same show referred to on  Incogman’s blog   I started thinking of alternate titles for this show – There’s at least two directions to go with with this, one is the one shown in the pic I photoshopped below (yeah, I know I’m not the greatest photoshopper, but you get the idea).  OK, the first direction one could go would  illustrate that when we go civilization goes, and the violence, sickness,chaos and ultimately plagues and  savage-like ‘cultures’ that would result. It would not take long for language to be lost, being that so many already don’t have even a basic command of it as is. The other direction to take the concept would be …”Life Without *******” uh yeah, you can fill in the blank-” – a video could be made that shows areas that have turned to crap actually starting to become clean, well-built cities- graffiti , drive-bys, gangs, etc. Yet another idea could be a historical review including things from ‘apartheid’ to the  Roman Empire to the settling of this country to Vikings to ? which would be recounting many of our important inventions and accomplishments.  I plan to try to make a photo/music video myself using the theme portayed in the picture below.


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